Monday, April 30, 2012

4:36 AM

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience

Photo by Dessert Strip. Poster by Gian Pisuena.

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience is to be held at Il Mercanti Food Bazaar (Metrowalk) on May 5, 2012 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

This event is strictly for food and/or lifestyle bloggers only who are committed to submit a post-event article about the event on or before May 12, 2012.

To sign up, please visit this link.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

6:29 PM

Is Your Child Ready For the Future?

In this fast-paced world of technology and lifestyle, the learners of today face more sophisticated means of learning than before. As change is constant and inevitable, your child will face. continues challenges as he progress in school and in life.

Is your child ready to take on the challenge and the change in our country's educational landscape? How can you support your child as he faces the bigger world?

Aiming to help every parent support their child in achieving their full potential to triumph in any test of life, Kumon Philippines, Inc. is all set to once again deliver values and insights for the parents and educators of today through their annual Kumon Philippines Education and Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) to be held on May 19, Saturday, 2:30-4:30pm at Cinema 4 of SM North EDSA, the Block in Quezon City. With the theme "Achievers of Today, Ready for the Future!" (How Parents Can Guide Their Children Amidst the Changing Landscape of the Philippine Education), KPEPS 2012 is set to share with the parents the current scenario of our country's education system along with the possible enhancements to be implemented and how all these can affect the learners of today. To be joined by the industry professionals, KPEPS will provide helpful insights for parents in guiding theur children as they face the challenges of today and the future.

Mr. Henry Tenedero, an Education Reform Advocate who is Board Director of the Executive Council of the International Learning Styles Network (ILSN) and President of the Center for Learning and Teaching Styles Philippines (CLTS, Phils.), will articulate the different challenges that children currently face and the possible changes in our education system such as the introduction of the K to 12 program in the local education setting.

In the nest module, "Kumon:Every Child, an Achiever," Ms. Susie Tsoi, a Kumon Instructor for more than 10 years, will give parents helpful tips on how they can effectively guide their children in facing the current challenges in the educational system and the changes prompted to come in its progression. With Teacher Susie's extensive experience with students of varying ages, and the countless times she has witnessed how every child can be an achiever, she will share real stories on how parents play an important role in helping their children succeed in school and in life.

With passion for excellence and sincere belief in every child's unique capability, Kumon has been steadfast in spreading the Kumon Method of Learning to as many children possible, making an impact on the lives of parents and children of different generations around the world. Inspired by the belief that every child is an achiever, Kumon Philippines, Inc. continues to work hard in hand with parents and educators to help every Filipino child harness his great potential towards the realization of his dreams.

The event is FREE of admission and will  be hosted by mother abd TV personality, Ms. Chiqui Roa-Puno. To register, email your complete name, mobile number, and general address to or call 885 0226

Thursday, April 26, 2012

7:30 AM

IBM As A Social Business

As the largest consumer of social technologies, IBM is a case study for this transformation into a social business.  

As a company, IBM takes social networking seriously -- to develop products and services, to enable sellers to find and stay connected with clients, to train the next generation of leaders, and to build awareness of Smarter Planet among clients, influencers and other communities.

· For 15 years, IBM employees have used social software to foster collaboration among our dispersed 400,000 person team -- long before Generation Y became fixated with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.
· In 1997, IBM recommended that its employees get out onto the Internet – at a time when many companies were seeking to restrict their employees’ Internet access.
· In 2005, the company made a strategic decision to embrace the blogosphere and to encourage IBMers to participate. 
· In 2007, IBM launched its own social networking software for the enterprise: Lotus Connections.

· In early 2008, IBM introduced social computing guidelines to encompass virtual worlds and sharing of rich media.  Later that year, IBM opened its IBM Center for Social Software to help IBM's global network of Researchers collaborate with corporate residents, university students and faculty, creating the industry's premier incubator for the research, development and testing of social software that is "fit for business".

IBM sees social media morphing into what we view as a key requirement for "social business" -- as tools for organizational productivity and culture change, for engaging with diverse constituencies of clients and experts, and for spurring revenue growth and innovation for our global workforce.  

Today, IBM has one of the largest corporate-wide communities on social media sites.  As a company, IBM takes social networking seriously --  to develop products and services, to enable sellers to find and stay connected with clients, to train the next generation of leaders, and to build awareness of Smarter Planet among clients, influencers and other communities.  

This goes beyond IBM's business in social software and services (IBM's collaboration software, consulting services, analytics/social media research, conducting Jams for clients).  IBM is leading social business on all fronts - technology, policy and practice.

IBM's social media activity dates back to the 1970's when its mainframe programmers started online discussion forums on the System 370 consoles.  Today, IBM views itself as one of the most prolific users of social networking in the industry.     

Some examples of IBM’s internal social media footprint today include;
· 17,000 individual blogs
· 1 million daily page views of internal wikis, internal information storing websites

· 400,000 employee profiles on IBM Connections, IBM's initial social networking initiative that alllows employees to share status updates, collaborate on wikis, blogs and activity, share files.
· 15,000,000 downloads of employee-generated videos/podcasts
· In the first-half of 2010, IBM employees participated in more than 126 million minutes of LotusLive meetings, IBM's software for conducting online meetings. 
· More than 400k Sametime instant messaging users, resulting in 40-50 million instant messages per day

Our social business initiatives have had a profound impact on IBM's business processes and transformation, here are just a few examples:

Online Jams

·  IBM has conducted 50 Jams over the past 10 years.  
·  For example,  IBM's ValuesJam was used to develop IBM Values in 2003, IBM's InnovationJam 2006 identified business opportunities that preceded Smarter Planet agenda.  IBM Legal conducted LawJam in 2007 in support of global functional transformation.

Human Resources
·  Human Resources utilizes social media for tech-enabled recruiting, employee education,  sales training and leadership development.  

·  For example,  IBM relies on social media for leadership development from an employee's first day on the job.  IBM's Succeeding@IBM makes new hires part of a social group for 6-12 months so they can get up to speed more quickly with other new hires, they network and acclimate more quickly

·  IBM's recent study of 700 Global Chief Human Resource Officers found that  financial outperformers (as measured by EBIDTA) are 57% more likely than underperformers to use collaborative and social networking tools to enable global teams to work more effectively together and 21% of companies have recently increased the amount they invest in the collaboration tools and analytics despite the economic downturn.

Global Collaboration and Development
· Generation Open  -- Built around social business tools, processes and management systems, GenO creates instant communities of global teams to collaborate on projects and products.

· Project managers, team leaders, consultants and IT architects post projects; people who are in-between assignments or have free time opt into these projects to add their talents and expand their skills.

· Today,  more than 130 communities of IBM professionals around the globe are collaborating virtually.   This has reduced the time it would have taken to complete projects by 30%, increased re-use of "software assets" by 50%, and cut component costs by 33%.  

How IBM is helping SMBs embrace social media

· Savvy businesses know that creating an online presence can heighten awareness and ultimately bring in new business. What’s often ignored, however, is that without a clear plan and direction in place before a company begins using social media, it can easily fail.

· IBM has programs to help non-profits and our business partners, who at 100,000 strong are traditionally small businesses, embrace social media.  For example, IBM hosts full day workshops, grants, provides toolkits and incentives and free education for our business partners on establishing and rolling out effective social media business plans.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7:06 PM

There’s Something With Karylle’s Smile

Singer-actress-host Karylle has a lot of reasons to smile lately –self-produced
Roadtrip album just turned Gold, hosting stint in Showtime, post-Valentine concert Love and Laughter with Christian Bautista was successful, Best Actress nomination from the Monte Carlo Festivals for The Kitchen Musical, and the Best Performance Bronze Medal and Best in Writing Gold Medal the series got from the recently- concluded New York Festivals.

With these, it seems that it is the most opportune time to release her latest single from Roadtrip – I’ve Found My Smile Again. This is the third single after the upbeat OMG and the sweet, sincere Basically.

Aside from record stores, Roadtrip can be downloaded at, a one-stop mega-shop for all your music download
needs, also boasts of exclusive downloads made for MyMusic Store supporters only. It also has a library of thousands of songs and albums for you to choose from.

The song talks about having a reason to “smile” again.

The music video, helmed by ace photographer Raymund Isaac, had its premiere last April 23 on MYX.

“I am really thankful that Raymund agreed to direct this video,” says Karylle. “I
really love it. Raymund is a genius!”

On the other hand, Karylle is still ecstatic in the recent win of The Kitchen Musical at the New York Festivals (Gold Medal for Best Writing and Bronze Medal for Best Performance).

“We are all very happy to have won the New York Festivals,” says Karylle. “I was in touch with our director before the awards. Honestly, it didn't cross my mind that we would win but on the day of the awards, I kept praying that we would win.”

Karylle is also nominated in the Best Actress category at the Monte Carlo Festivals.

She recounts, “I didn't really want to believe it, since I didn't hear from our TKM group. When I saw the nominations list, I was in disbelief seeing the likes of Tina Fey, Juliana Marguiles, among others to be among the other nominees.”

The Kitchen Musical also emerged as an intermedia-globe Gold Award winner at
the 2012 WorldMediaFestival, a global competition for modern media that honours and celebrates excellent solutions in Corporate Film, Television, Web and Print productions on an international scale.

To vote for the music video, just log on to! Link of the music video:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6:48 PM

Bo’s Coffee: Homegrown, Just-Roasted Coffee Goodness

1996. It was an era when Wi-Fi was just a funny sounding word, mobile phones were the size of bricks, and the idea of heading out for coffee with your friends was about as familiar as the concept of social networking at the time—that is, to say, completely alien.

It was also during this time that Steve Benitez did something that very few entrepreneurs would dream of doing: he decided to start a business that involved selling coffee to a market that shuddered at the idea of paying for a drink they could brew at home. The idea, however seemingly radical at the time, was borne out of his passion to share his coffee experiences in the US and Europe to Filipinos, many of whom are coffee lovers.


Thus, on June 28, 1996, Bo’s Coffee opened its first branch in Ayala Center Cebu. However, they still had to deal with a very challenging question:

How do you convince people to buy specialty coffee when they’d rather make it themselves?

Breaking Barriers

"Coffee was not a lifestyle yet, it was just a product. There were not a lot of coffee shops, and there were no foreign brands in the market," said Steve Benitez, Founder and CEO of Bo's Coffee. Filipinos, at that time, couldn't understand why they'd have to pay so much for a cup of coffee, and that was the mold Bo’s Coffee had to break.

Given the market situation of the industry in 1996, the public perception of Bo’s Coffee hadn’t been very encouraging.

“The first Bo’s Coffee in Cebu was just a kiosk with six tables—a very, very small operation.” Benitez recalls. "Back then, people saw coffee as just a product that they can get for free in their homes, and they get it so cheaply at restaurants. So when we priced our coffee at specialty coffee prices, it [met] some resistance.”

He continues, “For the first three months it was really discouraging. If it was purely treated by me as a business, I think I would have folded that up. But it was really more of a passion, because the coffee experience at Bo’s Coffee isn’t just about the just-roasted freshness of our various brews, it was also about the experience of enjoying quality coffee with the people you love.”

After facing initial setbacks, Benitez’s commitment to providing world-class coffee experience for the Filipino community enabled the company to grow and flourish, and eventually, the community grew to love the brand.

The Bo’s Difference

Upon seeing the brand name, many ask: who in the world is Bo?

“I studied the coffee business for two years before starting the company,” Benitez narrates. “In one of the exhibitions I attended in New Orleans, there was a booth by an expert coffee roaster: an American-Italian named Bo. I visited a lot of roasters, but he made an impact on me because he was very, very serious about his coffee. I remember him telling me that he didn’t want to become so big because he wanted to ensure quality. When it was time to put a name into the coffee shop, I felt that he was one of those who influenced me greatly. He stood for quality and passion—that’s why I named it Bo’s Coffee.”


The coffee shop’s tag line, “Just Roasted,” is a testament to Bo’s legacy. Benitez explains, “A big factor in maintaining the quality of coffee is really the freshness of your beans. To guarantee the peak level of freshness in the cup that you sip, we make sure that the beans are served soon after roasting. You can have a really good coffee bean, but if it’s been sitting on your counter for over three months, it’s far inferior than freshly-roasted coffee even if it’s not yet expired.” While it’s true that coffee beans expire around six months after roasting, Bo’s Coffee serves coffee within a month after the roasting date.

Bo’s Coffee accomplishes just-roasted freshness by primarily sourcing its coffee from Batangas, Cavite and the Cordilleras, thus eliminating the time it takes to import beans from abroad. Bo’s Coffee also makes sure that it orders beans only as needed so that stocks are kept fresh. To make this possible, its logistics and sourcing team carefully forecast monitor stock levels in its warehouse and in the stores.

The same goes with the food served at Bo’s. “Aside from coffee, our passion has extended to our food line. We have established our commissary both in Manila and in Cebu,” says Benitez. Having its own commissary has allowed the company greater control over quality and product innovation.

But the coffee shop experience doesn’t end with food and beverage—the store’s ambiance is part of the enjoyment as well. The homey interiors of Bo’s Coffee stores combine homegrown and world-class in Western influences mingled with Filipino art, including lamps designed by the internationally-acclaimed Filipino designer, Kenneth Cobonpue. The result is a great coffee shop experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


Bo’s Coffee Today

On its 16th year, the six-table kiosk that had been Bo’s Coffee in 1996 now has 58 stores nationwide. It is also considered as one of the premier local specialty coffee brands in the country. This homegrown company looks forward to expanding in the local and foreign markets, maintaining quality and passion as it grows.

“We’re definitely excited about our plans for expansion, and I’m proud of what we have achieved in the past years,” Benitez says. “I’d also like to thank the Bo’s Coffee community for being a part of the company’s growth.”

Today, one can only marvel at how much Bo’s Coffee has evolved over the years. Not only does it allow Filipinos to enjoy the rich, flavorful coffee hailing from local plantations, it also offers a soothing environment for customers to enjoy their drinks in the company of the people they hold dear.

Bo’s Coffee is a proudly homegrown specialty coffee brand. Since 1996, it has grown to include 58 outlets strategically located in Metro Manila, Tagaytay, Laguna, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Bohol, Dumaguete, Calbayog, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Cotabato and Zamboanga. Find out more on its website, and its blog,

Monday, April 23, 2012

5:42 PM

MEGA Magazine: 20 Most Stylish Women

MEGA, the Philippine's best fashion magazine, honors the string and influential women who bring together a symphony of style.

Beautiful and elegant, yet accomplished and talented, these attributes became the basis of this year's 20 Most Stylish Women. MEGA not only highlights women who made waves locally, but those who have reached a grander, global scale in diverse fields. This year rounds up a divine list of fashion notables which includes famed bloggers Divine Lee, Ingrid Chua-Go and Camille Co, supermodels Raya Mananquil, Apples Aberin and international supermodel Danica Magpantay, designer Amina Aranaz-Alunanan and Bea Valdez, showbiz superstar Anne Curtis and many more.

This year's MEGA Most Stylish was celebrated at EDSA Shangri-La's e's Bar. everyone was simply stunning in their respective fashion statements. The event hosted by DJ Scarlet gave a background on this year's list and introduced MEGA's Most Stylist this 2012. Fashion shows by means wear brand MEMO and SM Accessories heightened the glamour and respectively brought a glimpse of their latest collection. It was the big gathering that all fashionistas anticipated for.

For the latest updates, visit Like MEGA on Facebook at and follow MEGA on Twitter at
7:48 AM

IBM Recognized For Non-Voice Excellence

IBM was recently awarded the Non-Voice Excellence Company of the Year Award at the International ICT Awards – Philippines 2012, held at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City. Organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), the annual event recognizes individuals and companies whose contributions position the Philippines as a business and knowledge process outsourcing (BPO and KPO) destination of choice.
IBM presently operates in a total of 10 world-class facilities in Metro Manila and Cebu, delivering high-value non-voice Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for Human Resources, Finance & Administration, Supply Chain Management, and Application Services; as well as voiced-based Customer Relationship Management to both domestic and global clients.
“IBM has always stood by our values, one of which is “Innovation that matters - for the company and for the world”, says Cassandra “Candy” Soto, Philippines Delivery Leader for IBM Global Process. “This is a priority in our BPO and IT Solutions businesses, where we strive to innovate and continuously improve our processes. As the ICT industry evolves and matures, IBM remains committed to our partnerships with the government, academe and industry to push boundaries and realize shared goals.”
The company has been a market leader for over 100 years, serving customers in more than 170 countries and acquiring the necessary experience and management discipline to successfully become a globally integrated enterprise. IBM’s rich portfolio of business solutions brings together the most advanced skills with the unmatched advantage of integrating hardware, software, research and high-value services delivery.
Since establishing its presence in the Philippines in 1937, IBM has evolved to become the leading information technology partner in the country, providing hardware, software, and IT-enabled business services to domestic and global markets.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

2:44 PM

Jay Park Live At Megaworld Lifestyle Malls This May

Get ready to be transformed as Korean Pop superstar JAY PARK shakes up Manila from May 4 to 6 to promote his first full-length album “New Breed” under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines). Catch him live at the following venues: May 4 (Friday),  7pm at Eastwood Mall Open Park; May 5 (Saturday), 7pm at Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill and May 6 (Sunday), 4pm at Lucky Chinatown Mall which are Metro Manila’s premier themed lifestyle centers, owned by Megaworld Corporation. Enjoy sweet serenades from MCA Music’s teen acoustic-pop duo/ YouTube sensations Krissy & Ericka and Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA who will also perform in these series of mall shows.

Those who will buy Jay Park’s album “New Breed” during those dates will get to have their copies signed by Jay Park himself!

Working with top U.S. producer Rob Knox, rap group Dynamic Duo and other top artists to bring you the freshest sounds in R&B and Electronic hip-hop, Jay Park opens up his world like you’ve never seen before.

The album’s title track ‘Know Your Name’ is an addictive blend of hip-hop, pop and Euro dance, taking the listener on a hypnotic journey. And with Jay Park’s trademark hard-hitting lyrics and catchy chorus, “Know Your Name” is sure to be 2012’s biggest hit.

Totaling 15 tracks, this album is sure to catch the eyes and ears of listeners. With tracks ranging from R&B to dance, electronic hip-hop to Euro dance, listeners will hear sounds they’ve never heard before and meet a brand new Jay Park.

Are you ready to see a completely transformed, idol-turned-musician, Jay Park? Then head on to your nearest Megaworld Lifestyle Mall from May 4 to 6 and grab a copy of “New Breed”. An album that will grab the hearts of listeners in Asia and the world, Jay Park’s “New Breed” has already begun.

Jay Park Live in Manila is presented by MCA Music and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in cooperation with Eastwood Richmonde Hotel – the official residence of Jay Park in Manila, Red Box (Rock Dine Roll), media partners- MYX – The official music channel partner, 97.1 Barangay LS FM Tugstugan Na!, Sparkling Magazine, Gadgets Magazine,, Yahoo Philippines, Juan Manila Express, Businessworld,, Manila Concert Scene and BND Hair Gallery Salon (For inquiries call 632- 4943270 or +639434035633).

To get the latest updates on Jay Park, visit MCA Music's Facebook page at “New Breed” is also available online at

Saturday, April 21, 2012

5:37 PM

It's True! Kamikazee Is Now Romantico...

Kamikazee, with their signature onstage antics and witty songs, has established itself to be one of the hottest rock bands of this generation, yielding numerous hits like "Narda," "Tsinelas," "Chicksilog," "First Day High," among others. For their fourth album "Romantico," the rock band goes extremely personal with songs that re-tell their love experiences.

"What makes this album special is that all the songs here are expression of our
experiences and the stories of people around us," says drummer Allan “Bords”
Burdeos. "It is an album very close to us as these songs represent parts of who we are now."

Frontman Jay Contreras adds, “Para siyang kuwento ng mga taong, umibig, umiibig, iniwan, nasaktan, at umibig ulit.”

Kamikazee considers this album special because this is the first time that they had agreed on the album’s theme even before the collection of songs was written.

The band added that usually the songs come first before they think of an album
concept, but for “Romantico,” it is clear to them that they want to tackle love as its central theme.

The album's first single "Halik" talks about love grown tired, expressed in
Kamikazee’s signature sound.

When asked whose story that was, Bords quickly replied, "secret!"

Other standout tracks are “TNT,” “Tamis,” “Tagpuan,” “Sana,” “Sobrang
lungkot,” “Kislap,” “Wo-oh,” “If You’re Not Here,” “Paano,” and “Huling Sayaw.”

“Romantico” comes after the hit albums “Kamikazee,” “Maharot,” and “Long Time Noisy.”

Formed in 2000, the band is composed of Jay Contreras on vocals, Jomal Linao on guitars and backing vocals, Led Tuyay on guitars, Puto Astete on bass and Bords Burdeos.

Track List:

1. Halik

2. TNT

3. Tamis

4. Tagpuan

5. Sana

6. Sobrang Lungkot

7. Kislap

8. Wo-oh

9. If you’re not here

10. Paano

11. Huling sayaw

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2:27 PM

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Made Easy!

NSO Birth  Certificate Delivery Services has expanded its payment facility online with the opening of an online channel that accepts credit card payments for NSO certificates and soon paypal for online people. After calling the Helpline (02) 737-1111 or chatting online at, you can now opt to pay using your credit card through the online payment facility found on the same website. Secure and safe, the online payment channel is fully complaint with the PCI-DSS certifications.

From the standard payment channels of Metrobank, Bayad Center, and Bancnet, you can now enjoy the power of the web and do everything online. Chat with our friendly Customer Care Officer, know the answers to your NSO concerns through the website, and settle your payment online in all with just a click of a button. 

Your NSO certificates will be delivered right at your doorstep in 2-3 days wherever you are in the country. World class service quality from the premier citizen service provider in the country.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1:41 AM

Sponge Cola Represents The Country in Beale Music Festival in Memphis

Diamond-recording band Sponge Cola was chosen to represent the country in the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, USA this May 4 and 5.

The group is composed of Yael Yuzon, (guitar and vocals), Armo Armovit (lead guitar), Gosh Dilay (bass) and Tedmark Cruz (drums).

“This is one great opportunity to share the country and our music to other people,” says Yael. “We are extremely thrilled, and thankful to have been given this chance.”

Sponge Cola is undeniably one of the most-sought after, longest staying bands of this generation. Recently, they have been awarded the elusive Diamond Record Award for their hit single Tambay.

Currently, Sponge Cola is promoting their latest album under Universal Records, Araw. Oras. Tagpuan, which includes the hits Tambay, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, Regal, Stargazer, among others.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10:50 PM

Fusing Function With Fasion With Dell XPS 13 Laptop

Dell unveiled today its ultra-portable XPS 13 laptop, the most compact 13.3-inch Ultrabook featuring an edge-to0edge glass, near "frameless" display, all-day battery life, and the latest innovative technology for a superb overall user experience.

Dubbed "The Best of Technology and Fashion," designer Pablo Cabahug unveiled a trunk collection that echoed the almost monochromatic hues of the XPS 13 Ultrabook. The creations came in the same shades as the ultra-savy gadget: the high gloss elegance of silver; the sleekness of ebony; and the immaculate seduction of white. Cabahug wove unto his designs not just Dell's delicious colors but also his own brand of fashion genius that even the most jaded spectators were amezed.

Dell CPS 13 delivers superb craftmanship, durability and mobility. Its thoughtful design goes beyond beauty. With bonded Corning Gorilla glass, machined aluminum and carbon fiber, all these are incorporated to enchance the performance of the Ultrabook.

It delivers powerful performance with 2nd Gen Intel Core processor, giving Ultrabook the speed and performance you've come to expect from the XPS family.  Always up to date, itsIntel Smart Connect Technology keeps your email, contacts, calendar and social networks up to date, even when your XPS 13 Ultrabook is in sleep mode. Dell is committed to developing what an Ultrabook can and should be with the XPS 13 and providing a superior user experience.

What's more, the unit turns on instantly and boots in as little as 8 seconds, resuming from sleep mode in just 1 second (4 second from deep sleep). A solid-state drive and Intel Rapid Start Technology makes this possible.

The refined features truly feel as good as it looks, due to a comfort-designed keybord and a sleek, gesture-enabled glass touchpad. Together with Dell, Cabahug proved that, indeed, fashion and technology are not apart but closely interwoven. and in instances like this event, are linked like peas in a pon.

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit

Monday, April 16, 2012

12:42 AM

Derrick Rose For adiZero Rose 2.5 Pair To The NBA Playoffs

Manila, Philippines – D. Rose will wear an all-new, special version of the adiZero Rose 2.5 when the Bulls begin the NBA Playoffs later this month. The shoe features grey patent leather, tumbled nubuck and red accents to pay homage to the Bulls' playoff tradition of wearing black shoes throughout the NBA Playoffs whether home or away.

The midsole features black on grey splatter pattern to represent intense play of the post season.

 Avail of your own adiZero Rose 2.5 Playoff in any of the adidas stores nationwide. It retails at Php 6,995. For more information, please visit the adidas Philippines Facebook page.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4:25 PM

PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang Bring You The Avengers!

It was given that PLDT myDSL gives fast internet connection from my day to day used of computer and no wonder why they are so perfect in my day by day routine as I always in the front of computer to do my work and socialization with my friends in social-networking sites. 

 Aside from chatting with friends online, updating my Facebook status and checking mails from my boss, friends and family. I also love to watch videos from Youtube and sometimes live streaming with my favorite US television shows.

My son for sure will love this news when he heard about this Great Payday Sale because its summer, and he is always in front of computer.  I know that he would be glad to know about this Great Payday Sale is the perfect time to enjoy the strongest internet connections at home with PLDT myDSL's Great Payday Sale that will be happening this April 27-29, 2012.

So, if you like to have the fastest connection that you're longing for.  It's so easy to get one, all you have to do is register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, and take note "no cash out!".

With that you can upgrade your internet with PLDT myDSL's biggest internet sale ever. You can also have freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation, and one-month DSL will be given away. That is as much as P5,000 savings!

And of course,it's very convenient because you can also apply online  at What are you waiting for? Save those dates and find time to check out the PLDT myDSL's Great Payday Sale.

And the movie The Avengers is brought to you by Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL, see you at the movie!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1:28 AM The Lifestyle Portal for Bold Young Women

2011 was indeed a big year for Meg Magazine. We’ve successfully revamped our magazine to cater to the changing lifestyle of our readers – teens growing up fast and mature women staying young longer. They are a new generation of BOLD YOUNG WOMEN who see and want to seize everyday opportunities; in career, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness, entertainment, and so much more. We see 2012 as our winning year. In realizing its vision of becoming the go-to authority for young women: MEG will continue to breathe new life into its glossy, making it BOLD, SHARP, and CHIC. She will expand her digital reach and dynamism with… AND make her TV debut with I AM MEG: Own the World in Style. The Lifestyle Portal for Bold Young Women Get your daily dose of lifestyle news & features on style inspiration from Look of the Week (Fashion on the Street), articles and expert advice from the MEG editors on love, life, career, fashion, health, fitness, travel, and entertainment, a behind-the-scenes look at cover shoots and the hottest events in the Gallery section, and a virtual expression of your dreams and moods via the Lifeboard.


Held at Skye Lounge on March 27, 2012, the launch brought together young celebs, models, a-listers, bloggers, and MEG fans to herald summer. Entitled ‘DARE: Fabulous in your

This summer, MEG invades the sunny shores of Boracay to host “Seize the Day. Own the Night”, an event that will run from April 29 to the wee hours of April 30 at EPIC. Every Boracay body will be invited to seize the day and strike a pose with our larger-than-life MEG cover frame. “Take me to the Beach” totes with a copy of MEG magazine and summer goodies will be given to all the young women who visit our beachfront activities area. These ladies will be treated to the signature MEG Margarita at a party to last ‘til dawn. A fashion show and the reveal of MEG’s hot May 2012 cover will truly let us own the night.

I AM MEG TV SHOW and LIVE AUDITIONSFor 9 years, MEG has been searching for a fresh face. Scouring the malls to find 12 finalists, 1 of which goes on to become its cover girl. MEG has always been on the lookout for a promising young lady who embodies its ideals. On its 10th year, the MEG search goes on TV for a reality show competition like no other. 12 girls will be mentored and challenged in all aspects of style – fashion & beauty, health & fitness, confidence & career, poise & social graces. The winner gets amazing prizes and style lessons to last a lifetime, becoming the next MEG star. Finding these bold young women will not be easy. MEG will be going around malls for 3 weekends in May to hold LIVE AUDITIONS. Applicants will be styled and prepped (hair, makeup, speaking in front of a camera) for their VTR applications. The goal is to find 12 young women who are ready to own the world in style. Interested participants can log on to to register.

For more details on MEG, please visit Like MEG on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at
Own Skin’, guests were invited to come in skin-shade cocktail outfits, and were greeted by hosts Andi and Jessica. was launched via interactive stations and a guide to the site’s features. The inside pages of Meg April 2012 were blown up to show guests how much MEG hasreally matured. The April issue cover was revealed and the event was graced by cover girl Toni Gonzaga. Finally, the trailer for this year’s big TV surprise was revealed along with host Patty Laurel, who shared her excitement about the project. Check out the gallery for event photos.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

8:46 AM

Converse Asia Crown: Ready, Skate, Go!

All set to skate, Filipino skateboard enthusiasts will come in full force as they experience the country's first and biggest skateboarding event, dubbed Converse Asia Crown, at the TriNoma - Mindanao open parking lot, as it aims to promote skateboarding as a thriving sports in the Philippines.

Catering ti the best skateboarders around the Metro, the Asia Crown aims to give Filipino skateboarders the chance to show off their dope moves on the board and compete with the best skateboarders across the country to vie for the title of being the first official skateboarding ambassador of Converse Philippines who gets to compete internationally and is also set to compete in the upcoming skate event in China.

Gracing the event are top US-based pro skaters Kenny Anderson and Mike Anderson who are set to show Filipino skaters how skateboarding is really done with their extremely polished skate tricks that seem effortless.

The winner of the local Asia Crown champion will receive a year's worth of Converse skateboarding goodies, P50,000 cold hard cash and plane tickets to all official Converse skateboarding events worldwide.

An open skate for all, free of charge, the skate summit will also be a day long celebration of physical and creative recreation with activities such as the skate clinic, finger skateboarding competition, foam pit and graffiti art while also fusing music through electrifying performances of Paraluman, Gracenote, and 6 Cycle Mind.

While for the fashionable spectators, Converse Philippines will also feature a preview of their Spring Summer Collection, with an added shoe display that embody Converse's mission of giving people the freedom to make a statement by continuing to adjust with the time giving a great variety of styles, color, becoming more creative evolving to what they will become.

Indeed, this day-long celebration reinforce the status of Converse as a key proponent of fashion and the global sport that is skateboarding.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10:35 AM

Hair-raising Songs And Stories Loom TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas Auditions!!!

Set to conquer the Summer Capital of the Philippines tomorrow and the following weeks, TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas continues to scour the country in search of the next big star able to make the nation sing.

The Dream from Cagayan De Oro

With 180 registrants last Feb. 24, 2012 in SM City Cagayan De Oro reaching the cities of Iligan, Misamis and Cagayan, 76 hopefuls were called back and only 37 passed the judges’.  Filipino pop songs became the favorite rendered on the stage with many who rendered the Grammy Award winning songs of Adele and Whitney Houston, hopefuls came from different communities and barangays. 

Inspirational Diva and audition judge Ms. Jamie Rivera was excited to listen to the stories of the Cagay-anons. Award winning Cross Genre Composer, Arranger, Producer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda raised eyebrows asking a couple who sang on the stage. “May conflict ba yan?” relating to the girl singer and pianist boyfriend as he was alluded in the same shoe with Ms. Jamie Rivera in the past. Ms. Maristel Sampedro became the comic relief throwing funny comments at gays impersonating Whitney Houston on the stage.

What astounded the judges and onlookers was the ex-convict contestant who vented denouncing his past as a former member of the Akyat-Bahay gang. There was also one with 11 siblings living in different parts of Mindanao hoping to be reunited with dreams through Kanta Pilipinas.

Cebuanos wow TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas judges
Fun and more fun of TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas’ call for the nation continued in Cebu last March 2, 2012. Hosted by Jhai’Ho, the event center of SM CITY CEBU filled the mall with 424 registrants and more than a thousand onlookers and mall-goers when TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas began the auditions. 

· Birth certificate (certified true copy and photocopy)
· Pictures (1 close-up and 1 full body)
*For auditionees below 18 years old: Parental consent and parent’s valid ID

Online Audition

Simply upload a maximum of 5-minute video of your performance to our website Use your name and age as the title of the video. And do not forget to leave your address, email and contact numbers on the description bar.

See the Kanta Pilipinas Official Music video featuring Ms. Lea Salonga on the Kanta Pilipinas YouTube Channel and browse through the audition videos and vote for your favorite!

Like Kanta Pilipinas on or follow us on Twitter @kanta_pilipinas.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10:31 AM

Kenny Roggers Hits the Big Three In Their 3rd Blogger's NIght

It's the 3rd Blogger Night of Kenny Rogers happening at SM Mega Mall branch last March 29, 2012. At Kenny Rogers its is easy to find the perfect match. The best part being you do not have to stick to one. With Kenny's new Saucy Roast Chicken, diners have more reasons to enjoy the number one rosted chicken in Asia with three new savor and to die for.

Each sauce compliments the Saucy Roast Chicken differently. Infused with the flavors of pepper and fragrant garlic, the new chicken flavor is best enjoyed with any of the three sauces that could make dining an immeasurably enjoyable experience. For that extra bite, Cracked Peppercorn sauce- flavorful gravy dotted with cracked pepper is perfect, while diners who dig the taste of the distinct sweetness of barbecue, would choose Sweet BBQ Sauce in a wink. IT would be a sin not to try Creamy Mushroom Sauce in creamy savory gravy peppered with mushroom bits.

"These delightful chicken and sauce matches are our delightful gifts to foodies. It's a new set of pleasant surprises for our guest. There is no easier way to put it. It's definitely another way of enjoying the unique Kenny experience"  
- Meggie Bolinao-Jose, Kenny Rogers Roasters' Marketing Director

Saucy Roast Chicken is available with Solo Plates, Group Meals, Healthy Plates and Combo Meals, and is available for dine-in, take out and delivery. This uniquely Kenny Rogers product will be available in all its restaurants until June 30, 2012 so visit your favorite branch today.

Aside from that Kenny Rogers Roasters has also launch three new side dishes that you would easily fall for. If good luck comes in 3s then this trifecta of offers is full proof- Mediterranean Pasta, a light but flavorful medley of premium pasta, roasted eggplant, olives, tomatoes and parmesan cheese tossed in Kenny's very own tomato vinaigrette; Eggplant Pomodoro, fire-roasted egplant baked with chunky, Italian-style tomato sauce, topped with parmesan cheese; and Mashed Sweet Potato, a nutritional side with a sweet, buttery, and slightly creamy taste and aroma.

Plus, the strawberry froyo that you should not  miss to try after having your Saucy Roast Chicken with the three new side dishes that you can choose from.

These new side dishes are available in regular and large sizes. Along with the Saucy Roast Chicken, these offers are available in all Kenny Rogers Rosters branches nationwide. Having the best roasted chicken is enough reason to visit Kenny Rogers Roasters. The new offers tell you why it's thousands of dinners' restaurant-of-choice.

Call 555-9000 for Kenny's deliciously healthy delivery. For more details on Kenny Rogers mouthwatering food choices, log on to

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