Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9:39 AM

Pinoy Twist In Fun And Healthy Potato Dutch Snacks

Filipinos have a strong penchant in carb like rice, bread and even potato. When it comes to potato, whether it’s mashed, fried, in a salad and soup, we so love the flavor and feel of the tiny grains that melt wonderfully in each bite.

Since snacking on potato is one of the most popular sustenance and enjoyment in the country, we introduce a unique variety that is surely yummy, appealing, and extra healthy. It’s also interesting to know that it’s made affordable for all! Introducing Kroketten, Netherland’s favorite snack as the Dutch word means a little, round ball.

“Kroketten is one of the best ways to enjoy potato with a crunchy, filled with cheese and meat, while they’re deep fried in a healthy corn oil. We’re now located in twelve branches which amazingly garners an impressive response since we started operations fourth quarter of last year”. 
- Maribel Bosch, Kroketten President/Owner

A former hotelier boasting a vast exposure to the best cuisines of the world, there’s no denying that Maribel is also an expert in the kitchen and has discerning taste buds.  Having been based overseas with her husband and kids, she discovered that croquettes deserve to be in the Philippines soon for its simple and delicious taste which she thought will appeal to all levels of people. True enough, her gut feel proved to be true as Kroketten is growing and is now trending in Manila.  

For only P35 per order, Kroketten offers three varieties: Original Kroket, the original oblong shape with ground beef, chicken, and cheese; Kroketballen, by far Filipinos’ most favorite and has three pieces of crunchy potato balls which come with dips; and the miniballen, the bite sized potato balls considered best for sharing. If you plan to tweak your group’s usual snack gathering at your place, Kroketten’s potato balls are worth serving. Since the product can last days if stored properly and has the same great taste when properly reheated, Kroketten is an absolutely healthy snack that will satisfy your guests whether for private gathering or a party!

With miniballen’s assorted flavors, it’s no surprise that this type is deemed the most popular.  From cheese, chicken, beef, bacon, hotdog, longganisa, pork adobo, mango, and tuyo flakes, all flavors offer an exciting taste with a Filipino twist, especially when paired with the tasty dips. “Our company aims to reach all levels of market A to C, for everyone to enjoy quality, healthy and good food. We never want our products to be intimidating that’s why we came up with a combo meal-- our five pieces mini ballen (P20) and our four pieces mini ballen with the 6.5 oz revitalize 10 or Nutri 10 fresh fruit drink (P35)”, adds Maribel. 

Speaking of fresh fruit drink, it’s also amazing to know that these delicious balls are best paired with invigorating fresh fruit juices one can ever imagine! And why not? They’re made of the purest and natural fruit juice minus the white sugar, branded exclusively by Vers En Snel by Kroketten. A Dutch word means fresh and fast, it has two signature thirst quenchers. One is a certified health booster made of mango and guyabano, the Nutri 10 while the other one is made of succulent combo of strawberry and passion fruit called Revita 10. “Since these drinks have no preservative, our health buff habitués can’t surely get enough of it! If one needs an immediate vitamin boost, we recommend the Nutri 10. But if you’re feeling tired and heavy, our Revita 10 gives an instant uplift. “And because of the ever growing demand for this product, we’re also working on bottling these drinks soon so anyone can take with them this healthy beverage”, exclaims Maribel.

These perfectly composed and polished potato balls are also considered a masterpiece without the guilt. The taste is impressive since it offers a snacking experience that is never boring.

Confident about the potential of the product, the company is also open for franchise for a very affordable total investment of P195, 00 (vat exclusive). To date, it operates in twelve malls with Mall of Asia in Pasay coming up very soon. Ultimately, the brand’s international flavor in design with a unique Filipino appeal will surely make history for being the first healthy Dutch potato snack to expand in the country.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6:22 PM

Cooking Showdown In New Bilibid Prison: Iron Bar Chef

Bars are not hindrance to prove that they are talented specially in cooking... 

Oh well, it's just another Bilid experienced when I visit for the second time the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) together with my other fellow bloggers. But this time, we are able to get to the Midium Security Camp where the Iron Bar Chef, Bilibid Cooking Showdown has happened.

I'm so glad to meet Mr. Geraldo I. Aro, the OIC of Medium Security Camp of NBP. He tell us everything about their project in the Medium Security and their plans in the future and one of them is the Iron Bar Chef that we have witnessed. He gives us a brief information about the camp and as of June 15, the total number of inmates in the Medium Security Camp is 6, 083 with one completed released, 13 received and 1 high profile.

This is the first Iron Bar Chef in the New Bilibid Prison, and yet it was very interesting to know the contenders. There are six groups that are competing, and these are; 

1. NAMIT, consisting of Sputnik/Commando members.

2. CHAMP, Consisting of BSL/OXO members.

3. NAM-NAM, consisting of BM/BNG members.

4. YUM-YUM, consisting of BCJ/BC members.

5. SARAP, consisting of BRM/GIG members.

6.PATSAM, consisting of HGL/BATMAN.

During the competition, I have seen the sincerity of the inmates while competing on the challenge to beat their opponents by making sure that they're prepared dishes will taste and look good in eyes of the judges, media and audience as wellWhile prison guards are all eyes in the area where the competition was held. 

Of course while the inmates from different gang or groups are showing their skills in cooking and preparing their delicious dishes, the Sining Lahi group from the School of Fine Arts is giving us the great music of Hagibis that makes the audience to feel like dancing while singing in their beat.

After an hour of cooking showdown, the winners are the following;

3rd place - The SARAP group who won P 2,000

2nd Place - The Namit group who won P 3,000

1st Place - The YUMYUM group who won P 5,000

It was a very exciting and close fight as the judges says. All participants who compete for the Iron Bar Chef have shown their skills and proved their talents in cooking. 

We even tasted their food, and I would say that it was a two thumbs up! Great job inmates... Good luck and see you in the finals! :) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6:08 PM

Hurom Juicer Brings The Natural Health Juices

The overall idea is to bring health and good life to as many people in the world as possible, and this company is definitely on the right track.

Hurom derives from the word "human” and “rom” which means “beneficial” in Korean, which was formed more than a decade ago, commits itself to the research, development and well-being of human life through its juicers and juice extractors.  And this commitment through its juicer product like the new Hurom Slow Juicer that has already reached other parts of the world like Japan, China, the USA and in other countries in Asia and Europe, is finally here in the Philippines.

Introduced today during the Philippine International Food and Beverage Expo (PIFBEX) held at the PICC Forum 1-3 in Pasay City, the Hurom Slow Juicer, distributed here in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp., is another of Hurom L.S. Ltd.’s innovative kitchen appliances that employ cutting-edge technology that resulted from the company’s extensive research and development (R&D) efforts.

Part of the Hurom Slow Juicer’s unique and distinct characteristics is that it uses its patented Low Speed Technology System or LSTS. Compared to other traditional juicers that has high-speed motors and sharp cutting blades, the Hurom Slow Juicer and LSTS gently presses (not crushes) the fruit to extract all the fruit’s or vegetable’s natural juices without losing valuable nutritive value like vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and most of all, its taste.

“People are now very much aware of ‘going back to nature’ particularly in terms of food consumption and that the way to preserve health is to consume as much natural food as possible. Our objective is to provide a product that answers the needs of people with regard to ‘natural’ food and we know that the ‘Hurom Slow Juicer’ is that product.” 
- Kim Young Gi, Chairman of Hurom L.S. Ltd. and the Father of Juicing in Korea.

Hurom, according to Chairman Kim, will continue to develop the right kitchen appliance that places high regard on human health, and continuously try to develop more products that effectively connects nature to human life, hence the meaning of Hurom. 

“We like all our products to be very beneficial to human health and we will not stop in researching and developing more technologies to help make more people live healthier lives.”

Proof of this continuing effort to come up with even better products is Hurom L.S. Ltd.’s pending patent applications and values innovations in more than 40 countries in the US, Japan, China and Europe.

And its innovative products and extensive experience for more than 3 decades in juice extraction and slow juicing in Korea were recognized by international award-giving bodies and in global invention exhibitions like the 2010 Swiss Geneva Salon International Des Invention and the 2010 Pittsburgh International Invention Fair (INPEX) where it won the gold medal. It even got a KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) Seal of Excellence in Korea, a mark of quality, high technology and trustworthiness.

The revolutionary Hurom Slow Juicer is available at Rustan’s department stores and is distributed in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp. For more details about the Hurom Slow Juicer, visit www.hurom-slowjuicer.com.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

1:20 AM

Meet Doc McStuffins, The Toy Doctor

This playful new show teaches kids to take care of themselves and others.

Let your tots discover what it means to take care of themselves and others with Disney Junior’s new original series, Doc McStuffins. Premiering last July 9, the show puts an animated, kid-friendly twist to visiting the doctor and having checkups. The show puts emphasis on healthy living and encourages your young ones to practice simple hygiene habits such as washing their hands regularly.

Who is Doc McStuffins?

Meet Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, a 6-year old “toy doctor” with a compassionate heart and a knack for healing toys and stuffed animals around her neighborhood. She has the ability to talk to toys once she puts on her stethoscope and runs a doctor’s clinic for toys out of her playhouse. She is helped by her trusted toy friends and these are Stuffy, an overly proud stuffed dragon; Lambie, a stuffed lamb who loves to cuddle; Hallie, a jolly hippo receptionist; and Chilly, a hypochondriac stuffed snowman.

The show

Each episode of Doc McStuffins includes original songs sung by the characters such as the “Time for Your Checkup” song. Additionally, Doc can be seen encouraging toys to not be scared by the doctor’s instruments and even rewarding toys with a sticker once they’ve completed their checkup. During the end credits, Doc also gives advice to its young viewers about staying healthy.

This new Disney Junior original series embodies the hallmarks of Disney’s storytelling, fantasy and wish fulfillment and communicates to kids a strong sense of community. Furthermore, it teaches them important values such as compassion for people and things, and most importantly, lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it such as toys, animals and people.

Doc McStuffins had its premiere last July 9, 9:30 am, only on Disney Junior.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10:09 AM

Sennheiser Open Its Doors In Manila

German audio specialist Sennheiser launched its inaugural concept store in the Philippines today.  The concept store is the only single-brand headphones retail outlet in Manila that provides an experiential showcase of Sennheiser’s entire range of headphones, including audiophile, travel, sports, home entertainment, mobile, gaming, street, and the DJ lines.

Known for its top quality audio products and innovative German technology globally, Sennheiser decided to collaborate with its Philippine headphones distributor, Iontech Inc., and retailer, Digits Trading, to open its first concept store at V–Mall (formerly known as Virra Mall) in Greenhills. The flagship store is also part of Sennheiser’s broader strategy to demonstrate its brand leadership in Asia and to expand its experiential product showcases to consumers across the region.

“Today marks a significant moment for all of us at Sennheiser Asia. We recognise the potential in the Philippines and we are delighted to have finally been able to create this immersive sound experience for Sennheiser fans. It is especially meaningful to us as we coincide this store opening with our 20th year celebration in Asia,” 
- Ng Chee Soon, President and Managing Director of Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd.

Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd (“Sennheiser Asia”) is fully owned by Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co in Germany. It was formed in 1992 to oversee the Asian market including Southeast Asia, Korea, and other Indian subcontinents market.

"This is an exciting period for us. With today’s consumers being more discerning and willing to spend on higher quality products, we will work with Sennheiser closely to provide audio solutions that support our consumers’ lifestyle and expectations.”
Ricky Sy, President of Iontech Inc.

“We see a strong growth potential in the audio market in the Philippines. The collaboration with Sennheiser and Iontech allows us to establish a partnership with two strong players in providing good products and lifestyle solutions to this segment.”
- Charlie Paw, General Manager of Digits Trading

The Sennheiser brand, which has a long established history in the audio industry, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

Founded in 1945 in Germany, Sennheiser has always stood for the highest quality audio products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction. Over the years it has also created many firsts and solidified its position as one of the key inventors and thought-leaders in the innovation of sound technology. 

During the media gathering event in the evening, senior representatives from Sennheiser Asia, Iontech and Digits Trading, together with guests and the media toasted to celebrate the Sennheiser concept store opening at the Seventh High Apex Lounge.


The Sennheiser concept store opens daily from 10.00AM – 8.00PM. More information about Sennheiser is available on Sennheiser Asia website (http://www.sennheiserasia.com) or Sennheiser Philippines Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/SennheiserPH)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10:11 AM

Asprey’s Blogger’s Night At Scarlet Lounge

Recently Manila’s leading watchstrap brand Asprey threw in a party at Scarlet Lounge, the Fort and treated fashion industry’s young bloggers for a night of fun!
Attendees were requested to bring in their old watches and trade their aged straps with new and fresher styles.

Stylish attendees also participated in our online popularity game. Guests took their photos and uploaded it in Asprey’s facebook fan page. 6 Photos with the most number of like were awarded with Watches from Ltime Studio and a set of watchstraps from Asprey.

Asprey’s brand ambassadors were also introduced that night: Bloggers David Guison of GD Manila, Lissa Kahayon of scenestealer.com, College Jock and Model Victor Pring, Myx Vjs Joyce and Mike Advincula.

Monday, June 11, 2012

11:09 AM

Get Ready To Travel the World With Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC)

Traveling always brings a different kind of excitement, regardless of destination. We take loads of pictures to remember the places that we’ve been to and to capture that special moment. Sometimes, people equate traveling to something that always comes with a price. But now just by taking your favorite SBC cup or mug with you when you travel here or abroad, you can get a chance to travel again for free!

How To Join The Photo Contest?

1. Customers can join Seattle’s Best Coffee’s “Me & My Traveling SBC” promo from June 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012. 

2. One promo code is given for each Seattle’s Best Coffee beverage purchase (excluding bottled drinks and water).

3. One promo code entitles you to one (1) photo upload.

4. Promo code/s should be claimed upon transaction.

5. "Like" the Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines Facebook Page and access the “Me & My Traveling SBC” application.

6. Submit a photo of yourself with a Seattle’s Best Coffee cup/mug/tumbler visible in the frame as you travel to your favorite destinations.

7. Enter the location and a short description of the photo along with your promo code when submitting photos to your gallery.

8. Your gallery counts as your entry to the contest.

9. Add as many photos as you want to your gallery to help you get more votes.

10. The more votes in your gallery, the higher chance of winning.

11. Winners will be determined through transaction-validated public voting and judging by the Management of Coffee Masters, Inc.

12. Deadline of submission of photo entries is on September 14, 2012.

13. Announcement of Top 25 Finalists: September 15, 2012.

14. Period of public voting and judging of Top 25 Finalists: September 15, 2012 to September 30, 2012.

15. Announcement of Grand Prize Winners: October 5, 2012.

Photo Contest Prizes 

1st Prize: Round-trip ticket for two (2) to US (Manila-Los Angeles/Los Angeles-Manila)

2ndPrize: Round-trip ticket for two (2) to Beijing (Manila-Beijing/Beijing-Manila)

3rd Prize: All expense-paid with accommodation (3D/2N) for two (2) to Bohol Beach Club

To vote for a Photo:

1. Customers can vote in Seattle’s Best Coffee’s “Me & My Traveling SBC” promo from June 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012. 

2. One promo code is given for each Seattle’s Best Coffee beverage purchase (excluding bottled drinks and water).

3. One promo code entitles you to one (1) vote.

4. Promo code/s should be claimed upon transaction.

5. "Like" the Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines Facebook Page and access the Me & My Traveling SBC” application.

6. Voting can be done by ‘liking’ photo entries and entering your promo code.

7. To vote for another entry, voters must provide a new promo code.

8. All voters will automatically be eligible for the electronic raffle scheduled below based on voting period.

9. Non-winning voters for a particular voting period will not be eligible for the succeeding draws.

10. Deadline of voting is on September 30, 2012.

Voters’ Raffle Prizes

Five (5) -  Apple iPad 2 16gb with Wifi
Five (5) – Nikon D3100
Five (5) – Apple iPod Nano 8gb

This promo will benefit the children of World Vision, SBC’s partner organization. Some of the kids will go on a field trip with Seattle’s Best and a part of the proceeds will be donated to the children’s education program of World Vision.

Go to your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee branch today or check out the Seattle’s Best Coffee Philippines fan page on Facebook to get the full promo details. www.facebook.com/SeattlesBestCoffeePhilippines

Sample Photo:

Highlights of the Promo

  • Buy an SBC coffee. Get a chance to travel for free.
  • One of the few Facebook contests that rewards the voters and not just contestants.
  • Very attractive Prizes for both the contestant and the voters.

2:19 AM

I Spent A Time At BuCor

It was Spanish regime when the prison system in the Philippines was started. Centuries ago when barbaric approached was taken place for the prison. It was the Old Bilibid Prison, and it was renamed to New Bilibid prison after it was transferred to Muntinlupa on November 15, 1940. .

Moreover, on Novermber 23. 1989, the Bereau of Prison became Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) and placed under the department of Justice from the 1987 Administrative Code and Executive Order 292.

It was never been the same until they change they approached from punishing the offending citizen into reformative. To update, the Bereau has 36,426 inmates in seven Prison and Penal Farms around the country.

In Muntinlupa, they have 20,053 male inmates whom I happen to see and visited last June 8, 2012. I was so amazed to see the views that this place was really cool.   When you get inside you will be asked for any valid ID, they will take a photo of you, and they will give you the visitor's ID. It was so systematized.

At first, I was so tense and felt jittered when I enter the Maximum Security Compound,but Director Gaudencio Pangilinan assures me that nothings gonna happen bad when we get in. Of course for security reason Ms. Maricar Celis Villiar told us to keep together. 

We visit first their community Hospital. It looks like a public hospital whom they have emergency room, ICU, etc. but of course not as high-tech as usual hospital outside.

Next stop is the multipurpose compound where you can see the beautiful creation of paintings, crafts, etc. all made by the prisoner. We even take a glimpsed at the room where they thought to use basic computer and classrooms where the inmates who want to continue their studies.

Little by little the fear in eyes and heart had gone because when we get to the next stop, we are welcome by a great music in the Paraiso Foundation headed by Jaybee Sebastian. I witness how talented they are because they even had a recording studio for those prisons who would like to enhance their talents in singing. One of the bands named Feel Free give us a sample with their original composition, unfortunately it still has no title, but I would say that the song was great, and they sound like some kind of professional band. No wonder because their vocalist, Luis Garchitorena, is a 1996 Metro Pop Music Festival Champion way back before he was sentenced. The next band from Bahala Na Gang entertained us while we are having our snacks (Pansit and Soda) who also cook by inmates.   They also have their own TV Channel, which is the BTV3 and Bloggers get a chance t meet Governor Leviste and had some picture taking with him.

The last stop was in their eDalaw facilities where inmates can spend time chatting over a video conversation with their love one outside the New Bilibid Prison.  It's actually looked like a computer shop. However, they can't have an hour or an extension to use it because they only allowed for 20 minutes.

Our tour in Bucor as ended and I am so honored to spend the few hours of my time in my life in this place. They are very accommodating, hospitable, and courteous. They are not like the initial impression that you have, things that you happen to see in the TV or movies. There are no signs of gang wars, riots, etc. rather they will work together and care about their fellow inmates; they are organized. The worries and frightened in my vocabulary had wiped out with the fantastic experienced that I have tried. As Director Gaudencio Pangilinan said, "It's the safest place in Manila."

I think the BuCor plan in reformative system justice is effective as they designed to help ensure the released inmates are productive, healthy, and are less likely to be in conflict with the law again.  Below is the Bucor six imperatives of Reformation;

- Health Care Program
- Education and Skills Development
- Livelihood and Livelihood Training
- Moral and Spiritual Enlightenment
- Sports and Recreational Program
- Behavioral Modification

These offending citizens will be molded as a better person. They are more productive and very competent than those who spend their lives in the real world eventually. Sometimes we commit mistakes because we are morons and did not give a chance to know everything. And for me, it is not where you from or who you are but the kind of progress you are trying to do in your life is enough to prove that you are only human  and you are capable of doing things that you don't know but willing to change in more progressive life to become a better you.

I would like to thank Director Gaudencio Pangilinan, Ms. Maricar Celis Villiar, Jaybee Sebastian, to all employees of BuCor and of course to all the inmates who showed us the reality of life. Visit www.bucor.gov.ph to learn more about their latest projects and how you can help them.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

8:57 AM

Celebrating the New Pinoy lifestyle with AyosDito.ph’s I- Ball

Filipinos are always looking for something hip and trendy whether its from fashion to food. Filipinos are always give a new twist to every concept we take from other countries to called it our own. Not only have we dominated social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we have also taken to online classified ads sites like AyosDito.ph. 

AyosDito.ph, the preferred online classified ads for Pinoys by Pinoys and awarded the 2011 No. 1 Classified Ads website by Digital Filipino Search Profile Index, had recently organized its first Ayos Dito I-Ball, a blogger event attended by GMA Channel 7’s latest IT-GIRL – model/artist/singer/actress Solenn Heussaff and ABS CBN Channel 2’s upcoming  dramatic actor John Medina  and funny yet naughty DJ  Tony Toni of Magic 89.9 at the COWO Asia in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

“Ayos Dito I- Ball, is a blogger event that celebrates the fun and unique Filipino lifestyle, that is reflective of how people buy and sell online.  Buying and selling online with AyosDito.ph  is free, easy  and hassle-free, just how we Pinoys like it.”
- Jon Santico, General Manager of 701 Search Inc. 

“Aside from having the chance to get to know the AyosDito team and learn more about the site and what were about. We hope everyone has a great time, simply hanging out with us and  enjoying the food, the games and the raffle prizes.”   
-  Tanya Cabbab, AyosDito.ph’s Marketing Manager

Watch the behind the scene of Ayosdito.ph TVC.

The food served at the Ayos Dito I-Ball  was a twist on regular pinoy  comfort food. Tempura Quail Eggs  (a modern take on streetfood favorite - Kwek kwek), Mexico meets Pampanga’s best sisig tacos, Chicken Pate on Fita a childhood favorite, The simple tuyo, glammed up in a  Tuyo  Pasta,  oh so yummy Angus Corned Beef Pan de sal.  The iced tea was a refreshing honeymansi by Nestea.  A special treat was the the kakanin ice cream in 3 flavors such as Champorado, Mangga’t Suman and Sapin Sapin ice cream by Sebastian’s . 

There were 2 games at the event, an old party favorite, the Bring Me, and a special game-Find a great deal which familiarized bloggers with how the site works  which involved the celebrities who attended the event. 

The much anticipated raffle, a Fuji Polaroid  Camera, and the grand prize was an Apple  I -Pad 3. 

Each blogger brought home a lootbag with an AyoDito.ph t-shirt, a notebook, a coffee tumbler  and an AyosDito.ph   pen with 1G USB. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

1:17 PM

Overwhelm Your Senses With McDonald’s New Big N’ Tasty

Overwhelm your senses who will engaged and doing exactly what it used to be to create wonderful experience that will give you a lasting impression.

Exhilarate this awesome moment and experience this new taste of burger with the new McDonald;s Big N' Tasty.

It's the first time in the Philippines that McDonald's is offering Big N' Tasty for a limited time offer for customers who are looking for a perfect mix of flavorful and textured burgers.

This new McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty is made from the freshest ingredients available. Featuring a 100% pure beef quarter pound patty seasoned using only salt and pepper, creamy cheese, crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, fresh onions, tangy pickles, and a special smokey sauce in between a sesame seed bun.

This is perfect to everyone whether you are at work, busy on the go, chilling with your friends or at home alone. You can get anytime your Big N’ Tasty fix.

You can see the latest TVC of Big N' Tasty in between of the 1st round and 3rd round of Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley fight, check it out.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your next food adventure at the nearest McDonald’s store and find out what the entire news is about. McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty is available in most stores nationwide a la carte for P120 and Extra Value Meal with Regular Fries and Regular Drink for P145 or with Medium Fries and Medium Drink for only P165.

Craving for one right now? No problem because you can ordering via McDelivery Online or by dialing 8-MCDO.

Today, choose to indulge your taste buds with something new and delicious by Big N’ Tasty for McDonald’s and burger lovers who expect nothing less. For more information, like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/McDo.ph or follow us on Twitter @McDo_ph.

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