Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Final Cooking Showdown Of Iron Bar Chef

It was always a great experience to be part of another cooking showdown, it was the final cooking showdown of Iron Bar Chef at New Bilibid Prison. Who thinks that they will come up for an idea like this. This time, the winners from Medium Security Compound will challenge the winners of Maximum Security. Oh well, it's another battle of cooking challenge and I know for sure that they have been preparing for this.

Warm welcome, good hospitality and very courteous people from the admin and from the detainee. You will see the smiles in their faces and enchanted to the celebration that is going to happen. I feel at home this time, I mean the scary things has gone in me unlike the first time I visited the New Bilibid Prison, Maximum Security Compound. 

It was started of course with a prayer and the national anthem followed by the program proper. By the way the Sining Lahi Band from the School of Fine Arts in the Medium Security had showcase once again their talents. They had proven their singing and dancing talents very well and very much excited because Director Gaudencio Pangilinan was there, as well as OIC Aro.

The cooking challenge was very intense. Judges, contenders as well as expectators are excited. The groups of contenders are the following;







After an hour of waiting... the moment of  truth has finally come and the winners are the following;

3rd Place goes to... LOLO POGI 

2nd Place goes to... PLANET 

1st Place goes to... UBAN

Hope to witness another cooking showdown again next year! Congrats to all winners... :)

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