Friday, August 31, 2012

8:23 PM

MAGGI MAGIC MEALS: Viand And Rice Cooked In 45 Minutes

 Nestle Launches another innovation in their MAGGI MAGIC MEALS. It is the first-in-the-world recipe solution designed for a rice cooker. For Filipinos, a complete meal means, a hearty viand "Ulam" and a steam white rice. However, we all have dilemma in preparing cooking a hearty meal for our family or our self because we had a poor-time to do it.

Here's the good news be cause Nestle introduces one of its game-changing innovations, the MAGGI MAGIC MEALS. They offers a recipe flavoring in a simple and effective method of cooking using the ubiquitous cooking appliances of Filipinos, the rice cooker.

The MAGGI MAGIC MEALS packs has the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX and the MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG. It has four (4) delicious recipes that comes from Pinoy favorites such as Bicol Express, Afritada, Lechon Paksiw nd Chicken Pastel for only P 35.00.

Here's the 5 easy steps:

1. Lightly slice the Chicken or Pork pieces and thinly slice the vegetables.


3. Add 6 tbsp. or 1/4 cup of water inside the cooking bag.

4. Tie the bag and massage gently to dissolve the mix. Then sealed the bag by tying a knot.

5. Put on the top of washed rice and cook for 45 minutes.

Now, Anyone can cook! because MAGGI seeks to respond with the needs of modern-day home makers. MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX is a complete sauce ,ix with complete taste and flavor. No need to add oil or saute and it is approved by US and EU PDA. It's time and cost saving, so what are you waiting for... TRY NOW this MAGGI MAGIC MEALS. The Magical combination.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7:59 AM

Noel Cabangon: Tuloy Ang Byahe, The Concert

After the successful release of the second Album of Noel Cabangon's Tuloy ang Byahe. The multi-platinum recording artist is now preparing for A concert with a self titled Tuloy ang Byahe with Christian Bautista, Gloc9, BAMBOO and other special guests at Music Museum on September 28, 2012, 8:00PM. 

This is for the benefit of the PETA Endowment Fund. Tickets available at P 2,500, P 1, 200, and P 500. For reservations please call 25+244 or 09175183654 or visit

This is sponsored by PLDT, SMART, Mediapool, MAXIMA, The Phinma Foundaion, Gonuts Donuts, Bench, ORION, Universal Records and PAGCOR.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7:55 PM

Filipino IT Provider Leverages IBM SmartCloud

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise solution helps the company improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs

Quezon City, August 28, 2012 – IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Integrated Open Source Solutions (iOSS),  a homegrown IT services and solutions provider from the Philippines, has successfully leveraged IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) to offer superior customer service and expand its market presence. 

Under its current IT infrastructure, iOSS utilized on-premise servers to run testing, development and production processes, as well as to host customer solutions. As more customers engaged its services, iOSS faced a sharp increase in workload, resulting in performance and connectivity issues, requiring a more robust and reliable data center solution. 

“Our current IT infrastructure does not have the network and electrical power reliability of a data center, something which our clients now require.” explained Joe Gene Quesada, President of iOSS.  “We realized that we needed to have a solution for our clients that required 99.9%  server uptime and connectivity across multiple Internet Service Providers, something which our current set up could not provide in a cost effective manner.” 

The multi-tenant IBM SCE public cloud solution has provided iOSS, which specializes in the development of customized and cost-effective solutions with open source tools and technologies, the ability to reduce operating costs, increase system scalability and flexibility, achieve much faster deployment, and provide significantly increased uptime and connectivity. 

“With IBM’s public cloud solution, we can now more efficiently meet our business requirements, without making the significant capital investments required for a data center. By supplementing our IT infrastructure with a flexible and sustainable public cloud solution, we can now offer even more cost-effective solutions to our customers, helping push further adoption of cloud-based services in the Philippines,” said Mr. Quesada. 

To better support its customers and ease the strain on in-house servers, iOSS engaged experts from IBM Global Technology Services to work out a feasible plan to integrate a public cloud solution into its overall IT infrastructure. iOSS chose to implement the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise solution – IBM’s enterprise-class public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering – and signed on for the service under a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service model. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is built on an agile cloud infrastructure designed to provide access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments that can be leveraged for development, test and other dynamic workloads.   

“Our solution delivered a secure and scalable hosted IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources, making it a perfect fit for iOSS,” said Mariels Almeda Winhoffer, President and Country General Manager, IBM Philippines. “In order to keep up with client demands, the company now runs its test and production workload activities on IBM’s SCE cloud, allowing almost instant deployment, 99.9% server uptime and network connectivity reliability, cost savings, easier IT management and more efficient project quality, a strong business advantage for a company like iOSS.” 

After the implementation, iOSS achieved several benefits almost immediately. By placing its heavy-processing workloads onto the cloud through IBM’s SmartCloud Enterprise solution, the network bandwidth strain on its in-house servers was eased, improving the performance of its services. Their IT department could also now respond with greater agility to workload spikes, and securely deploy applications for its clients from the public cloud. 

In addition, the up-front implementation costs were minimized through the ‘pay-as-you-go’ service model. With virtually unlimited system capacity, iOSS now enjoys greater flexibility when it needs to scale up or down according to evolving client requirements. The SmartCloud Enterprise solution also provided a self-service portal that aids in monitoring and management, which in turn helps to greatly reduce administration time and complexity. 

About iOSS 
Based in the Philippines, iOSS supports companies by providing alternatives to expensive commercial software, catering to specific needs not readily found in the market. iOSS provides analysis, development and implementation of its IT solutions, in addition to network and server administration services and maintenance. Its clientele includes companies in the manufacturing, medical, financial, e-government and non-profit sectors. 
For more information about iOSS, please visit 

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

7:49 PM

Callalily Has Every Reason To Sing Pasasalamat

After seven fruitful years in the recording industry, rock band Callalily remains to be one of the country’s foremost acts, and the band has all the reason to be thankful. The band’s gratitude is lovingly expressed in their newest single Pasasalamat, which will be part of their soon-to-be-released first album under Universal Records.

The band is composed of Kean Cipriano, Tatsi Jamnague, Aaron Ricafrente and Lemuel Belaro.

“We have all the reasons to be thankful,” says frontman Kean Cipriano. “Seven years into the business and we are still here. We are grateful. Plus, we are with a new label Universal Records.”

Pasasalamat is a tribute to their fans, who have selflessly and tirelessly supported the band.

 Download Pasasalamat FULL SONG here:


Thursday, August 23, 2012

2:56 AM

The Lookbook Fashion Event

SM City Fairview Holds a fashion show that aims to promote the mall's fashion retail stores and
to brand SM City Fairview as a fashion haven of the North East Metro in the long term and this year,
SM City Fairview will be taking it a notch higher by staging again a major fashion show to be dubbed
as “Lookbook” on August 24, 2012, 6pm at the Annex Atrium, SM City Fairview.

Lookbook is a fashion event that will revolve around the latest trends in fashion for this seasons diverse styles,

statements and inspirations. The concept is to hinged towards digital and new media like
Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Twitter, etc. that are all meant to be shared.

So a fashion trend is not complete when it does not exist in the realm of social media. A simple outfit
becomes a fashion ensemble when one shares it online and gains positive comments.  A personal style can be transformed into an online fashion diary and when it creates hype, it becomes a fashion statement.

The show will feature SM City Fairview’s mix of foreign and local brands and their newest collections such as Celine (CLN), Charlie, Elle Girl, Folded & Hung, Mags, Oxygen, Penshoppe, Plains and Prints, Regatta, Sanuk, Scoop Project, Sketchers, Tomato, Una Rosa, SM Accessories, SM Men’s Fashion – Just Delivered Jeans.

With this good line-up, the event will be sliced into different segments that will echo fun, young and vibrant tones. These are FashionablyChic, PrepForSchool, NationalPartyDay and Casual Craze

To jazz-up each of the collection, Philippine Fashion Week Designer and stylist of the stars- Jot Losa will take part in the fashion show as he is tasked to do the styling.

SM City Fairview just keeps in getting better and bigger with a wide array of fashion brands making it a perfect spot for the North Metro’s fashionable people.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

11:32 PM

Know The 7,107 Reasons To Celebrate With Worlds Famous Beer

The Philippine Island as one of the tropic country in the world had so many festivities that can be celebrated, Filipinos are know to be in their traits as hospitable, generous, kind and of course, always happy. We celebrate even a small celebration with our friends and family like winning in a game, first payday, etc. to be able to get together and cherish the bonding moments.

And so, with San Miguel Beer, as one of the worlds famous beer is giving us the chance to have these reasons to celebrate. In our country there are 7, 107 Islands which has the equivalent reasons to celebrate with our favorite beer.  Philippines has so many destinations, for sure you even think of traveling and experience every provinces and town festivals that you would like to share with your friends in social networking sites and the rest of the world. 

Don’t be a tourist with your own country! 

Try to explore and visit each one of them with the help from SMB 7,107 Celebrations website via to check out the latest festival that you would like to experience and places to visits. You and your friends can now easily explore different places in our country with their activity guide and itinerary as well as the history and origin of various festivities that you can even take part of. 

There is also a Beer locator where you can enjoy ice-cold San Miguel Beer products that are available and catch establishments who offers different cuisines of your choice. Not only that you can even check out the latest promos and deals in their Promos section where you can view the list of all ongoing promotions and offers from various outlets having SMB products.

Register now in SMB 7,107 Celebration website and like them on Facebook at to linked in the website and learn more about the promos which is being implemented for all their Facebook fans and registered users.

Monday, August 6, 2012

11:15 PM

Philips Offers Street-Style Inspired Headphones

SHL5605_U4 downtown 13Inspiration comes from everything, in every form. Sometimes, it can come from across the globe, from the streets of New York to Tokyo and Paris. And according to Philips Consumer Lifestyle, the music-loving fashion junkie can get a taste of the world’s most loved urban cultures with the Philips CitiScape headphones collection.
A taste of the concrete jungle
If you’re inspired by urban adventures that only the concrete jungle of New York City can give, Philips promises that the Philips CitiScape Downtownheadphones will allow you to experience NYC wherever you may be. “The Downtown gives just the right touch of the smart-casual street style that New York is known for,” says Franco Flameno, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle Entertainment, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philippines.
The Downtown comes in a sleek and sophisticated design that you can easily match with free-flowing dresses, jeans or even boots, making these headphones truly quite fashionable. And best of all, says Flameno, the audio quality of the Downtown is what makes it a must-have.
“Finely tuned 40mm drivers deliver clear, natural and balanced sound. That kind of audio quality for its market is hard to top,” he explains. A built-in microphone allows you to switch from your music to your phone calls easily, while its MusicSeal feature allows you to immerse yourself in the city’s sights while keeping the noise away from your music.

SHL5905_U2 UPTOWN2 13

Similarly, the Philips CitiScape Uptown “packs a mean punch with high precision sound,” says Flameno, with memory foam cushions that assure a comfortable fit and long-time listening every time. The Uptown is also equipped with MusicSeal that lets you keep every beat of your music to yourself. Furthermore, the Uptown, inspired by classy and savvy urbanites, sports an anti-tangle cable and air-quilted headband.
Embrace the City of Love
From America to Europe, the CitiScape collection channels romance and chic Parisian fashion with the Philips CitiScape St. Germain. This set of headphones sets itself apart from the collection nicely as they are in-ear headphones inspired by Paris’ boho charm.
Flameno describes the St. Germain as “funky and elegant,” and explains that it is designed to give total comfort while producing soft and natural sound. The St. Germain may not come in full headband headphones form, but it still does a pretty good job of keeping the noise out with its noise isolating ear caps. Pair the St. Germain with casual summer boho outfits such as long loose skirts, crop tops and sassy sandals to represent what Paris is all about.
Hear the gentle beats of Japanese pop culture

Of course, Asian cities can never be bumped off the list of the most influential street cultures, and one of the best examples is Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun comes alive in the Philips CitiScape Shibuya, on-ear headphones that are lightweight, breathable, and inspired from Japanese pop culture. “You can strut in style with these headphones, while blocking out unwanted noise with its auto-fitting noise isolating cushions,” says Flameno.
Walk around wearing the Shibuya while expressing your own personal style, with vintage items, leather jackets, or if you’re feeling bold, dress up like a cosplayer to seal the deal.
With these fashionable yet high quality headphones, Philips is at the forefront of the headphone market as it continues to bring meaningful innovations to improve people’s lives.

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