Friday, November 30, 2012

6:06 PM

Liwanag Park In Melarco Is Now Open For Public

Meralco once again opens its Liwanag Park to the public in time for the Christmas season. The park features light displays and attractions like Christmas figures made of scrap copper wire, a mini train ride for visitors, the Toy Town and a bazaar among others. In recent years, the park has been recognized as a must-see Christmas destination in the metro. The park will be open to the public every day, until January 6, from 6-10 PM.

In a related development, the Department of Tourism (DOT) recently partnered with Meralco to help set up other Liwanag Parks in different cities and municipalities within Meralco’s franchise area. This partnership aims to brighten the country during the Christmas season and to put it on the map as one of the world’s best tourist destinations during the holidays. In helping decorate these Liwanag Parks, Meralco will provide each participating LGU with a Maliwanag ang Pasko starter kit composed of a giant parol and 500 boxes of Christmas lights. LGUs with the best Liwanag Parks will get prizes from Meralco.

The Liwanag Park and the partnership with the DOT are just part of the larger Maliwanag ang Pasko program of Meralco, though. Under the program, Filipino households, too, are enjoined to do their part in lighting up their homes this season. In return, they get the chance to win prizes. To join, they may take a photo of their lighted homes or of any of the Liwanag Parks and upload them on the Meralco Facebook page. Every entry helps contribute to Meralco’s program of energizing public schools in Palawan, Bohol, Quezon and Dinagat Islands. By joining the program, customers, therefore, not only help brighten their communities, but they also get the opportunity to help uplift public schools in the country and provide a better future for underprivileged school children. 

Started in 2006, the Maliwanag ang Pasko (MAP) seeks to encourage Meralco’s customers to light up and decorate their homes, establishments and cities to spread the beauty and joy of Christmas in their communities.

For more details on the Maliwanag ang Pasko program, contest mechanics and the list of Liwanag Parks, you may visit the Meralco Facebook page ( 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

5:39 PM

My Favorite TV Station

I can say that I am TV fanatics, though I used to watch in random TV station, I like before, I have found that TV 5 has the great show format these fast few monthsbecome to engage to watch their shows like Talentadong Pinoy for they give chances to Filipino Talents to bring out and shared to all of us from kids to adult's category. 

One thing I love to them is Enchanted Garden, not because Daniel Matsunaga was there, and he asked me to watch it but because I'm a nature lover, this show reminds us that we should take care our mother nature for our future. The Million Peso Money Drop is really challenging. TV 5 gives a wide range of shows these days that is why I can't change the channel when I watched with them. 

Of course, Pinoy Explorer is one thing that I can't wait for every Sunday, when I was invited for the press conference of this show I definitely say right away, "Hello... Si Aga Muhlach kaya yun!". Oh I remember one segment in Aksyon TV, which is the Word of the Lourd which really awesome and so true. I love the ideas and the topics are really up to date, and also the WASAK in Aksyon TV is totally great. It's two thumbs up and will rock your world. The hosts of this action documentary showLourd De Veyra is a fantastic and intelligent guy who never stopped having great ideas with humor and substance in it in every episode. 

On Sunday afternoon, the Sunday Sineplex is our bonding time with my kid. We love the movies their playing, and we enjoyed watching it. 

I may become busy in the next few weeks, but I would say that I can still find time to watch TV, I guess it's because part of my system. I would also say that, I can survive without radio but not without TV. And because Christmas is coming I wish to have a much wider LED TV, hahaha.

This is a blog entry for a writing project in Netizens' Choice Awards for Bloggers Choice for the Most Favorite TV Station. This is brought to us by and

Monday, November 26, 2012

1:46 AM

What I LIKE and what I can SHARE this Xmas!

This Christmas we are all excited again to things we can get and we even started to think of our wish list. We may focus on different kinds of wishes but we still on the same intentions... 

And this is to have it and make this a reality no matter what.

Now, I would like to share with you my wish list, things i like this Christmas, some of them are close to reality but some are just a wishful thinking and hoping that this will come true.

Here are my wish list;

"I want a new one"

"This is perfect but any smart phone will do...lols"

"Good Health for my family and for me"

And here are my share list;

 "I can share my blessings to other by donating to charity a small percentage of my salary"

"I can share happiness to kids even for a short period of time"

I will not make a promise in my share list but at least I can do something similar to it otherwise make it to happen and for my wish list, I am not choosy any will do! just text me so that I can send you my snail address where you send those present. 

Have a wonderful Christmas to all and Bless New Year!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

9:12 PM

Filipino Bloggers Hub: Let's Support The Free And Open Campaign

Filipino Bloggers Hub: Let's Support The Free And Open Campaign: After the SOPA and PIPA, Google has just launched a campaign to oppose the effective power-grab by the I.T.U. and Google want you to get involved.

Because this coming December 3, 2012, there will be a closed door meeting in Dubai with the International Telecommunications Union of United Nation.

The agenda will be the proposal for sweeping changes to how the internet will be operates. Its measure is to add the IP-based networks to the existing International Telecommunications Regulations, which will give the power to govern the internet to the National Government under the UN from the Internet Society, the W3C and ICANN. 

Read more details at Filipino Bloggers Hub: Let's Support The Free And Open Campaign.

Monday, November 19, 2012

7:03 PM

Dimsum In A Dash At Dimsum Break SM North Edsa

One of my favorite food is Chinese Food and eating Dim sum is one thing I missed. Way back on my childhood, my family used to eat at one of the famous Chinese restaurant in Manila. 

Today, I have seen that there are lots of Chinese restaurants in the Metro and none of them catches my taste buds attention because they don't serve original Chinese recipes or simply authentic Chinese food.

Have you heard about the Dimsum Break? it is one of the fastest growing brand of Harbor City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI) which is based in Cebu and they bring the Dimsum Break here in Manila.

“This is our first fast food chain in Luzon, but including Visayas region, it is already our 16th branch. We are optimistic that this number will continue to increase. Our confidence is based on the significant investment and development we have put in the past five years to support our growing branch network,”
 - Steven Kokseng, HCDHCI Marketing Manager  

The newest store setup of Dimsum Break exudes a warm, light, and cozy atmosphere to maintain customer involvement through its signature interactive setup at the counter. Modernized equipment and display areas ensure that the freshly cooked food is within easy reach of the customer without sacrificing food quality and safety.

Compared to the existing and more popular Chinese restaurants and fast food chains in Manila, Dimsum Break has the widest selection of dim sum. On the counter is a display of over 20 steamed and fried dim sum dishes ready for customers’ picking. 

Some of the best selling dishes under fried dim sum are the succulent crab pincer, stuffed shrimps, and crispy spring rolls. 

For steamed dim sum, the shaomai varieties, especially the chunky pork and shrimp are the bestsellers. 

Any meal is incomplete without their signature sauces such as the sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce, and ginger sauce to harmonize the different flavors. A complete package meal would cost a customer only P133 in an order of dim sum at P65 plus the rice pot at P68. 

The newly opened Dimsum Break is located at the 3F Annex of SM North Edsa, Quezon City. Like them on Facebook at and Follow them on Twitter at

Friday, November 16, 2012

7:47 PM

The Construct Headphones That Are Built To Last

Description: D:\My Documents\PHILIPS\PHOTO Bank\The Construct.jpgEach time you recklessly chuck your headphones in your backpack after every use, you know too well those headphones might not come back to you in one piece.  Let’s face it: the backpack, combined with an active lifestyle, is an extreme environment for headphones. Adventurous and active music lovers always find it hard to make a pair of headphones last due to all the wear and tear from their activities.

“Loose cords and broken headbands are just some of the problems that many music lovers encounter with their headphones. Whether it gets broken in the backpack or in the mountains, people always end up disappointed with subpar durability,” says Ms. Angelia Oh, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philippines.

To address this issue, Philips and surf brand O’Neill teamed up to develop a range of headphones that are strong enough to endure extreme conditions. The Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is part of this line.

According to Ms. Oh, The Construct is one of the most durable headphones in the market due to its material and construction. Its ultra flexible TR90 headband can withstand bends, stretches and twists without deforming or breaking. Its cable is just as tough and is also tangle-free. The headphone’s drivers are also protected with metal rings around the earcan and employ engineered safe release cans that allow it to weather hard impacts.

In terms of sound quality, The Construct holds its own, with Ms. Oh explaining that “The Construct delivers solid deep bass that’s crisp and powerful through 40mm drivers.” This means that users can still clearly hear their music regardless of their activity. And where comfort is concerned, Ms. Oh says that the ear cushions are soft and thick enough for isolation while the headband cover is made of soft fabric for added comfort.

Ms. Oh adds that The Construct can be enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners. “Sound lovers are not limited to commuters or office workers. They are everywhere. And we want everyone to take their music with them everywhere as well without the fear of it getting broken,” she remarks. 


“The Construct is a pair of headphones they can literally bring anywhere, even in the great outdoors.”
“Durable portable headphones are hard to come by. But this range of Philips O’Neill headphones were made to outlast, withstand and endure, with the consumers’ utmost needs in mind,” she concludes.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

7:52 PM

Ground Breaking Of A New Masterpiece At Presidio

Another mid-rise condominium structures which comprised of studio  1 or 2 bedroom units. It was named Cezanne Tower, named after the French post-impressionist painter, Cezanne. 

It us a 7-story condo residences at Presidio at Lakefront, Vista Land condominium community near the Laguna de Bay.  Last week, it held its ground breaking ceremony headed by the Marketing Head of Presidio, Mr. Adi Lagadia, Vista Residences officers and business partners.

There is also a performance of the Opera Singers as a tribute to the world of music and of course the highlight of the event is the ceremony homage of the visual arts, demonstrated by the students of University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. Rendering their colorful graphics on Presidio's streets. 

Cezanne features a refreshing, light-filled atrium in the center lobby. Landscaped and nature inspired to provide a sense of the outdoors inside your home. It is very convenient because the location has a retail and commercial spaces at the ground level.


There are also units who are ready for occupancy, the Renoir, Monet, Michelangelo, Picasso, Da Vinci, Rembrant, and Bellini.

Enjoying a wide setback from the main access, South Luzon Expressway,  It was very auspicious beginning for what may possibly become one of the most ideal places for Filipinos to live and nourish their families and their dreams. 

To own a property in Presidio at Lakefront and finding out more about this dream community, contact (632) 584-1182 oe mobile number +63917-8576494 or you can visit their website at

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1:19 AM

Pinoy Master Grill Opens Another Branch In Lagro

I am so excited to visit the Pinoy Master Grill Lagro, we've been invited to see the place and of course to try the foods that they offer. Like in Taft Ave. branch their signature Grill Chicken was there.

The opening of this new branch will be on November 16, 2012 and I have noticed that people are get interested to try their products even in the soft opening where Bloggers are the only given a chance to try, too bad you have to wait until Friday guys. But having those interested people during the soft opening is I think a good sign for Pinoy Master Grill.

Their Classic Pecho meal is still the same, i mean the taste was never change.Then served Lechon Liempo and the creamy Dinuguan. The Dinuguan is actually the recipe of Sir Mike's Mom. It taste different from other Dinuguan that I have trie, not even like the Dinuguan from a well know bakery and restaurant in the country. Of course, the meal was served with iced tea and its bottomless.

Then the desert is coming, their Sinaturon was really great, banana in a wrap with brown sugar sprinkles and chocolate drizzle.

Visit Pinoy Master Grill Lagro and follow them on Facebook at for more details.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

11:59 PM

Baja Mexican Cantina: A True Mexican Resto

It was my first time at Baja Mexican Cantina, I always saw this restaurant at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 3 whenever I passed the area. The only Mexican food I like is the Nachos and Tacos. A friend of mine invited me to try the Baja Mexican Cantina food.

Based on my understanding it was created by a group of friends who loves to eat, one of them is Art Mendoza who is a fan of Mexican food and he actually miss it. He search for a authentic Mexican food in the  Metro but none of was able to found and fulfill his cravings and because of that he and his friends starts to conceptualized and open a Mexican Restaurant.

Baja Mexican Cantina serves Mexican comfort food like Nachos, Tacos and Burritos. They also have a wide variety of mix Margaritas and Mojitos. They also offer, Quesadillas, Soup and Rice Meals. Every month of May they offer the Cinco de Mayo for the customer to enjoy a day of low-priced Margaritas from 6:00pm onward.

They also have different promos that you can enjoy and one thing I like is that they even deliver now in your movie seat when you buy Tacos or Burritos for your movie time.

If I will rank their food from 1-10, I would say that it was in 8. I appreciate most of their food except the spicy one, the taste is great and the serving is big. Their interior and the ambiance is really amazing, very cozy and relaxing.

By the way, here is the suggestion of Baja on how you can eat your Burrito;

But wait how can you eat Burritos if you order this huge burrito that they offer, the Super Grande Burrito which has a total of one kilo in weight and 12 inches long. But wait, there more... because they also have the Grande Tortilla Ceasar Salad which is good for 2-3 person and I heard that they have one customer who can eat this huge food alone. What about you, can you handle it?

Baja Mexican Cantina truely offers a piece of Mexican food. For more information you can visit Baja Mexican Cantina's Facebook page at  and if you want to see the list of their food and their prices visit their complete menu.

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