Saturday, December 22, 2012

5:53 AM

Renewable Solar Energy For Power Savings

Today, there are so many ways to save energies and one of which is using the solar power technology or photovoltaic panels (PVs). Minimizing the carbon footprints can save your money in a long run and the good thing about this is that its Eco-friendly. Increasing awareness to go green are pushing through by different corporations, organization and of course media.

Collecting solar energy that generates electricity is an effective way that can be used as a power saver. It is also reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is being burned.

Normally, the solar panels are installed on rooftops and collect DC power that will be sent to an inverter to the electric panel, so that it can be use as a normal electricity.

Now, if you are thinking of having one. You can customize your own solar panel that you need in able to get  the best performance. I suggested that you contacted an expert and experienced when getting anew one.

Green Heat International is a locally owned business engaged in the designing, installing and maintaining solar panels that can help you. They have been part of different large-scale projects both for government and private sectors.
Green Heat uses silicon powered technology, and it works better in absorbing energy.   Their panels are low maintenance because it has self-cleaning technology where its special layer in its solar glass can run water more quickly so that it can be able to clean itself of dust and dirt.

Green Heat also provides clients a complete assessment for their solar-energy requirements during their proposal stage, which cover system design and costing.

Invest now with your energy consumption,  saves money and saves the earth. To know more about solar PV, visit today!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

5:25 PM

CarCrazee: The Grand Car And Gadget Show Party

App development innovator APPLABS DIGITAL STUDIOS, together with SM CYBERZONE and VIP PRODUCTIONS, will be uniting the young and veteran car and gadget enthusiasts and social influencers on DECEMBER 15, 2012, AT SM STA. MESA. The GRAND CAR & GADGET SHOW PARTY is slated to offer a smorgasbord of the coolest and newest gadgets and the best custom modified cars in the Philippines.

AppLabs Digital Studios believes that it’s always better to end the year with a bang, and after celebrating its first successful year, the company ends 2012 on a high note with the launch of CarCrazee. Touted as AppLabs Digital Studios’ flagship application, CARCRAZEE is also the Philippines’ first ever social networking application for car enthusiasts.

The best modified cars on the show will receive top prizes from AppLabs Digital Studios, and three winners from the Wallpaper Design, Best personal Photo and Best Fan Photo contests will take home cash prizes. Meanwhile, Smartphones and other gadgets from sponsors will be given to the raffle winners.

Everyone is invited to become a part of this inaugural event on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 at SM Sta. Mesa’s covered Carpark from 10:00am ’til midnight.

This event is presented by Applabs Digital Holdings Inc., SM Cyberzone and SM City Sta. Mesa.

Please visit their event page on Facebook:

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12:38 PM

Knock Out The Wendy's New BBQnator

It was nice to go back to Wendy's although it's my first time in Greenbelt branch, I felt some excitement while heading in there. I was wondering, what this new product of Wendy's that gives super excitement to me.

When I heard the Baconator, it was like what? That huge? But no... because here's another huge sandwich from Wendy's that will drop your jaw. 

Wendy’s new BBQnator is really a mouth-watering sandwich that you will only find in Wendy's. It comes with 2 juicy 2 quarter pound imported beef patties, 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon,  2 slices of American cheese, savory with hickory barbecue sauce which I love and topped with crunchy real onion rings that is so unique. If I will pay for that BBQnator that had serve to me it will only cost P255.00 for Ala Carte and P315.00 for Combo.

It was totally fully loaded, at first don't know how to eat it and can't start having my first bite because it was big. Until they introduce the smaller version which is the son of BBQnator, which is for only P156.00 for Ala Carte and P198.00 for Combo. It was a relief for me because I only have a small appetite. 

Since they topped the BBQnator with onion rings, Wendy's also now serving Onion Rings, which is the slices of yellow Spanish onions with mild, sweet flavor, lightly battered & breaded.  It was crispy on the outside but so tender on the inside, and it was perfect with other Wendy's Signature Sandwiches. 

And of course, we never end the food tasting without the popular Wendy's Frosty. I remember way back in collage; we used to order it, and we eat it together with the fries dipping on it. 

This huge sandwich will definitely get the attention of Filipino Foodies and because it's something new and yet something not ordinary. Try It! 

You may follow Wendy's at:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

6:34 PM

Grab A Copy Of The Limited Edition Coffee Book

Bo's Coffee, Coffee Book 2013 is here... Yes, you read it right!

Bo's Coffee Book 2013 is available in all Bo's Coffee branches nationwide. You can get it by visiting your favorite Bo's Coffee shops and for every pruchase worth P200 entitles you to one coffee card and one sticker. collect 14 stickers until January 31, 2012. 

Check out the full coffee book mechanics, and terms and condition at The Coffee Book 2013.

And if you are wondering on what's inside the Bo's Coffee 2013 Coffee Book? Oh well, you can take a peek below.

Also, check out the coupons, sketches, and lot of Philippine coffee fun facts. There is also a planner book inside that features artworks and a lot interesting tidbits about our country and the coffee that we have. The design is really pretty that will fits to your lifestyle as a coffee lover and this is something that you could still keep even after the years.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your favorite Bo's Coffee today!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12:09 AM

Cebuboy Lechon: Authentic Cebu Lechon From Cebu To Manila

When people see's lechon in the table all you can hear is the, "Wow, sarap nyan!" and when it comes to lechon Cebu lechon is really one of the best lechon in the country. Today as many lechon store in Manila that you can order, there is another name which will give you a true and authentic taste of Cebu lechon. 

Cebuboy Lechon is now ready to deliver in Manila as they provide the authentic Cebu Lechon. To attain that unique Cebuano touch to this traditional Filipino dish, the lechon is produced and cooked in Cebu and shipped to Manila for every order.

For Filipinos, the lechon has always been hailed as the centerpiece for any celebration from bithday's to big occasions and gatherings. Even in the occasional get-together with friends - a party is not a party without CEBU lechon!

In their Best of Asia 2009 List, TIME Magazine hailed the Philippine's lechon as the "Best Pig". It came from the hit travel-food TV show, "No Reservations," where celebrity TV Chef, Anthony Bourdain, declaired the Cebu lechon as the "best pig ever." In his blog entry "The Hierarchy of Pork," Chef Bourdain ranked the Cebu lechon as the "best in the world." followed by Bali, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico.

Cebuboy Lechon is a proud member of Northern Group Works Holdings (NGH) Corporation. They operat under the NGH's food arm Holister Inc, Cebuboy will set the pace in the Metro as it will open delivery pick points in the area.

With Cebuboy Lechon, the authentic Cebu lechon will be made available and easily accessible to Manila. Cebuboy Lechon guarantees its consumers authentic Cebu lechon delivered fresh and crisp every day through uncomplicated, hassle-free ordering.

For your orders, call:

JOASHUA - 0915 6625411
DYSM      - 0917 4681179
PAOLO    - 0917 3705691
NIQs       - 0922 8756502

Like Cebuboy Lechon on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at @CebuboyLechon.

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