Monday, December 30, 2013

11:21 PM

Eating At Point and Grill, Session Road Will Makes You Starve More!

We are planning to visit the Baguio Christmas Village, but it turns out to go to Burnham Park to watch for dancing and colorful foundation. My kid got hungry as well as me and hubby. We walk through Session Road to check out where to eat. 

What we love to dine for tonight? hmmm... We passed by different eatery and restaurant across the road until we are decided to try the Point and Grill. Love the meal combo that has been posted outside the restaurant. 

I don't think that Point and Grill are some kind of a fine-dining restaurant, but I would say that it has budget meals. I  ask the server for table for three, and she pointed to the next table behind me. Although there are customers still seating, but they are just waiting for the change and ready to leave. 

Looking at the menu makes you feel overwhelmed because they have lots of food choices that you can pick.  I ordered the Sinigang na Baboy which is I think perfect because of the cold weather.  My kid orders Chicken Lollipop, but it's not available, so he shifted to Chicken Inasal instead while hubby ordered the Ribs because his first order is also not available and of course dessert which is Chocolate Fudge Cake and three ice tea.

It takes time before our order came until I got mine while the orders of my son and hubby has not yet arrived. I started eating because I'm so hungry. I already eat half of my food when their food comes because of a non stop follow up to the waiter. 

In fairness, their food tastes little good. However, hubby order turns out not perfectly done because there is a chicken piece in his order,which is so ironically because it's supposed to be pork ribsI even try to taste it, and it was true that it was a chicken. I know that I can differentiate the taste of chicken from a pork. We even ask the waitress to check it, and she brought the food in the chicken to show it to their cook, but it says that it was a rib, Funny!

Anyway, we ask for our dessert but like the meals that we ordered it arrive like three years, or maybe they pick it up in Manila or somewhere, to the mere fact that we follow it up like two times.

The place looks nice. The food is quite good although the service is very poor, and we don't even think to go back in that Point and Grill Restaurant along Session Road... ever... again. Too bad they did not meet our standards. 

Disclaimer: I have the right to say whatever we experienced with regards to the food and the services of the restaurants as a customer point of view, and we pay for everything that we ordered.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

11:29 PM

Tradisyon Restaurant at Azalea Residences Baguio Offers Brunch Holiday Special

I was invited for a Brunch in Tradisyon Restaurant at Azalea Residences Baguio. I had done so many food reviews before where I take time to taste everything that the restaurants have to offer and usually had it during lunch or dinner time, this time its BRUNCH. Unique... right! 

The last food review that I had was two weeks ago at Koko Buri Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Now, it is something different for I haven't invited to have food review in the province, usually I made my individual judgment in the food that I try in my own personal experience for the restaurants that I visited.  

I only visit Azalea Residences to attend blogging events done by Cordillera Bloggers and GBG. I haven't tried to stay in there although I saw their room are so spacious that I think can accommodate big families or group. Moreover, it's my first time to explore the Tradisyon Restaurant even if the place is not huge, but I can accommodate people who checked-in Azalea Residences while they can now welcome people who like to dine with them. 

The Brunch Holiday Special

This is it, since it was a buffet, I first tried the bread and the spread they offer. I have the white bread and the mixed fruits jam together with butter and peanut butter on my plate. I need to take a few of those to try everything. I love the peanut butter though it tasted like a commercialized peanut butter that you can buy. The only difference is that it was freshly made with pure peanuts without extenders and so thick and creamy. That I know for sure the kids will love. Then the mixed fruits' jam was a blast if you put it in the bread with butter.  It has a kick that I can't explain. You will taste the sweet, sour and salty, all in the same time. 

They also have cereals, salads and fruits.

Next, I have plain rice with Southern Style Fried Chicken, Baguio Longanisa, Ham, Croquettes, Bolognese Pasta and orange juice on the side. However, you can have a perfect cup of coffee or tea. They have the variety of Filipino comfort foods for your brunch, perfectly best while you're waiting for your check-in time or taking rest from the long hours of travel. 

Of course, who will be missed out their very special desserts. They created and uses the well-known fruits that Cordillera has to offer, the blue berry and strawberry. I have the Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Pudding with strawberry and a slice of Tiramisu. Blueberry is really perfect for a muffin while their Tiramisu has a twist because of Blueberry, which complements the taste of coffee flavor. 

Tradisyon Brunch Holiday Special offers, leisure and festivity brunches with freshly baked breads, pastries, cold cuts, pasta and more. You can pick your favorite all time Filipino comfort foods for only Php 350 per adult and kids below 11 years of age are FREE to eat accompanied by a paying adult.  You can also check out their Special Holiday Grilling.

This Bruch Holiday Special is only available from December 21-31, 2013 from 11am-2pm in the Tradisyon Restaurant at Azalea Residences Baguio. You can visit their website at and like them on Facebook at

Monday, November 25, 2013

12:00 AM

Koko Buri BGC Is Another Yummy Place To Go!

I was invited to try the new restaurant in Fort Bonifacio Global City called Koko Buri Restaurant. Is it another taste of goodness to try for? Well, it was said that Koko Buri was derived from the Korean word Koko that means chicken and Buri as the category of food. 

I happen to be in Manila that time, so I exalted the invitation and go to there to eat dinner before I headed the bus terminal going to Baguio. Thinking that it's just typical Korean restaurant that served kimchi and soy garlic chicken, but it changed my perspective when we visit the place. Indeed, it was an International Restaurant that serves a wide array of Asian and Western cuisines. They also have branches in  Clark, San Fernando Pampanga and Ermita, Manila. 

The ambiance is great and perfect for its location in the 2nd floor of Forum South Global Building. One thing that capture my attention is its fantastic interior designs. Chairs and tables are greatly opulent as well as the chandeliers' hangings in the ceiling are very stylish plus, the giant Christmas tree in the function room that made of wood. 

Upon talking with Ms. Magic, I learned that the owner is an architect in the U.S. and so no wonder how he deliberately expressed the classic yet contemporary elegant designs of Koko Buri restaurant. 

The waitresses are very nice and keep on smiling while serving the food. Their specialty is the Koko Buri Soy Garlic Chicken. And so the battle begins. 

First, we had our Fresh Garden Salads with Sesame Blast and Muddy Honey dressing. They also served us healthy fruit shakes from real natural fruit called Natural Grape Slush and Natural Carrot and Apple Slush. Take notes of these are from fresh juices from real fruits blended with ice, no preservatives and no artificial colors. 

Then here comes the Dori Dori and their signature Chickens; we have Koko Buri Chicken Meal the Crunchy one with creamy gravy that I really love and the Soy Gralic Chicken Meal which is different from the usual soy garlic chicken that I've tried from other restaurants, and of course, it was served with rice and fresh garden salad on the side. 

OMG! I'm so full as well as hubby because they have big servings but wait, there's more... They also served us their Primavera Pizza; they call it Pizza Suprema because it has all kinds of meats and vegetables covered in thick layers of mozzarella cheese and herbs in a thin crust, and I'm telling you it was really good. 

By the way, they also offer the Sizzling Pots, Pasta and different kinds of beer internationally.  One thing I notice in their menu is that they did not offer desserts, but Ms. Magic told us that they were planning to include it in their menu and add more variety of foods which I know we should watch out for. 

Koko Buri has a delectable cuisine to offer with wonderful interiors plus smiling servers who will be grateful to assist you in your orders is equal to two thumbs up! Follow them on Facebook at

So friends, try this new restaurant in BGC, Koko Buri is the name! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

6:34 PM

Brown Bag Coffee Solutions: More Than Just A Coffee

If you are blogger coffee lover, you will never missed visiting the booth of Brown Bag during the Blogapalooza event in Convention Center of SM Aura, last November 16, 2013. Brown Bag Coffee Solutions hand crafted their coffee fresh as always. They actually supply different coffee shops in Manila and you can even order to them directly via their website at

During the Blogapalooza event, we tried their coffee and it has a distinct taste that I can't explain. I would say that it has a unique taste that will sooths your senses in every sip you take. Off course, I would like to thank the Brown Bag Coffee Solution for giving me sample products that I can share with my family. 

They have four variants of coffee that they offer such as;

Zero is 100% Decaf Arabica for easy Sunday Mornings in a cup that give you calm, low-key and relax.

One is 100% Pure Arabica, if bond drank coffee this would be bold, smooth and reserved.

Two is the combination of Arabica and Robusta, the middle child minus the syndrome and it is well rounded, friendly and balanced.

Three is the 100% Pure Robusta, the wild child of bunch which is wired, loud and rebellious.

All variants comes in foil-laminated paper bags with one-way relief valves to keep moisture out and freshness in 250 grams per pack. Check out their gift ideas in their website. I love their packaging specially "The Christmas Three",
because great things always come in threes! It has one bag each of One, Two, and Three that is neatly packed in a reusable wooden crate for only Php 995.

You may also visit their website for more information and like them on Facebook at 

Enjoy your coffee!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

9:19 PM

Selected Chinese Schools In Manila Gives Free Tuition For LPHS Students

Leyte Progressive High School (LPHS) students of Tacloban City will get free tuition on selected Chines Schools in Metro Manila. Those who evacuated to Manila after being affected by the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, can now enroll at various Chinese Schools. 

Also, the following school had announced additional assistance:.

1.   Chiang Kai Shek College: offers to accept students from Leyte displaced by typhoon Yolanda with free tuition fee, free school uniforms, and free dormitory.

2.   Hope Christian High School: free tuition fee, free school uniforms and free dormitory.

3.   St. Stephen High School : Free tuition fee and  free school  uniforms.

4.   Xavier School: Free tuition fee

5.   Sampaloc Chong Hua School: Free tuition with 500 pesos rewards for students  getting high grades at the end of the semester.

This effort is supported by LPHS Alumni Association- Manila Chapter to provide assistance to the LPHS students in need.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Letty Uykim at mobile number 09173061291.

Monday, October 28, 2013

6:27 PM

Quick Tips and Tricks to Get You Through Your Daily Commute

A large portion of our lives is spent on the road. And while we spend most of our time on the road wishing we weren’t there, a few tricks and tips can make each minute an enjoyable and even worthwhile experience.

Stop complaining
While the traffic and public transportation situation in the country hasn’t changed a bit, complaining doesn’t help. Kick off your daily journey by not complaining and soon enough, you will find yourself calmer. Complaining doesn’t change anything so might as well enjoy the route, or better yet, leave a little earlier to avoid the traffic blues.

Hitch with a friend
Long unavoidable commutes are made more bearable when we have someone to share it with. Three-hour traffic jams, or even the hour spent waiting to catch a bus or a taxi becomes an adventure with good friends. Plan your day trips with friends or close coworkers to add a little fun on days when you expect traffic to be heavy. Having a friend during these times comes in handy.

Create a different playlist for everyday
Music is everyone’s saving grace. Make your car trips more exciting with playlists that pump up your energy. A different playlist everyday lessens the possibility of getting bored while on the road. Creating a theme for each day can also make car trips more exciting. You can also use your time to learn something new; podcasts on interesting topics are usually the best way to do this while on the road.

Fill up your “on-the-road” goodie basket with your favorite treats
Avoid getting hungry on the road by filling up your “on-the-road” goodie basket with hunger-curbing treats. From chips, nutribars, and even your favorite fruits, your goodie basket would definitely be a lifesaver during rush hour. Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD) is a favorite companion of commuters everywhere.

Making a comeback from the 1990s, Nestea RTD refreshes with three flavors: Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice. Conveniently packed in an easy-to-bring bottle, Nestea RTD is the perfect partner for the long hours on the road. So whatever the traffic situation, go ahead, take the plunge anytime, anywhere.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

9:32 PM

Get Beauteous: Practice No Leftovers Food In Plates

Get Beauteous | Beauty, Health, Wellness, Style, Fashion: Practice No Leftovers Food In PlatesI used not to finish the food in my plate before but not when I start working and earn money. I often told my friends to eat everything in their plates every time we dined out. Even today, that I have my personal family and starting to build good habits in our own table. I used to force my kid to finish his food because, as I always say to him, "not all people eat food that he is eating." Telling him that he is lucky enough to have more than 3 meals a day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1:13 AM

Business To Blogger Networking Event Is Back!

Last year was a blast and I meet new faces as well as new blogger friends and other new business who showcase and share their products with us. This year, for sure will be more exciting...

Get ready and be part of this much awaited event of the year. Open for bloggers,  social media experts and more who can help you promote your brand to their thousand of readers and followers on-line.

This will be happening on November 16, 2013 at the Function RM. 1, SMX Aura, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

So what are you waiting for... show off your new products and services because we are the great portal for your business to reach the next level of your success.

Join now, there are only few spot remain for Bloggers and Sponsors. To learn more about the Blogapalooza 2013 visit or email

Bring it on and make it happen!
12:37 AM


As a way of giving back to the teachers, PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro program is holding the biggest event that pays tribute to teachers. The Grand Gathering brings the teachers together for an event featuring some of the biggest celebrities like Edu Manzano, Derek Ramsay, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Ryzza Mae, Rocco Nacino, plus a special tribute by Regine Velasquez.

Two lucky teachers will also win a house and lot, a brand new van, cash, and livelihood packages. This is made possible with the help of these Grand Gathering partners: PLDT Home, myDSL, Cyberya, Cignal, Sun Cellular, Smart, Megaclinic, Asian Hospital, Ayala Land, Inc., myPhone, Coca-Cola, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Johnson & Johnson, and American Home.

Admission to the Gabay Guro Grand Gathering is free but pre-registration is required. Teachers can do this on Gabay Guro’s Facebook page. More details can be found on @GabayGuro on Twitter and on the website.

For the last six years, Gabay Guro has been “changing the lives of those who changed ours” by helping improve the lives of Filipino teachers. The Foundation sees this as its way of giving back to the teachers for the tireless work and sacrifice they put into bringing education to the youth for the sake of the country’s future. It is anchored on Scholarships for exceptional Education students, Teacher Training for the continuous improvement in teaching 
methods, and easier access to Housing and Educational Facilities, Livelihood Programs, and Broad banding and Computerization. The Teacher’s Tribute, a pillar of which the Grand Gathering is part, also gives teachers the chance to celebrate the fruits of their labor.

Sign up to be part of the biggest tribute event for teachers, happening on October 26 at the Mall of Asia Arena!

Friday, October 11, 2013

6:57 PM

Low Sugar, Low Calorie... Healthy Beverage For Active Kids

Children run on seemingly boundless reserves of energy, staying from the house to the school and to their recreation grounds. Compared with adults, active children tend to retain heat more easily, thus lose more fluids in the body more quickly. The rainy season also causes rapid changes in the body’s temperature, which makes children more susceptible to fever, exhaustion, and dehydration.

This is why despite the cooler season, it is still important to keep them as hydrated as they are during summer time. Clean and safe drinking water is always the best go-to for hydration. However, since kids today are fussy with their drinks, parents should opt to give them a healthy alternative that comes as the closest thing to water.

Coconut water is an all-natural isotonic beverage containing electrolytes, which aid in replenishing lost liquids in the body, faster than any other liquid. It contains essential vitamins and minerals needed by children, such as more Potassium content than bananas; Iron, and Magnesium that are helpful for a boost in Calcium absorption of the body, and nervous system and muscle functions. It also improves metabolism, and is a great antioxidant to flush out body toxins.

Because we only want the best for our children, it’s time to shun away beverages that may quench thirst, but only contain empty calories and lack nutritional values.

Tropicana Coco Quench is the first locally produced coconut water drink in Tetra Pak packaging. The Tetra Pak technology ensures that the nutrients found in real coconut fruit are retained inside the drinkThis nature’s drink will surely pass the children’s demand for a delicious beverage, as it has the natural sweet taste of the coconut fruit. Not to worry, as it’s low in calorie and sugar, and without fat and cholesterol.

Start introducing a healthy lifestyle to your children through coconut water by serving it to the whole family during mealtime. Filled with nutritional benefits, plus its delicious taste, kids will keep coming back to this healthy drink. Tropicana Coco Quench is available in 1L pack perfect to serve at home, and in a 330ml ready-to-drink pack.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

5:52 PM

Tonkatsu has found its home in the Philippines

Fashion. Entertainment. Technology. Culture. Name it, and Japan will surely have something to offer. As one of the most innovative and powerful nations in the world, the Land of the Rising Sun is an influential country in just about any aspect. Located approximately 1,900 miles northeast of the Philippines, Japan’s proximity may also be the reason why Filipinos are no exemption to the Nihon invasion—not to mention the sponge-like adaptability of Pinoys.

Filipinos simply love anything to do with food so it is no wonder that Japanese cuisine has permeated the Filipino taste. And of all Japanese fare, tonkatsu’s familiar comfort of deep-fried pork and steaming rice combo is obviously a sought-after dish by many.

Although considered Yoshoku, or Japanese food with Western influences, tonkatsu is an authentic Japanese dish with origins dating from the late 19th century. And true to the Japanese virtue of patience and penchant for details, authentic Tonkatsu takes at least 3 days to prepare to achieve a distinct tenderness and taste.

Our fast-paced society makes authenticity almost a rare commodity, especially in food. The good news is, The Bistro Group, the force behind T.G.I.Friday’s, Italianni’s, Fish and Co., and Watami, has brought another player to their successful series of international franchises. Tonkatsu by Terazawa, brainchild of Chef Akinori Terazawa, promises that authentic and flavorful Tonkatsu is just a bite away.

With 20 years of successful operation to back it up, Tonkatsu by Terazawa has graced not only Japanese folks with their mouth-watering Katsu specialities, but has extended to countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. And now it has found its home in the Philippines and is ready to set the Tonkatsu standards even higher.

Despite the growing Katsu craze in the country at the moment, Tonkatsu by Terazawa is playing it differently by fashioning it the Nagoya way. Mr. Terazawa, a Nagoya native, differentiates this style through its usage of miso (soy bean paste); giving it a distinct sweet and salty taste. He only uses aged meat to give it a more flavorful quality. This process, as claimed by Mr. Terazawa, is the most important part of the tonkatsu process.

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is now open and would like to let you taste the difference. Drop by at Greenbelt 2, Ground Floor and experience Tonkatsu the way it should be.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

11:39 PM

Rediscover a Filipino First with Sentro 1771’s New Menu

In 2002, Sentro 1771 exploded on the local culinary scene with its original Modern Filipino cuisine. Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco brought Filipino cuisine to the next level by presenting local dishes in a chic and elegant setting, combining Swiss and French techniques with familiar Filipino flavors. People lined up outside to get a taste of her famous Corned Beef Sinigang. Sentro 1771's Modern Filipino cuisine fired up the imaginations of chefs around the country and started a new trend in contemporary Filipino restaurants.

Today, Chef Vicky continues to innovate with Sentro 1771's new menu. The items are classified not as fish, meat, or appetizers, but according to every guest's needs. First-time diners must try the Sentro Signature Dishes. Foodies looking for something new and exciting will be delighted with the A la Sentro offerings. Busy professionals with no time to cook can indulge in comfort food from the Home Cooking and Filipino Favorites section. The Vegetables and Salads section is sure to satisfy vegetarians and healthy eaters. The Rice section celebrates the Filipino staple with creative offerings that are meals in themselves. The extensive menu includes compelling choices from its Pica Pica, Spring Rolls, Inihaw and Iba't Ibang Adobo. This goes to show how Chef Vicky keeps the customers' best interests at heart.

Sentro 1771 is committed not only to being the first in Modern Filipino Cuisine, but first in quality as well. The restaurants are built not around the cash register, but around the full-service kitchen. This means everything is guaranteed fresh and made à la minute - no commissary. Not only are the new offerings tantalizing, they are also healthier and diet-friendly, featuring naturally raised pork and brown rice or red rice as options. Whatever you are craving, there is something for you in Sentro 1771’s latest menu.

Asian in origin with an appealing Filipino flavor, the Duck Pancakes (P170) are a must-order when looking for an alternative to pork or beef. Strips of native duck slow-cooked in beer, rhum vinegar, soy sauce, and muscovado sugar are tucked into Chinese pancake pockets and served on soup spoons. The B2B Sticks (P150) are another must-try. These grilled organic chicken gizzards cooked adobo-style are perfect for the curious foreigner or someone craving for street food that's safe yet full of flavor.

The A la Sentro dishes are proof of Executive Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco’s ingenuity in the kitchen.  Tender pork belly stewed in soy sauce, rhum vinegar, fermented black beans and sweetened with coco sugar, the Sugar-Free Humba (P320) is a satisfying choice. The Sauteed Lengua with Mushrooms Salpicao (P550) is sure to change the way anyone thinks about eating ox tongue. Lightly fried in olive oil and topped with button mushrooms, this delectable dish instantly melts in your mouth. Tilapia Fillets in Coconut Milk (P230) are succulent, flavorful, and extra healthy, featuring fresh coconut milk with lots of garlic and ginger with malunggay leaves that provide a counterbalance to the flavor.

If you're craving for inihaw, order the Fish of the Day - delivered fresh every morning and grilled to order. For the stuffing, you can choose between tomato-miso-malunggay (P220 per 100g) and kamias (P140 per 100g). For those with an aversion to ampalaya, see if Sentro's Two-Egg Ampalaya Crepe (P150) doesn't change your mind! Sure to delight ampalaya lovers and haters alike, this bitter melon is placed on an egg crepe and topped with salted duck egg for added flavor.

Rediscover a Filipino First — first in Modern Filipino cuisine, and first in delivering the dining experience our guests deserve. A sure hit with family, friends, balikbayans and expats, Sentro 1771’s combination of classic and creative riffs will surely outshine any old favorite.

Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm  (Monday  to Sunday) while Serendra is open from 7:00am to 10:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) / 7:00am to 11:00pm (Friday to Saturday). For inquiries and reservations, call Sentro Greenbelt 3  (02) 757 3941 or Sentro Serendra (02) 856 0581. Visit website or follow Sentro 1771 on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

6:33 AM

Philippines Hosts This Year’s Asia Pacific Bartender Competition

In this day and age, bartenders do not just stand behind the bar and wait for a customer to serve. With their astounding ability to juggle, twirl, and toss bottles, glasses, and even garnish, bartenders have become the main attraction of many bars across the globe. 

T.G.I.Friday’s, a leading American casual dining place modernized and popularized flair bartending in the United States and around the world during the 80’s. In 1985, T.G.I.Friday’s hosted the very first flair bartending competition at their Marina del Rey branch in California. This in-store competition then paved way for a nationwide contest among T.G.I.Friday’s bartenders, and eventually became a worldwide T.G.I.Friday’s stint. The very first world championship was held in 1987. It later evolved into what is now known as World Bartender Championship, which started in 1991.

On the road for this international competition is Genrev Bacasno, this year’s Philippine winner of Shake, Rattle, and Pour 18. But first, he must outflair delegates from Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and China in this year’s Asia Pacific Bartender Competition.

Clear your scheds, march to T.G.I.Friday’s Bonifacio High Street on September 10, and watch this year’s Asia-Pacific  Bartender Championship live. Witness who among the contenders from 6 other countries will emerge the brightest and move on to 2013 World Bartender Championship.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

8:30 PM


Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila will be home to flavorful culinary traditions from the volcanic island of Bali, Indonesia, also known as the Island of the Gods, in a ten-day food festival at Market Café from 30 August to 8 September. 

Experience a gastronomical journey to Bali through the culinary masterpieces of Chef Ni Made Sadnyani and Chef Kompyang Wikanta from Grand Hyatt Bali, as they prepare authentic Balinese fare derived from Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cuisine influences.  A delectable range of broth-soaked noodles, fiery curries, banana-wrapped fish to vegetable salads with sweet peanut dressing will be featured in the selection.

Available from Mondays to Saturdays for dinner and Sundays for lunch and dinner, these exquisite Balinese specials can be enjoyed at our regular buffet rates of PHP1800 net on weekdays and PHP2100 net on Fridays and Saturdays. As a special promotional offer, for every four diners, one gets to dine for free.  Dining guests are also entitled to win special prizes in a special lucky draw including a two-night stay in Bali, inclusive of airfare and accommodations for two, in partnership with Philippine Airlines and Grand Hyatt Bali.

For more information, please call the Food and Beverage Reservations Centre at +632 247 8666 or make your booking online by visiting Alternatively, send an e-mail to

Thursday, August 22, 2013

6:25 PM

Finding Sunshine on Rainy Days

A mother’s need to take care and protect her children remains stable despite the instability of life. Through major milestones, life events, and even changes in weather, a mother’s instinct to care for her children remains intact.

Mothers welcome hot summer days for this is the best time to let kids stay out, and decry rainy days because it is not safe for their kids to leave home in uncertain weather. The key is to find sunshine on rainy days for you and your kids to enjoy.

Take advantage of rainy days and find meaningful activities to do at home. This is a great time to bond with the kids by reading books, watching movies, working on arts & crafts, and even baking favorite treats.

Creating sunshine inside your home is easy, especially with the ideas available online. Simply involving kids in organizing and even redecorating their rooms is a great bonding activity that not only fuels creativity, but also teaches responsibility.

However, mothers know that children can get restless when during rainy weekends or when classes or suspended. So here is a useful tip that keeps small hands busy and keeps them safe and clean too despite the weather.

Prepare a complete “rainy day kit” to help you be ready no matter how unpredictable the weather becomes. All it takes is a small bag, or a small plastic container that includes everything your child would need to be safe, clean, warm, and amused during the wet season. The kit must include a jacket with a hood, mosquito repellant, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, an extra set of clothes, and even small snacks. Also include compact games such as puzzles for hours of rainy day fun.

Any rainy day kit is incomplete without safe drinking water,which is essential in all kinds of weather. Mothers who wish nothing but the best for their children always include Absolute Distilled Drinking Water as part of their rainy day essentials. Give yourself one less thing to worry about by trusting only the brand certified by NSF International, a non-profit international organization dedicated to protecting and improving human health through the standardized sanitation and safety requirements.

Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is available for mothers in bottle sizes ranging from 350 mL to 5 gallons. Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water passed the most stringent safety standards providing an assurance to moms in any weather.For more information, visit the Facebook page at

Saturday, July 20, 2013

6:48 PM

Eastwood City's Rice Festival

Discover something new and healthier ways to enjoy rice at the Eastwood City's Rice Festival Opening Ceremony. It's a fun and informative program to kick off the 3-day festival celebrating the country's staple food. On Friday, July 26, 2013 from 11am-12:30pm.

Dr. V. Bruce J. Tolentino Deputy Director General (Communications and Partnerships), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)Hazel V. Antonio, NYR Program Director, Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)
Denise Danielle R. Galvez, Economic Justice programme Officer, Oxfam Kevin L. Tan, First Vice President and Commercial Division Head, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls will there to open the ceremony.

The recent National Nutrition Survey showed an unhealthy Filipino population. Among the other findings, the survey revealed that 7 in every 10 Filipinos do not meet the required energy intake. Our unhealthy status could be traced partly to the lack of diversification in our diet as we also generally restrict energy source to rice; servings also usually comprise more than half of our plate, even if one-fourth is enough.

To stay healthy, nutritionists advise that it is important to eat rice in the better form and in the right amount, and to also include alternative food staples.

Since 2013 was proclaimed the National Year of Rice by the Philippine government, it’s time we get ready to learn how to eat rice in a healthier way at Eastwood’s Rice Festival!

Done in partnership with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and PhilRice, Eastwood’s Rice Festival gives you vital information on new and healthier ways to cook, serve and enjoy rice through exhibits, bazaars, cooking demos and more. 

Highlights of the opening program include a Rice Pounding Ceremony, Cultural Performance from Indak Lahi, Talks on “Rice as Life: Different Types of Rice” from IRRI, “Rice SelfSufficiency” from PhilRice and nefits of Brown Rice in Health & Nutrition” from Oxfam and Rice Sampling.

Below is the full schedule of activities at Eastwood City’s Rice Festival;

July 26, Friday:

10:30AM – Media Registration for Opening Program

11:00AM – 12:30NN Eastwood City’s Opening Ceremony

Highlights include:

Rice Pounding Ceremony
Cultural Performance from Indak Lahi
Talks on “Rice as Life: Different Types of Rice” from IRRI, “Rice Self-Sufficiency” from PhilRice and “Benefits of Brown Rice in Health & Nutrition” from Oxfam Rice Sampling

5:00PM to 6:00PM – Cooking Demo from Philrice

July 27, Saturday: 

5:30PM to 6:00 PM – Cultural performance from Indak Lahi

6:00PM to 7:00 PM – Cooking Demo from CCA

July 28, Sunday:

2:00PM to 3:00PM - Cultural Performance from Indak Lahi

3:00PM to 4:00PM – “Benefits of Brown Rice” Symposium from OXFAM

4:00PM to 6:00PM - Cooking Demo from Stephanie Zubiri of Atelier 137

6:00PM to 7:00PM – “Rice as Life” Symposium from IRRI

Check out the Rice Festival Bazaar with products from Dolor’s Kakanin, DEC, PhilRice, Cakes & Bakes, French Baker, Pan De Manila, OxFam, Robinson’s Supermarket, National Book store, CCA, Galileo Enoteca and more, open mall hours from July 26 – 28.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

6:03 PM

Coffee Your Way

Let’s face it – the way you want your coffee can be mighty personal and if it isn’t just so your entire day can head into a tailspin before it’s even nine o’clock in the morning. With a single serve 1 cup on demand coffee maker that I found at you can be guaranteed your coffee is exactly as you want it each and every time. There are so few guarantees in life – wouldn’t it be nice to know you could count on your coffee being great? With an on demand coffee maker you are virtually guaranteed a consistently good cup of coffee in one minute or less.

Single serve or on demand coffee makers have revolutionized the way we brew coffee at home and at work because the coffee is brewed by the cup instead of by the pot – this eliminates waste and ensures fresh, hot and flavorful coffee for each person who craves a cup. On demand brewers have no coffee pot or warming plate so you need never again endure a stale, scorched or bitter cup of coffee plus there are no more squabbles over whose turn it is to wash the coffee pot.

With a single serve brewer there’s no need to scoop and measure coffee since the machines use individually sealed pre-measured coffee pods. Enjoy all of your favorite brands like Gloria Jean’s® K-Cup® style coffee in both regular and decaffeinated variations along with a wide array of coffee flavors, roasts 
and blends. With a variety or sampler pack of coffee pods it’s easy to entertain friends and family or have fun trying new flavors on your own. Since each cup is individually brewed it’s easy to switch back and forth between regular and decaffeinated.

Monday, July 15, 2013

6:21 AM

The Goodness of Coconut Water To Your Skin and Health

Many are aware that nature’s perfect nut aids in having a healthy body, but not everyone knows that it is also one of the key beauty secrets to maintaining youthful, supple, and glowing skin. 

The skin is the largest organ in the entire body. This is why being mindful in caring for your skin is vital. It’s an open secret that hydration is the foundation of a healthy skin, and it comes in two common forms: topical moisturizing and hydration as we drink. As we age, the skin loses the ability to retain high levels of water, and the earlier people start to take care of the skin, the more it will be beneficial in the long Packed with vitamins and minerals, coconut water has good hydrating properties. It is known to contain high levels of electrolytes, which come in the form of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus. Electrolytes help with the absorption 
and balance of the body’s internal fluids. 

Research has also shown that coconut water contains cytokinins,whichhelp regulate cell growth and division. They aid in minimizing aging, to balance the skin’s PH levels, and keep connective tissues strong and hydrated. 

International Supermodel Charo Ronquillo, Ford Supermodel of the World Philippines 2005 winner, and Tropicana Coco Quench endorser, also swears by this drink as part of her beauty routine. “Apart from having a good physique, glowing skin is important in my industry, so for an easy beauty fix, I hydrate with coconut water. Since I started with this lifestyle, I’ve seen how it has kept my skin glowing and healthy.” 

Achieving glowing and beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight, as it is an effect of a healthy lifestyle. Hydrate from the inside and it will show on the outside. Tropicana Coco Quench is available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide in 330ml and 1 liter packaging, with up to eight-month shelf life. The better news is that this drink has low calories, and has no cholesterol. 

For more information about the drink, visit Tropicana Coco Quench on Facebook at and on Twitter @CocoquenchPH. 

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