Thursday, November 27, 2014

7:47 PM

1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta with Ariel's Untold Story

The Ariel 1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta happens in Quezon Avenue, Angono Rizal celebrating the Feast day of San Clemente and the Higantes Festival last November 23, 2014.

Joining the event together with Ariel Officials, blogger friends, and the people of Angono, Rizal. It was a day of fun, gathering and entertainment.

To learn more how exciting the day was and how did Ariel proves to more than a thousand of people that they can removed stains in just one wash. You can check out this mini stories for the Ariel 1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta untold story.


Visit Ariel's website at to learn more about them and Like them on Facebook at 

#Ariel #HigantengLinis #HigantengFiesta #HigantesFestival.
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Tutuban Center announces BONIDay Sale

Sharing this good news here guys. 

Shoppers are looking for the best deals this holiday season? Tutuban Center are in for a special treat, via a 3-day Pre-Holiday Sale. Pinoy shopping center of Tutuban offers irresistible deals, raffle prizes on Ka Andres’ birthday.

The Tutuban Center BONIDay sale, happening on November 28, 29, 30, promises a wide range of items for Filipino families at affordable prices, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

“Tutuban Center is not just one of the most famous shopping destinations in the Philippines; it is also located at the birthplace of gat Andres Bonifacio, this is something that we have long been proud of, so once again, we want to pay tribute to Gat Bonifacio through this special event.”  
 - Sylvia Tecson, VP for Leasing and Marketing of Tutuban Properties, Inc. 

Aside from the sale, shoppers are also entitled to join a special raffle promo. With a single-receipt minimum purchase worth P500 from any store within Tutuban Center, shoppers are entitled to join more than once and simply need to present their official receipt at the designated booth at the Bonifacio Plaza, which is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Raffle prizes at stake include Robinsons gift certificates, IMARFLEX microwave oven, DOWELL washing machine, and a TOSHIBA LED TV.

“This is also our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our loyal patrons for their continued support. This is our early Christmas gift to them.” 
12:20 AM

Tamayaki's Creative Flavors of Takoyaki Balls

When I got the invites to Tamayaki, I remember my son. He is a fan of Japanese Foods and Culture, he even dreamed of going to Japan and stay there for good. 

When you heard Takoyaki, the first thing that comes to your mind was one of the popular street food in Japan. However, when I came to the Tamayaki food tasting event. I was surprise that it was franchise and originated in China. They specializes in making quality Takoyaki balls.

I love the Kani and Shrimp flavor, I also tried the pork barbeque and seasoned octupus. Of course, these takoyaki balls is perfectly paired with Tamayaki Milk Tea. 

I love their yogurt popballs, I wish that I already know about how it was to eat with your favorite drink.

I love the concept of their store. It looks fun, eye-catching and clever idea for a store theme. What makes their takoyaki balls unique from other takoyaki store is the taste fusion of the traditional and the new. 

Their Takoyaki comes in different delectable, mouthwatering, and inventive flavors that are sure to fit the taste palate of both the old and the young generation and not only that because they also serves rice meals.

It was an enjoyable visit and I am looking forward to visit them once again. 

You may visit their website at and Like their Facebook page at

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5:15 PM

ARIEL: 1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta

It was a pleasure to be invited for big gatherings like Ariel maki-fiesta event, who took place in the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal. Every year people of Angono celebrate the Feast day of San Clemente and with their popular Higantes Festival.

The opening of the event was a bang! Dancers gracefully perform their number as people are coming-in for the big celebration of their fiesta together with Ariel. Ariel as the world's leading detergent that epitomizes superior in stain removal has a huge present for the people of Angono. 

On the event, aside from providing games and entertainment, Ariel will also be sponsoring food for 1,000 people which will be one of the many highlights of the program. The day was so much fun, busy and very entertaining. After eating, the table was so messy and dirty. You might think that how to clean up all those mess in an instant, on the other hand we are not that worried because Ariel is there to help those stained table cloth to be clean and yes! I'm right because it's proven that Ariel is better tough stain removal in just 1 wash than with any other detergent!

So, I created an infographic for you to see the highlights of the event because telling stories in writing is not enough to describe how we (me, bloggers and the people of Angono) enjoyed the whole afternoon.


By the way you can visit Ariel's website at to learn more about them and Like them on Facebook at #Ariel #HigantengLinis #HigantengFiesta #HigantesFestival.

Until next time!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7:23 PM

You're Not You: A Movie That Gives Face To The Victim Of ALS

I was invited to watch a special screening of the movie "You're Not You" last Nov. 18, 2014 at the SM Megamall Cinema 6. 

You're Not You is an American drama film written by Jordan Roberts and Shana Feste, and directed by George C. Wolfe was based on the novel of Michelle Wildgen.

The actors were great in their characters as they portray it. With the much talked about disease on earth this year that people needs to face challenges like Ice Bucket Challenge to be able to make noise about this kind of illness.

Movie Summary

The movie was centered on a successful classical pianist that has been diagnosed with ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) who's name is Kate. Kate's diseases have rapidly advanced that she needs a necessitating around the clock care.

Bec is a college student/rock singer wannabe who takes the job assisting Kate. 
The two find each other's strength through their weaknesses that Kate sees something special in the way Bec takes care of her.

You're Not You explores how two strangers can bring out the best in each other even in the midst of trials and tribulations.  This movie also gives a face to the much talked about ALS and will definitely make people more compassionate with victim of the said disease.

Initial release: October 10, 2014 (USA)

Director: George C. Wolfe

Running time: 103 minutes`

Producer: Hilary Swank

Genre: Drama

Stars: Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel

MPAA Rating:  Rated R (for some sexual content, language and brief drug use).

Distributors: Entertainment One Films   

My Ratings: Thumbs up and 2 popcorns on the side.

What do people say about this movie...

"Emotional ALS drama has sad scenes, strong language."
- Barbara Shulgasser, Common Sense Media

"Despite offering a well-timed look at the realities of the disease, the movie clunkily eschews cinematic creativity for emotional manipulation. Inquisitive ice-bucket challengers, consider yourselves warned."
- Marc Snetiker, Entertainment Weekly

"Tremendously touching - resonating emotionally beyond just ALS sufferers straight through to anyone who has mourned the skills or experiences of which they have been robbed." 
- Joseph J. Airdo, San Francisco Examiner

"This movie made me cry, seriously. Another wake-up call for the medical field to study further."
- Zheyme, Taste Of Goodness

This movie will be showing in Philippine theaters starting November 26. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

7:35 AM

Join The Global Student Competition In Schneider Electric's Go Green In The City

After winning the 2013 Go Green In The City global competition can we make history again in 2015?

The two students from Ateneo de Manila University bested more than 25 other teams from around the world in Schneider Electric's Go Green in the City contest in Paris last 2013. It is an opportunity to showcase the latent of Alyssa Tricia Eloise Vintola and Lorenz Ray Payonga, both Electronics and Communications Engineering scholars of Ateneo de Manila, they are the overall winner for their entry project called "Oscillohump", its an alternative energy solution to harvest energy from road humps using simple concept of electromagnetic induction. Oscillohump can generate power to charge a battery used to power DC loads like LED street lamps, traffic lights or CCTV cameras.

The duo got an all-expensive paid visit to Schneidere Electric's facilitiees in Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the US, well as Denmark. They participated in orientation sessions with Schneider Electric employees and top-level executives.

Alyssa and Enzo are now currently working at Schneider Electric Philippines as Graduate Trainees for Energy Management Solutions. Following the global win of Alyssa and Enzo, it is the hope that Filipinos may again make a difference by winning in this global competition.  In teams of two, students from all over the world are invited to enter the competition and share their revolutionary energy management ideas for a chance to gain unique insight into one of the leading global energy management companies in the world. The winning team per country will be mentored by Schneider Electric experts to help them better present their project.

The top 12 teams from all over the world will be invited to the Schneider Electric global headquarters in Paris in June, 2015 to present their ideas in front of a prominent jury. The global winning team will win a trip to two countries of their choice and a career opportunity at Schneider Electric. For the past four years, Go Green in the City has been part of Schneider Electric’s strong commitment in finding new ways of managing energy consumption more efficiently.

Interested students may submit proposals up to November 15, 2015 through February 1, 2015. 

The Top 3 Country Finalists will be selected by a panel of experts and an announcement will be made on February 18, 2015. The Country Finals and Awarding will be on March 6, 2015. Country finalists will then compete in the East Asia finals.  The winners of the East Asia competition will finally represent the region in the global competition in France. 

More information can be foun in their website at Also, visit the following Facebook page at and 
www.facebook,com/SchneiderElectricCareers while on Twitter at @gogreeninthecity and @SE_Careers.

Friday, November 14, 2014

5:44 AM

Conitnue Caring Of The Home-cooked Meals With Del Monte Kitchenomics

Most Filipino households is one of the strong foundations of a close family ties and we prevalent practices like home-cooking for our love ones because it's so uncomperable moment for our family.

Most of the bonding moment and good conversation usually happens in every meal and we can notice that the more delicious the meal, the more time that our family stays to catch up to one another.

With our hectic world, Del Monte Kitchecnomics has its advocay called "One Recipe a Day". It was Launched last October 12 of this year in the 30th Anniversary celebration of Del Monte Kitchenomics in a simultaneously celebration in Manila, Cebu and Davao. 

It was participated with the Del Monte Kitchenomics members and volunteer moms who come together to cook one year's worth of recipe, which is 365 dishes in one day. The said kick-off was to established the range of variety that dishes that can be found in the Del Monte Kitchenomics recipe database which is from ulam, snack, pasta dishes, soups, salads and up to  desserts. This is to show that even if we have the past pace changing of the world, we can still keep the tradition of lutong-bahay or home-cooked are possible.

Del Monte Kitchenomics Facebook fan page, website(, and the Del Monte Kitchenomics App will provide recipes regularly. The recipe line-up will be beefeed up with more easy to prepare and yet delicious recipes like 3-step 15 minute recipes, dessert in 10 minutes and more. Only weekly basis Del Monte Kitchenomics' Facebook fans will have a chance to intereact with the company nutritionist and chef.

With the new cooking solutions, the "One Recipe a Day" is made possible with Del Monte Kitchenomics to be the partner of its members and Filipino homemakers because Del Monte Kitchenomics purpose is to helep Filipino homemakers to create memorable meals that show their love and care for their families.

Visit Del Monte Kitchenomics website at to know how to become a part of Del Monte Kitchenomics Club and Like ther Facebook page at to gete updated with more recipes and cooking tips. You can also download their mobile app which is available on iTunes and Google Plat store or you may text DMK to 2600.

Happy Cooking!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

5:31 PM

Photo Chat App: P1 Per Day For Unlimited Chat and Photo Sharing Without Wifi

Have you ever wonder if its possible to share photos and chat with friends without using Wifi, Bluetooth or infrared? No need for Mobile Data eighter. Well, you can! Because Paloma Mobile introduces the most affordable way to chat and share photos in the Philippines. Together with Globe telecom, they offer a P1 for unlimited daily Photo Chat messaging and no need to use Wifi.

Photo Chat is a private messaging app that allows the you to share unlimited photos with one friend or a group of friends. You can also share photos to their to your friends in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can even comment on photos, add voice notes, make animated slideshow, and add stickers directly to the photos.

Sharing your photos right from your phone acrros town or around the world and your friends can reply instantly. Sharing photos with friends that you choose using private chat.

Photo Chat is available to any Android user anywhere in the world. It is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. The good thing about it, is that user will only use little network data up to 90% less data than any other messaging apps and because Photo Chat is partner with Globe, their offer unlimited mobile data for only P1 a day.

If you are a Globe/TM user, you can try Photo Chat Plus for Free in 3 days. It will give you chat and photo sharing, with no mobile data fees, more sticker for photo fun and when the 3-day free trial ends, you can continue subscribin to Photo Chat Plus for only P1 pere day or switch to the Free version of Photo Chat and use any other data plan. For non-Globe/TM users, you can also enjoy Photo Chat using Wifi or your network mobile data plan.

“This is an amazing offer for Globe users who want to share photos with friends and family, but are worried about the cost. The offer from Globe of just P1 per day, means there are no extra fees and no surprises,“ 
- Steve Langkamp, CEO and founder of Paloma Mobile.

How to register for the Globe free trial offer 

• Photo Chat is available to all Globe customers with Android phones and tablets. 

• No need to register via SMS. 

• Simply download Photo Chat from the Google Play Store and sign up in the app today.


Globe promotion:
Play Store listing:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11:14 PM

Christian Bautista Launches New Album This Saturday

After about two years, Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista is back with a new album “Soundtrack.” Produced by Universal Records, Christian’s new album includes memorable theme songs from the most romantic movies of all time.

The album’s first single Up Where We Belong, the theme from the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman,” has already been chosen by GMA as the theme of its newest koreanovela “Empress Ki.”

Christian also bared his heart in his rendition of “A Thousand Years,” theme of the phenomenal hit movie series “Twilight.”

He also showed his edgier side in “Kiss From A Rose,” theme from “Batman Forever.”

Christian also tapped some of the best female singers to collaborate with him. Former sweetheart Rachelle Ann Go joins him in their rendition of “The Way We Were.”

Perennial stage leading lady Karylle performs the romantic “After All” with Christian. This is the first time the two performed a studio duet together.

Julie Ann San Jose and Christian went “Cruisin’” in a new duet, while Nikki Gil lent her beautiful voice in the duet “Come What May.”

The launch of the album “Soundtrack” will be launched this Saturday, Nov. 15, 7:00 p.m., Eastwood Mall Open Park.

Christian Bautista: SoundTrack

1.     Come What May (duet with Nikki Gil)
2.     Up Where We Belong
3.     How Deep Is Your Love
4.     When You Say Nothing At All
5.     After All (duet with Karylle)
6.     A Thousand Years
7.     Cruisin’ (duet with Julie Ann San Jose)
8.     Way Back Into Love
9.     Love Is All Around
10.  The Way We Were
11.  Kiss From A Rose
12.  Unchained Melody

Bonus Track

13. Seasons of Love (Theme from the series of the same title)
7:19 PM

It's Cool To Be In Kool Kids

Most of the people loves eating ice cream in so many and different ways. When I was young I used to eat sorbetes (dirty ice cream) with my Lola in our ancestral house in Sta. Mesa, Mamang Sorbetero used to layover in front of the house.

But who knows that those traditional ice cream that we used to grow up with will be given a new face of the different ice cream company, vendors and parlor today.

This kind of ice cream evolution became more interesting to the patrons and one of which is the Kool Kids that mommy bloggers had visited together with the cute kids. Unfortunately, my kid doesn't like to come with me.

Anyway, during that day. We are able to meet the owner and the man behind the cool brain with Kool Kids, Mr. Miguel Aranas. He said, the idea was taken from Europe when they happen to see an ice cream parlor there who served ice cream without freezing and using liquid nitrogen. Sounds interesting right?

Kool Kids are actually the 3rd ice cream shop in Manila who uses Liquid Nitrogen but they made their ice cream very unique. They made it in small batches and fresh. Mr. Aranas said that liquid nitrogen freezes the liquid in 2-3 minutes. Yes, that fast! Because it can easily reach its freezing point of -100 degree Celsius.

What makes their ice cream truly unique is the merging of old-school, hand churned ice cream, and new-age liquid nitrogen freezing. They put together two techniques from two different eras that they think work well together to provide a fresher, creamier, and most flavorful ice cream. One thing is that they made your order right in front of you.

We tried the favorites line such as Nuts 4 Nutella, Mad Vanilla, and Karamel Kool. Also from their Premium line, we have Dark Crookies and the Hangover Part 4 (which is not for kids because there is whiskey in it) and they changed their flavors every week except for the Favorites Line.

Aside from that, Mr. Aranas also served us their Baked Goods which is the Chocolate Cookies and the Frodough. I like the idea of Frodough, it has cold ice cream inside the doughnut while being served hot outside. Cool right! The prices are very reasonable for the ice cream its Php120 (Regular) and Php200 (Large) while the Frodough is for only Php90. He also mentioned that they might be increasing a little in the next few weeks to comply with the pricing of liquid nitrogen.

They open their first branch which is in Kapitolyo, Pasig last April and the following month they open the 2nd branch which is at Megamall. You can Like their Facebook page at and follow the, on Instagram at
12:01 AM

Experience The Taste of Hong Kong In David's Tea House

I have a scheduled meeting with one of my Zomato friends when she told me to meet at the David's Tea House in A. Venue, Makati Avenue to discuss few things about Zomato App.

David’s Tea House is generally engaged in running a chain of the Chinese Tea House in the Philippines. This above average class style in a Modern Chinese Restaurant ambiance serves Authentic Chinese, specifically Hong Kong Food consists of Noodles, Congo, Dim Sum and Short Orders. They change their menu frequently with seasonal favorites.

We ordered, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Yang Chow Fried Rice and Shrimp Siomai plus a glass of Ice Tea.

They also have shabu-shabu and I heard that Satay soup is their bestseller and so is Pork Bone Soup. 

Their main branch was on Tomas Mapua Street, Chinatown. They opened their franchise opportunity in 2003. To date, David’s Tea House has already 21 branches across the country.

David’s menu is enriched by the adaptation of Filipino & Hong Kong dishes to suit the taste of the locals despite of being Chinese predominant. To learn more about their food visit and Like them on Facebook at

Monday, November 10, 2014

5:23 PM

DFA Passport Appointment System: World-class Passport Processing

Getting a passport is better and easier now than ever. Before you even get to the DFA, you will be informed of your assigned date and time, eliminating the need for long queues and ensuring convenient and efficient processing. 

Plus, you have the choice of numerous DFA passport processing locations to choose from like DFA ASEANA, DFA Manila, DFA Megamall, DFA Ortigas, DFA Cubao, and DFA Alabang. is your easy access in getting an appointment for your DFA passport application. Quick, simple, and empowering, the service allows you to choose the date, time, and location at your convenience all in one click. 

And if you want to talk to someone, simply call the hotline (02) 737-1000 to get assistance from our Customer Care Officers. You can also enjoy the benefit of getting your passport delivered to your doorstep, no need to go back to the DFA for claiming.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Pilipinas Teleserv has now made requesting for new and renewal of passport more accessible, efficient and world class for every Filipino.
5:01 AM

Get Ready to Live: FWD Life Challenges To the Filipinos

Last November 8, 2014 Filipinos had witnessed the FWD Life Insurance Corporation (“FWD Life”) as its celebrate its official brand launch through an adventure race staged at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Dubbed “Ready, Set, Live!”,the adventure race gathered the Philippines most sought after personalities and randomly selected members of the public to race through BGC while conquering surprise challenges along the way.

The event is the first of a series of activities to formally launch FWD Life’s ‘Get Ready To Live’ campaign, aiming to change the way Filipinos feel about insurance, and attract a new generation of vibrant and adventurous customers.

“FWD Life’s proactive approach is designed to move insurance in a new direction. We are committed to doing things differently and very much see ourselves as a lifestyle continuity company. We’re here to breathe new life and energy into the industry. Applying secure and enhanced technology in the way we do things is our approach to engaging with customers—simple, efficient, transparent, and intuitive.”
 - Peter Grimes, FWD Life’s newly-appointed President and Chief Executive Officer

To mark the celebration, the life insurer tapped local celebrities and personalities including newly married host and actress Iya Villania; newly engaged actor and dancer John Prats; soon-to-be married anchor and fitness enthusiast Chesca Litton; fitness aficionado and lifestyle blogger Victor Basa; TV host and triathlete Paolo Abrera; popular fitness coach and healthy lifestyle advocate Jim Saret; celebrity chef and entrepreneur JP Anglo; actress, entrepreneur, and full-time mom Bettina Carlos; ace volleyball player and first-time mom Fille Cayetano; popular radio jocks Gino Quillamor and Suzy Gamboa; and, sought-after travel blogger and writer Gael Hilotin.


These personalities teamed up with 12 equally active and brave individuals randomly recruited from different parts of Metro Manila. Together, the celebrities and their team partners conquered four daring challenges that showcased their passion for fun and adventure while embracing life’s challenges.

FWD Life Insurance is now open for business

Since its license handover in April, FWD Life has been growing fast, now with 100 employees and has a target of recruiting 700 agents by end of year. Upon regulatory approval, a long-term partnership with Security Bank is also underway.

Last October, it also introduced its first two variable unit-linked products called All Set and Set for Life, and is set to launch the first of many new products in January 2015starting with Fight Plan, an innovative proposition which provides coverage against any type of cancer.

Leveraging with technology

To serve Filipinos, FWD Life will leverage the power of technology. A country first, FWD Life employs an entirely paperless sales process through to policy issuance, equipping its agents with tablets that allow the entire consultation process to be supported by user-friendly technology. In a straightforward case, approval can even be instantaneous.

Customers can now make inquiries, settle their premiums, monitor their investments, and view relevant data through the FWD online customer portal. Agents can easily conduct an intuitive financial needs analysis and risk profiling for prospective clients, enabling the agent to identify relevant products based on the customers’ lifestyle needs.

FWD Life’s Philippine office also houses a technologically-advanced lifestyle hub called FWD Connect. Here customers can connect with FWD in a relaxed setting and find out more about insurance at their leisure.

To learn more about the FWD Life Insurance, please visit WWW.FWD.COM.PH for more information. 

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