Friday, January 23, 2015

12:58 AM

Tom And Henry Herbert Return To Entice You With A Bite Of Britain

Baker Tom Herbert and his chef and butcher brother Henry are back on TLC, this time they are taking to the roads with an amazing quest: to dispel the myth that Great Britain’s food isn’t Europe’s best! 

In the all-new THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS: A BITE OF BRITAIN, the brothers attempt to set the record straight by spotlighting the very best of local producers, on top of sharing easy-to-replicate recipes and surefire tricks that would enable even the most greenhorn of home cooks to attempt. 

THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS: A BITE OF BRITAIN premieres on TLC every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., starting February 4. Encores every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., Saturday at 10:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. 

Armed with their mobile kitchen, the boys crisscross the country in their van to source and cook up the finest British fare – all set against a stunning, quintessentially English backdrop. 

The six-part series explores local flavors and delicacies, while showcasing Tom and Henry’s creative ability to transform whatever is available into gourmet food on the go. They draw inspiration from each location they visit, handpicking delicious ingredients and unearthing the culinary gems that make each place special. 

Whether it’s ‘front page’ fish and chips (cooking fish in newspaper rather than using it as the wrapping), salt crust lamb, or a fiery ‘stir it up’ Jamaican curry (inspired by the fact that reggae singer-songwriter Bob Marley's ancestors came from Rye, East Sussex), the pair infuse their own unique twists into Britain’s most-loved dishes using the raw ingredients they forage from nature. 

Along the way, the boys meet a host of locals whose produce are iconic to each destination, and at the end of each episode Tom and Henry invite these folks for a meal that they’ve whipped up in a series of rival cook-offs!

Join THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS on their mission to save British food from the bad rap it’s been getting!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

7:38 PM

This Isn't Pope Francis, I am Telling You!

I never thought that one day there will be someone who will copy as in literally copied  Pope Francis. Imitating the way he talks, the way he smiled and the way he looks. 

Impersonating Pope Francis is not a joke! You have to have strong skills and talent about duplicating the people that you would like to impersonate. 

I stumble this video of Green Mango as they shared the video of one of the world-class impersonator of the Philippines non-other than Mr. Willie Nepomuceno. 

When I watch the video, it makes me smile. One of my favorite lines in the video was, "Its a papal visit and not epal visit."

Look at the video carefully because that wasn’t Pope Francis! The true Philippine comedy legend debuts his world-class impersonation of our Holy Father and exclusively on Green Mango. 

Watch the video of Willie Nepomuceno turns as Pope Francis here.

He is really good at his craft. However, in my opinion, and I would say that he did not copy the voice of the Holy Father.  The way that Pope Francis talks and the face looked bigger than his body may be a little more make up will do. And of course, Sir Willie... I know you know it already that practice makes perfect. I know you can do it!

I'm sure that Mr. Willie Nep as the Pope will blow you away! 

What about you guys? Are you entertained to like me? I want to hear your opinion about this, drop me a comment and let's talk about it! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5:15 PM

Rita's Italian Ice Is Now Open In The Philippines

The largest Italian Ice concept in the world with 600 stores in the U.S. is now open in the Philippines. It was founded 30 years ago in Trevose, PA. The first international stores was opened in China followed by Canada and now in the Philippines.

The popular chain offers different kinds of cool treats in Italian Ice which is made fresh daily with real fruit. They have over sixty-five flavors in their stores including Sundaes, Old-Fashioned Frozen Custard, Light Custard, Frozen Custard Cakes, and Custard Cookie Sandwiches made with OREO. Also their layered Gelati, signature Misto and Blendini creations.

Rita's is ranked #1 in Nation’s Restaurant News “Consumer Pick’s 2014” for Service and Value in the Frozen Treat category and #1 among 18-24 year olds.

It was named one of the Top 25 Franchise High Performers by the Wall Street Journal’s “Startup Journal”, and ranks #81 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “2014 Franchise 500” list. 

Rita’s has been dedicated to serving up a big dose of happiness with their freshly made, delicious, custom treats, in a fun-filled atmosphere, and thirty years later, they are still spreading “Ice, Custard, Happiness!” Get Rita’s. Get Happy!

During our visit, they served us different kinds of treats. One of my favorite is their Sundae, it has chocolate frozen custard with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge, whip cream and cherry on top. The Strawberry Chocolate milkshakes is good while the Gelati is perfect especially when you like something refreshing. Their Mango Italian Ice is also great, you'll taste the real fruit in their very fine ice that completely combines together.

Their first store in the Philippine is located at the G/F VMall Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City. Open from 11am - 10pm on Weekdays and up to 11pm on Weekends.

For more information about Rita’s Franchise Opportunities please visit: or for more information please call 1-800-677-7482 or visit

Monday, January 19, 2015

5:18 AM

Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine At UP Town Center

I went to a food tasting party, beauty product and a direct selling launch at the same time last January 13 at the 2nd Floor of U.P. Town Center in Katipunan, Q.C.  It was such a great night knowing another Capampangan restaurant has been opened. As we all know, Capampangan's has great skills when it comes to cooking and have their variety of authentic Filipino recipes. 

On that night, we met the owner of Pinac and the President of Supreme Worldwide, Mr. Jeff Pelayo. I love the ambiance of the place. So cozy and homely, and when it comes to their food, it was fantastic. First we had the appetizer platter. It has pork sisig, calamares, hito balls, lumpiang ubod, wanton wrapper, lettuce, and condiments like buro, suka and mayo.

It was my first time to eat buro or binuro, although I used to hear it from my Tita's. Anyway, I focus on pork sisig, Lols.

Next, they served us the Sinigang na ulo ng Maya-maya with a separate miso on the side. Followed by Ox tail and beef's tripe is so hit in our table, and it doesn't ends there because crispy pata is on the way which also a well loved and of course the dessert which is the Manga, Suman and Tsokolate.

After the sumptuous dinner that we had. The presentation for the Supreme took place. We are entertained by Mr. TJ as he tell us the story of his working life before he gets into a Networking company. Then product presentation follows and we are so lucky because the company decided to give each and everyone who attended the event a chance to be part of Supreme Worldwide aside from the sample products that gave to us. Thanks to Pinac for the food and to Supreme for the business opportunity.

For more information about Pinac, you may call (02) 775 9450 and like them on Facebook atác-UP-Town-Center/304673946341960.

Monday, January 12, 2015

5:11 PM

The Itinerary of Pope Francis Visit In The Philippines

One of the much awaited event for this year is the Papal Visit. Pope Francis will be coming in the Philippines and will stay here for 5 days to get to know more about Filipinos.

We are very lucky that the Pope chooses our country to be one of his destinations. This 78 years old Pope from Flores, Buenos Aires in Argentina is truly an inspiration for Filipinos. The main agenda of his visit is to see those who are survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake in Visayas.

January 15, the Pope will arrive in Villamor Air Base.  Followed by a motorcade going to the Apostolic Nunciature (Vatican Embassy) in Taft Avenue.

January 16, it will be a long day for the Pope. In the morning a welcome ceremony in the Malacanang Palace for a courtesy visit to the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III. Then, a meeting with civil authorities and the diplomatic corps, and a motorcade going to Manila Cathedral where Holy Mass with bishops, priest and consecrated persons will take place before going to Mall of Asia arena in Pasay City.

January 17, is the day of his departure to Tacloban City and will concelebrated a mass near the Tacloban airport. He will have a lunch with several Yolanda survivors at the Archbishop's Residence in Palo, Leyte. In the afternoon, Pope Francis will bless the poor in Palo, a meeting with priests,  seminarians, consecrated persons, and families of Yolanda survivors at the Palo Cathedral before he goes back in Manila.

January 18, he will have a meeting with the various religious leaders at the UST. After that a speech for the youth the UST sports field before going to Rizal Park for the concluding mass.

January 19, the pope will have his departure ceremony at the presidential pavilion at the Villamor Air Base before going back to Rome.

It was such an honor to have the holy father  and with his grace. I hope that he will touch every Filipinos heart and give us more inspiration in life.  Thanks for reading and hopes that you find this post helpful. 


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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

4:57 PM

My Disney on Ice Dare to Dream Experienced

One of my favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse and I love all Disney Princesses. When I was a kid, I even dreamed of meeting my own Prince Charming and we can live happily ever after. I also, think that all fairy tale was real.

When I grew up, I realized it's just a tale that maybe happen in real life but so rare to come true. However, it doesn't change my mind to love everything about Disney specially Mickey because the kids at heart is always with me.

It was my first time to watch Disney on Ice though I always hear the show every year especially when Christmas seasons is coming. I was one of the blogger who have been invited to have a contest for the said event and giving away instant tickets to my readers as Magnolia Chocolait Brings To You This Year’s Much-awaited Ice Skating Spectacle! 

My family is so happy, especially my son. He even claps his hands in between of good scenes. Also, my winners are so thankful as they enjoyed the show. What I love with the Disney on ICe  Dare to Dream is the musical part of the show, I think it's with Rapunzel's story, but in general the show was amazing because I know that it was so hard to skate while delivering lines. 

Then there was the meet and greet and it was good, but I think it should be better if some of the other cast was there. They only brought Snow White and his Prince Charming Henry for the meet and greet and it was really fast. The kids are expecting to see at least Mickey and Minie Mouse or other Princesses. Oh well, that's life and for free.

I also love the merchandise items that they sell. I even think of buying this mug to add in my collection, but it was so expensive and I think, not a good idea to buy it. However, Reign was really love to buy one of the Princess mugs and then she have before she cried out loud.

Anyway, I'm hoping that Smart Araneta as well as their sponsors like Magnolia Chocolait will bring more of this kind of show here. By the way, I would like to thank Magnolia Chocolait for giving us the chance to watch this amazing Ice Skating show, the Disney on Ice Dare to Dream.

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