Monday, March 30, 2015

6:48 PM

Samwon Offers Affordable Home Entertainment And Appliances

It was a fun event during the relaunch of a home entertainment products and car accessories at Jill's Fort in BGC. 

Panvin International dealers of Samwon Appliances, X12, Mickle Philippines., Proline Car Stereo Philippines, Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers showcased their products during the event.

There was a product demo, raffles, and jamming with the band after the sumptuous meal. 

One that caught my attention is the Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers. I like its feature and specs. It can be connected to any MP3 music, waterproof and most importantly it is very economical for the price of Php1,999. 

On the said event, I never thought that I will win the major prize. The 17 inches LED TV from Samwon goes to me with just a pop of a balloon. We are able to go home early that night because the following day was my kid's graduation day and needs to prepare for it. The good thing is that, we still manage to stay a little longer and I was lucky to have the major prize. I will make a separate review about the product, so watch out for it. 

More About Samwon

Samwon is dedicated to providing quality products without compromising their design and maintaining their competitive price. They maintained their vision from the first stages of product development, packaging, pricing and to the actual use of the product. They are registered in 1992, Samwon has consistently been growing towards serving the Filpino family with affordable products.

Samwon home entertainment and appliances are also available on Lazada.

For more information about Samwon, you may visit their website at and Like their Facebook page at

By the way, thanks to Ate Millet for giving me the balloon before she left the event.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

11:30 PM

Schmidt's International Gourmet Hotdogs:The Best Hotdogs Of The World

What is your favorite snack? Is it French Fries, Tacos or Hotdogs? 

Whenever we are going to a movie house or just for a snack, we must admit that we really love hotdogs. I remember one of the famous characters in a comic book that I am reading during my teenage years. He even had hotdogs and sausages in his locker. 

Did you know who's I am referring to? Anyway, I was invited to try something new. Brand new for it was different from the classic hotdogs that I know. It was extraordinary because of it various toppings and flavors of it. 

This time Zomans will invade the Schmidt's International Gourmet Hotdogs.

We met the owners, Ms. Kim and Sir Lawrence, who are so affable to us. They said they started in a small stall like kiosk and had their food truck, and until they put up a place where people can dine. 

They first served us the Nachos, followed by the reason why we went there, their variety of hotdogs that looks interesting.

We have the Wagmama, who has Japanese curry, shredded nori, wasabi Mayo and coleslaw and Hawaiian Dog has BBQ Sauce, Pineapple, Red Onions and Bacon followed by their Pasta of the day. The Pasta with Asian Sesame Sauce and the Pasta Aglio e Olio. The  Pasta with Asian Sesame Sauce is like a version of Wagmama in Pasta the Japanese Maya is overpowering. I would say that I love the Pasta Aglio e Olio but did not expect to be spicy although tolerable and tasty.

Next in line are the Seattle Dog, who has BBQ sauce, mustard, siracha, mayo, onion, pickle relish and sauerkraut and the Julius, who has bacon, Caesar dressing, slow, and Parmesan cheese. And lastly the Coney Island Chili Dog, who has homemade chili, cheese, Jalapeno, onions and sour cream for extra flavor.

All in all, my personal favorite is the Hawaiian Dog because I like the sweet taste and for sure, my kids gonna love it. I also, appreciate their Iced Tea very much. It has a distinct taste that you can add to your ordered sandwich or pasta. By adding Php30 for 16oz or Php60 for 1 liter to complete your meal.

The price range is from Php125 to Php195 only. It actually looks pricey than other hotdog stalls, but it's just right considering the taste, the flavor and the toppings with it that adds extra zest in your every bite and its 1/3-pound sausage. 

Schmidt's International Gourmet Hotdogs is located on the Fifth Floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. They are open every Monday to Thursday from 11am to 10pm while from Friday to Sunday is from 10am to 10pm. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

11:51 PM

Food Crawl With Zomans: Solaire Resorts and Casino 2nd Anniversary Special

It was another gastronomic experience we had in Zomato food review. This time we will raid the six  restaurants of Solaire Resorts and Casino. Yes, it was six (6). I was so excited to try other restaurants there before I was invited to the launching of Oasis Garden Cafe and the Waterside Restobar late last year. I love the place both relaxing and the food they served is fantastic!

Going back to the food crawl, as Solaire Resorts and Casino gives as the privilege to try their 2nd Anniversary Menu Special with the six restaurants such as Finestra, Waterside Restobar, Oasis Garden Cafe, Red Lantern, Yakumi and Strip.

Below are the food that they served to us;

For Finestra, we had Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina (Anniversary special offer). There is nothing special with this its like pizza for me. However, the ambiance and the place's interiors are really awesome. 

For Waterside Restobar, we had Paella Valenciana, Surf & Turf – Hanger Steak, Salmon, Pork Ribs, and Prawns, Coaster – Humita and Potato Carbonara. As always, the Paella Valenciana and their Surf and Turf is one of my favorite in this restaurant. They really have a great chef, and they served food generously and always served hot.

For Oasis Garden Cafe, we had Butter scotch macaron cake, Layers of almond caramel filled with caramel and butterscotch parfait with roasted almonds, Blondies with roasted mango and avocado, Glazed Blondies, avocado panacotta with roasted fresh mango, Strawberry chiffon cake, and Red velvet cake, vanilla mascaporne filling, fresh strawberries. The cakes and tea is always perfect in the after chilling. This place is perfect for a small afternoon snack, meetings and/or just to relax.

For Red Lantern, we had Wuxi Braised Ribs (Anniversary special offer). It taste like Asado, the sweet flavor is ideal for kids while there is something in it that i can't explain, maybe the star anise or something.

For Yakumi, we had Ehou Maki (Anniversary special offer). I never seen such a huge block  of Maki before and it was appetizing maybe because of the 7 ingredients in it. Take note they gave us a good tip on how to eat it, and you have to eat it all in just one take. How was that? and you would like to dare? By the way, their wasabi is really fresh and strong!

For Strip, we had Pastrami-Spiced Black Angus Beef Short Ribs (Anniversary special offer). I like the bar, the chairs in the entrance and the file of wines in the shelf. Love the tenderness of the beef and the mashed potato.

It was fun going to restaurant and hop-in to another restaurant but make sure that you can handle it all. What I did during that day is that, I make sure that I tried everything by simply having it in small bite or portions of the food so that I will not skip anything. It is better that way, instead of eating a lot in one restaurant and in the next restaurant or at the end of the food crawl there will be no more place for food in my stomach. 
Eating is good as long as you take it moderately and I will recommend all the six restaurants that we tried in Solaire Resorts and Casino. However, it should be a lot better if other restaurant who join the food crawl of Zomato have prepare at least 3 kinds of their food because it seems like not enough to review that is why the review for them is also limited.  
All in all, the Zomato Food Crawl in Solaire is good.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

8:18 PM

Saucy Food Mnl At StEat Maginhawa Food Park

There's a new place to hangout at the Maginhawa Street in UP Village, Quezon City. During the launching of StrEat Maginhawa Food Park, we tried the foods of  Saucy Food Mnl. 

They are in their soft opening, and we are one of the people who tried their specialties. It was owned by three friends who venture into food business. 

If you happen to visit the StrEat Maginhawa Food Park and like to try the food of Saucy Food Mnl, there are steps on how to choose in their meal. You have to mix-match everything you like. 

Below are the steps on how to mixed and match your order;

Step 1: Choose your meat, it's  either Fried Chicken Cutlets, Crispy Pork Strips or Beer Battered Fish.

Step 2: Choose your sauce, it's either Teriyaki sauce which is the classic favorite, Very Cheesy Garlic Sauce, Aioli Kewpie Sauce which is garlicky Japanese mayo or Savory Cackalacky Sauce which is sweet and tangy.

These are the choices for your rice toppings with mixed vegetable. My favorite in their sauces is the very cheesy garlic. It's perfect for Fried chicken cutlets while the Teriyaki is best for Crispy Pork Strip. We did not try the Beer Battered Fish though the beer battered sounds interesting. 

We actually asked one of the owners who is Mr. Mark to give us sample of the other sauces in a small container so that we can also taste it. My husband liked the sweet and tangy flavor of Savory Cackalacky Sauce. 

They also have their signature house blend juice, which is called Calamontea.

The Php 95.00 price is just right for a bowl of rice with meat and sauce toppings plus the mixed vegetable.

Saucy Food Mnl was created among the people who love to have a lot of sauce in their plate. They wanted to be known as the eating haven with their generous sauces in every meal that they served. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 2am. Follow Saucy Food Mnl on Instagram, @saucyfoodmnl #SaucyFoodMnl.

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