Sunday, May 31, 2015

7:50 PM

Burger And Beer Feast At Forbes Town Center

The celebration of International Burger Day was extended in Forbes Town Center where they are inviting all foodies to try the Burger and Beer Feast of the 10 hottest Burger and Beer pairings in the area.

Everybody loves burger and who should have said that it was not a perfect match with beer? Oh well, this time celebration, Forbes Town Center's Burger, and Beer Feast boasts ten of the best gourmet burgers in the town where each of it was very compelling match with beer.

Here are the top ten best burger and beer pairings being offered in the dining place in Forbes Town Center;

1. The Farm's (Organic Farmers Burger and Hoegaarden), this combination is for Php590, it is has organic ingredients from the burger patty to added ingredients like American cheese,  pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, bacon, egg and sauce. 

2. Bugsy's Sports Bar (Bugsy's Traditional American Burger and Brew kettle), this combination is for Php355. It was another burger inspired from the USA. It has a thick 100% beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes in between and potato wedges on the side and can be paired with Brew Kettle that surely thank the heavens. 

3. UCC Park Cafe (Umami Teriyaki Burger and Asahi Beer) this one is for Php538. Well, I love Japanese food and who says UCC can invent burger in a Japanese resto? This perfect for your burger cravings. It has a thick patty topped with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, Japanese mayo, and teriyaki sauce which I love. the chips on the side are great and perfect to pair with their Asahi Beer. I find this beer perfect for the Umami Teriyaki Burger compare to the other beer they have. 

4. Burgers and Brewskies (Call the Nurse and Blue Moon Beer), this burger is so good, you might end up eating more than you can handle. It loads of Honey Sriracha Bacon together with spiced mustard aioli, cheese sauce and topped with seared mac&cheese and it taste better with Blue Moon Beer. We also tried their Pendong Burger with caramelized onions and mangoes which I also love. What I don't like it is that the burgers are so oily and messy to eat.

5. L' Entrecote (Angus Burger and Sapporo Beer) for Php595. I know the owner and the Chef of this restaurant we met in one of the Cooking Demo he had late last year in Makati. The Angus Burger that he serves to us is real Angus Beef because he is known to be meticulous to his ingredients. The Angus Burger has a very large caramelized patty and topped with fresh green lettuce, tomato and fries which I really love. The mild tasting of Sapporo Beer makes the delectable flavor of the Angus Burger to comes out.

6. Reserve Gastro Taven (Old Fashioned Burger with Bacon Jam and Stella Artois Draft Beer), Php730. One of the pricey burger and beer match we had but its worth it for their price. It has a 1/3 pound of patty with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. It's the old fashioned burger with a twist served with homemade bacon jam that adds wonderful flavor for the burger. Very unique as it was perfect with Stella Artois Draft Beer.

7. Rue Bourbon (Hornets Burger and Big Ass Rose Beer) for Php510. It kinda different from the other burger we had because the burger patty of this burger this time is chicken.  It is actually a breaded chicken thigh topped with lettuce, honey mustard, cheese and a large slice of breaded onion rings. Its has a mild kick of spicy that is really good match with their Rue Bourbon's Rose Beer in a Big Ass Mug.

8. The Bowery (House Burger and San Miguel Pale Pilsen) this combination for Php580. It's actually a slice of New York City that is made of 100% Angus beef with salt and pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, red onions on a brioche bun and served with fries on the side. The fries are different because it has a sweet taste and can be paired with our very own Dan Miguel Pale Pilsen.

We happen to visit only the top eight above and the last two was definitely a good to try also and they are the;

9. Big Bad Wolf (Bacon Cheese Burger and Mr. Wolf Brown Ale) for Php700. I heard that it was their best seller. It was packed in a powerful punch with juicy patty which is topped with bacon, mild cheddar and pickled onions and paired with their signature brew, the Mr. Wolf Brown Ale.

10. The Distillery (Triple Burger and Paulaner Dunkel) for Php630. It has a triple layer of quarter pound US Angus beef with tomato, cucumber, mayo, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese and onion rings on the side, and can be combined with full flavor of goodness of Paulaner Dunkel.

As I mention earlier, we never try the last two on my list but for sure they are also great Burger and Beer pairings.

By the way, the Forbes Town Center have their Instagram Promo for the Burger and Beer Feast for the Burger lovers out there. All you have to do is to post your favorite burger pairing on Instagram with the hashtag #BurgerandBeerFTC from May 28 to June 7. Five winners will get a chance to treat three of their friends to a free taste of their chosen burger and beer pairing.

And for more information on Forbes Town Center's Burger and Beer Feast, please call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888 or 0917-8380111 or visit

Thursday, May 21, 2015

8:48 PM

Churreria La Lola Because Is Now A Heart

Who don't like Churros?

Oh well, it was one of my favorite quick bites. I remember during college days, I used to eat it in one of the leading store who offers Churros. Actually this store captures my heart when it comes to Churros. However, I find something new that can be a substitute to my Churros Con Chocolate if ever this store is far from where I am.

I was in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati to get my medical exams in Hi-Precision Diagnostics when I pass the Churreria La Lola. I already heard good things about the churros store before and I was thinking to try it after my medical exams.

And so, I went there. Following the long lines until you get to the counter to take my order was made me think that perhaps they served really good Churros or just a hype.

I asked the lady on the counter if it's okay to take a picture because I will write a review about them and she gratefully say yes. I was able to see how they cooked their Churros and it was amazing although they have machines who help them do the dispensing of the batter while the rest of the task is manual. I have noticed that they used Nutella for their dip because a huge bottle of it around the store are visible. 

I finally got my order. I was able to try their Churros and I find it delicious.  Got my medium size classic one. I take out some for my kid and my husband, they like it too. Churreria La Lola dip is really chocolatey although we all know that they use Nutella. Their price starts at Php250 approximately for two people. They Churros container is so hip and I like it. I also noticed that they placed tissue below the triangular container to absorbs the oil.  Genius!

There are other choices in their menu and would like to try it next time. One thing I don't like is that they store is so small and can't accommodate more people. I suppose to dine-in but turns to be having my order to go instead because there are no tables available. I bet that they already notice from the everyday that the line is long and that is the sign that it was a sure hit. The only request that I can tell is that please expand your space. 

Overall I find their services and the food delicious and just disappointed with space but the products are really good. Churreria La Lola is open from 11am to 10pm daily. To learn more about Churreria La Lola, visit their Facebook page at or in the Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City. You can also visit their newly opened branch at SM Aura which is I hope with more spacious than the Rockwell branch.

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