Tuesday, April 25, 2017

11:17 PM

Earthday Jam 2017 Set At Rizal Park (Luneta)

Earthday Jam, the longest running and biggest environmental music tribute in the history of the Philippines and in the world will blast its way to Rizal Park (Luneta) on April 28. Now its 17th year, the music festival shows no sign of slowing down and is ably supported by an array of the country's popular and alternative bands and artists. 

This years' lineup  includes (in alphabetical order) Abra, Autotelic, Brat pack, Brownman Revival, Chicosci, Gloc 9, Gracenote, Imago, Kitchie Nadal, Lou Bonnevie, Mayonnaise, Moonstar88, Nina, Noel Cabangon, Philia, Rouge, Slapshock and many more surprises. Host include actor Alvin Anson, actresses Phoebe Walker and Pam Nieva with Midi Gentica. 

The Music sets will be complemented with messages from various experts on environmental issues and prominent government officials headed by DENR Secretary Gina Lopez and other prominent NGO personalities.

There will be whole day exhibits from co-presenter DERN with Peace and Equity Foundation, Bauman Electric Vehicles and Earthday Network Philippines. DENR's Environmental Management Bureau has also organized a kite making and kite flying activity with various workshops starting 3PM. Afternoon art sessions in various medium will be supported by A-Plus Paints and moderated by Development Committee, the events' leading partners will be giving free historical tour from 3-5PM on that day. Film showing will take place at the main stage starting 4PM with concert starting at 6PM and expected to wine down at 2AM the following day. Everyone is advised to come early to find their place in the open grass area fronting the Chinese Garden ( at the back of the Rizal monument).

Earthday Jam is a special project of Earthday Jam Foundation, Inc. Special thanks to PAGCOR, Gerry's Grill, Dickies apparel, Ministop, Six Eagles Nest Food Inc. and Davids' Salon. Media partners include ABS CBN, Philippine Star, Business Mirrir, 83k Design Studio, Wheninmanila.com, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts, Rakista and MYX Music Channel.

Admision is free. For more info, like us on Facebook Earthday Jam Foundation and visit www.earthdayjamfoundation.com

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5:31 PM

Midea Gas Ranges: Withstanding the Test of Filipino-style Cooking

Whenever Filipinos are preparing for a big celebration, whether it is for birthdays, fiestas or family reunions, the kitchen sure gets so busy with all the cooking that needs to be done. All hands are on deck as all available chopping boards are brought out and batches of ingredients go through knives before getting them in the pots. While some ingredients are boiled or steamed before they are combined with the other ingredients to complete the dish, there are some that gets the heat treatment by frying, grilling, or roasting. This is how Filipinos do their feasts as one big community or one big family, helping each other, and then finally bonding over the dishes that they labored for.

A lot of kitchen appliances get battered every time there is a big feast coming up, especially the gas stoves and ranges, because they catch all the mess from pots dripping with sauces that usually get caked on the surfaces. This could rust the body or some other parts of the stove and eventually affect its performance and eventually cause it to become unusable. The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea understands the nature of how serious Filipinos are when it comes to cooking meals for their feasts. The varied culinary influences the country got from the Chinese, Malay, Spanish and other contemporary cuisines has kept the Filipinos’ passion for cooking burning bright, as some age-old traditions are being passed down, rediscovered, and reinvented by the younger generation.

Younger families who trace their roots from far-flung provinces are bringing in their family’s tradition to their very own homes, where there might be not enough open space for a fire pit for roasting and grilling, or those big and heavy gas ranges that could fire up a big wok and take in enough volume of food enough for a good portion of the family clan or barangay. Luckily, these young generations of families could still continue to enjoy and pass on further their family’s great recipes with Midea’s newest lineup of gas ranges that are specially designed to surprisingly withstand the test of Filipino cooking. They have three models, two of which has an oven volume of 58L, while the other has a bigger one with 65L, each of which could accommodate 4 pans and pots cooking simultaneously. These sizes are more than enough to take in big batches of liempo or fish to grill, or a big slab of pork belly, rolled into a porchetta stuffed with tanglad and other ingredients that makes a lechon flavorful.

The 65L model has its own thermostat, which makes it easier for any home chef to control the temperature in the oven and serve only the best home-cooked Pinoy favorites. It could even function as a rotisserie, so that it could cook any kind of meat evenly and perfectly. And with its tempered glass lid, monitoring your culinary specialty with the gas range door closed is a breeze. While all of the models are using SBT burners to make every cooking experience safe, the 65L model even has a flame failure device to keep gas from building up within the appliance. These features do not only assure the safety of everyone and getting every family member involved and to bond in the kitchen, they also enable  Midea’s gas ranges to be handed down to the next generation.

Cooking in large volumes and very frequently could lead to a burnout, with gas tanks running out of fumes to keep you going. One of the 58L models has a hot plate where it uses electricity to heat up the pans and allows you to cook. This could be helpful in keeping the whole kitchen running, even if it is just one stove cooking and everyone is taking a quick break to wait for an LPG refill or replenishment. After everything is done and everyone in the family, friends, or guests are satisfied with the feast, cleaning up the Midea’s gas ranges is absolutely friendly because its body is made out of tough stainless steel.

Midea is also confident in giving their customers a 2-year warranty on parts and labor along with a 5-year warranty on burners. This could only mean that Midea’s lineup of gas ranges are there to stay in the kitchen for a very long time, dealing with more hard core cooking, Filipino-style for the years to come. With that much time, another younger generation of family members will be ready to take on the family tradition and hopefully pass on the cooking torch as well.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at http://midea.com.ph and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1:46 AM

This Lenten Enjoy The Boneless Bangus Sinigang Sa Miso At GoodAh!!!

One of the favorite Sinigang meat is fish and when we say fish dish, we tend to go fish with our National Fish, the Bangus (Milkfish). Bangus is very versatile because whether you put it in Sinigang, stuffed it and grilled like a Relyeno, or split, seasoned and fried as Daing. Filipinos will surely love it, especially when it was boneless for a more easier to eat.

Actually, taking of all the bones out of Bangus is no easy! However, you find that many restaurant now are serving boneless Bangus in many dishes to diners so that they will enjoy more their food.

GoodAh!!!, the quick service restaurant that has been offering new ways to enjoy Filipino dishes, has the ideal bangus dish to offer— Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus!

I was so excited to try first hand their new offering, the Filipino favorite offers four golden-brown crispy cuts of a medium-sized bangus in a steaming pot of miso soup with vegetables such as tomatoes, kangkong, radish, and string beans are added to complete the Sinigang dish.  

I love its sour and tangy taste that gives the flavorful taste of their Boneless Bangus in Sinigang sa Miso.  It was best served hot that you can surely enjoy the hot soup. A several cups of rice will complete the meal.

Of course, its not only delicous but also a healthy dish. Coming in a more appropriate time, this Lenten season. Perfect meat dish for those who are on fasting or abstaining.

GoodAh!!!’s Boneless Bangus in Miso is now being offered in all 7 branches in the metro. For just PhP 199.00 the whole family or a group of 2-3 friends can enjoy GoodAh!!!’s take on the Filipino favorite. This new dish from GoodAh!!! makes any season meal times more enjoyable.

GoodAh!!! continues to treat Filipinos to culinary discoveries with this new Sinigang sa Miso Boneless Bangus, much like their recent popular food offerings: Krispy Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata, and Bulalugaw. And GoodAh!!! has been doing this for more than 30 years, as seen in their coined acronym dishes like Tapsilog, Tosi, Longsi, and many others that have become a ubiquitous part of popular Filipino meals today— and each one is “Pagkaing Good for Every-All”.

Watch out for more exciting dishes from GoodAh!!! by visiting their website at www.goodah.com.ph or their Facebook at www.facebook.com/GoodahPh.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

4:47 PM

What To Expect At The World Street Food Congress

The World Street Food Congress (WSFC) on their fourth installation where the Singapore based Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd, will return on May 31 to June 4 this year on the Philippines. This year location  was with the size of 2 football fields to cater much larger audience to riot for the flavors when the food jamboree gets into full  swing at the Sunset Ave. of SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay City.

It was supported by the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB), WSFC17 is set to be bigger, bolder and better than last year with a fresh theme this year: "Re-Imagine Possibilities".

It was also set to be this year's largest congregation of heritage food advocates, industry think tankers, international delegates, hawkers and street food fans convening on one platform to sicuss, debate, advance initiatives and devour unpretentious street eats with gusto. As many as 75,000 hungry food fans showed up last year.

This year, WSFC gone further beyond the shores of Asia to China, Germany, USA and even, Mexico, in search of hidden gems and deeper into the heritage cuisine by delving into the Filipino provincial melting pot.

The team of WSFC, led by KF Seetoh has recently went on a food spotting and exploration trip deeper into the Philippine region together with the Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board Philippines), to uncover the gems in the different region like Lamb Monggo in Davao and Sisig Paella of Pampanga which will be offered at the WSFC Jamboree. The Lamb Monggo was known to be the favorite of our President Rodrigo Duterte who hails from Davao.

This years Team Captain will be the Philippine contingent and mentor of local cooks in the street food industry, the owner of Cafe Fleur and 25 Seeds is non-other than Chef Sau Del Rosario.

WSFC17 dialogue boasts eminent industry speakers from USA, Indonesia, Singapore, UK and home-grown talents in the Philippines. Below are the list of speakers:

Anthony Bourdian
International food & travel celebrity Anthony Bourdain will be giving updates at The WSF Dialogue on his upcoming Bourdain Market in New York. 

Claude Tayag 
Regarded as a maven of Philippines’ culinary scene, Claude Tayag is known to have uplifted Pampanga cuisine through his private dining restaurant, Bale Dutung. He was recently honored the People’s Choice Award at the Embassy Chef Challenge 2016. 

Greg Drescher
The vice-president of strategic initiatives and industry leadership at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA),. He is the creator of the college’s influential World of Flavour International Conference & Festival as well as the annual Worlds of Healthy Flavours and Menus of Change leadership conference. 

Malcolm Lee
This young and confident head chef and owner of the first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut. He is also the first Singaporean recipient of the Miele Guide Scholarship.  Infusing modern techniques with traditional flavours.

Mai Pham
The chef-owner of Lemon Grass, one of the top restaurants in Sacramento, California. She also runs Star Ginger, operating in 19 locations across the US – at the FDA, Patent Trade Office, universities like Stanford U, Liberty, U of Mass, and Notre Dame and at hospitals and corporate headquarters like Delta Airlines. The author of several award-wining cookbooks – The Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking, Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table and Flavours of Asia.

Odilia Wineke
A food editor at DetikFood.com since 2002, Odilia Wineke has been in the food industry for over 20 years. She was the food editor for Femina Magazine, a food stylist for various restaurants in designing their advertisements and food specialist at PT Nestle Indonesia. The author of 12 cook books, she was also the executive producer for several Indonesian cooking programs.

Peter Lloyd
The former executive chef of Michelin Star Spice Market at the W Hotel, Peter Llyod kick-started his impressive culinary as a trainee at the House of Commons and Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane. He is now the chef-owner of his first ever restaurant, Sticky Mango – a modern take on South East Asia street food.

Richard Tan
The former Director of the Hawker Centres Division of the National Environment Agency (NEA, which oversees operation and development of the hawker centres) in Singapore, Richard Tan was responsible for the formulation and implementation of Hawkers’ Policies and the planning and development of 10 new hawker centres. 

Sangeeta Singh
Sangeeta Singh protects the livelihood of street vendors in India through the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI). A non-government organisation, NASVI is constantly challenging and defending the rights of about 10 million street vendors in India, of which 6 million hawk food.  She was awarded the Bihar Samman by the Chief Minister of Bihar for her exceptional work with street food vendors.

Sau Del Rosario 
The chef-owner of Café Fleur, the popular modern-Kapampangan café, Sau Del Rosario has been making waves with his culinary journey. He continues to create culinary magic at is Café Fleur and his newly-opened farm-to-table restaurant, 25 Seeds is the talk of the town.

Shen Tan 
Known as the spunky nasi lemak (coconut rice) chef, Shen Tan delights with her unique innovations like Nasi Lemak Sushi and Bak Chor Mee Pasta. The former Forbes’ events director, he went on to create trail blazing dishes at The Wok & Barrel, defunct Ujong at Raffles Hotel and now at Revolution Coffee serving mouth-watering creations such as Buah Keluak Pasta and Shendol Delights – creamy smooth panna cotta, drizzled with gula melaka syrup and served with red bean ice cream. She recently won top honours at the Street Food Fesstival in Palermo, Italy, dazzling them with her rendition of Nyonya Laksa.

World Street Food Jamboree

There will be over 30 master hawkers and pop ups this years from 13 countries. There will be a food demos by top chefs with limited seats + recipe+first-com-first sampling via online registration, so don't forget to register. The Jamboree will be 5 days of feasting on more than 40 sifferent street food gems from 13 countries with many new food items. The WSFC17 anticipated a new record attendance of 100, 000. Featuring the stall from Germany, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and of course host nation Philippines.

For an updated list of hawkers and street food demo schedules, please visit www.wsfcongress.com. 

The WSFC17 opening schedule will be the following:

Wed to Fri, 31 May – 2 June: 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Sat, 3 June: 1:00pm to 11:00pm
Sun, 4 June: 1:00pm to 9:00pm

Prices of food will range from Php 150 onwards, entrance fee is Php 150  but redeemable at food and beverage stalls. 

There will also be an awards for the top international heritage street food vendor and there will be an announcement of 24 of the world’s best hawkers representing heritage street food players in various aspects of this industry from around the world.

See you at the World Street Food Congress 2017!

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