Try Eskimo Bob Ice Cream Today!

I was a fantastic day for me and mommy... We went to SM Mega Mall and meet her friend. So glad that mommy invited me for an ice cream treat. Who don't like ice cream anyway? Well it's another experience for me that I will keep in my heart forever. Being with mom is never ever be the same as I eat ice cream that oh so yummy.

I was thinking where we gonna eat ice cream, I told mom to have Mr. Softy but I think her friend doesn't like it. Well we went to Eskimo Bob
where they serve a great good terrific ice cream!!!

Oh, my god! they serve big servings of ice cream. I ordered ice cream kisses while mommy had the sneacker ice cream and her friend she ate this...

Hmmm., really really good... another one of a kind taste of goodness in my life!

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