Jollibee Shangrilla: A Kids At Heart Birthday Party

Ha..ha.. It's Tita Mitch of Glamour Moments Birthday! and guess what we have so much fun although its not really for a kids party but i have seen people from my mom's colleague which are all young at hearts. I enjoy watching them playing the games prepared by the Jollibee host while eating my french fries and sipping my coke. They served Chicken Joy with rice together with spaghetti and a chocolate sundae.

Give away are cool with a Hello Kitty loot bag. Hmmp.. what's inside of it? ( I wish its not for girls item) but sad to say it is. LOL, i got green bracelet and a paper doll which makes me laugh so much... Mommy look what i've got here!

Oh! by the way, I won in the raffle and i will give it to mom because its a hair dye which i think great if mom's try to have a new hair color for a change.

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