Meidolls Cafe: A Japanese Cosplay Cafe Serve Italian Food Too

Mom and I went to SM Megall for my soccer/football clinic where i did enjoy a lot. Sweat and fun combine into one. But the most trilling part of the day is that when we meet mom's friends and mom's told me about getting to a cosplay cafe in Cainta where my eyes got big and thinking... Did all the people there are cosplayers, including the owner? What did they serve? Filipino or Japanese?

I was surprise to see that they served  Italian food which is spaghetti with meatballs combine with Asian taste of curry. They serve us Curry Rice which is spicy, spaghetti with meatballs for the kids like me, Lasagna for Tita Jane and Ramen which is spicy too, plus the rolled sandwich and the cup cake for desert and ice tea.

I was so sad to know that you can't start eating until all orders are in the table and you have to wait to tell them their famous lines "Para masarap ang inyong pagkain... power up! Moe, moe, kyun" (I don't know if i spell it right but that was they said before you start to eat).

The crew including the owner (Ms. Rhea) also perform a dance number Banna Mango and Strawberry Pie. They even have a game for the guest which so much fun and we even died to laugh. Visit them to experience the fun.

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