Scrap n' Tell: Bloggers' Scrapbooking At Filstar

During my younger years, making scrapbooks is one of my favorite pastimes. Sentimental as it might see, I actually enjoyed collecting even small items and recording the memories attached to them. However, as I grew older, I became quite busy with a wide variety of stuff, including work, which gave me little or no time to work on my crap books.  Until I was invited with this event.

Which is why I really had a lot of fun when I got to join  the All About Scrapbooking workshop yesterday. I actually was just tagged by a friend of mine to come with her to the said event, but I never thought that I would actually enjoy the whole thing that much aside from the fact that I know people from Filstar Distributors Corporation or simply know as Hallmark because I work with them few years ago. After all, I must admit that I have really been missing doing the whole thing these past few years.

The event was actually more of a bloggers’ convention, where several netizens joined to have a fun filled day. For my part, I was really looking forward to the whole scrap booking experience. So at the start of the day, where we were assigned to our tables, I hurriedly settled down to begin work on my book.

Everything we need was already laid out there in the table, so me and my friend buckled down to work immediately. I started by grabbing several pieces of colored paper and cutting them down into various shapes. Then I looked around the work table to see what was up there, when I noticed several little trinkets that I thought would be a good addition to my pages. I put these into a pile and though about for a moment where to put them.

After having glued everything into place, I started to write the captions that I want to include into the book. I was so absorbed in what I am doing that I didn’t notice my friend nudging me and pointing to the stage. It was then that the event emcee calling my name as the winner of a new photo album. I excitedly went on to the stage, with the scissors still in my hand.

Overall, I can say that I really enjoy my day there. Aside from the prize I got, I also collected a lot of new memories that would be worth another scrap book.

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