Eastwood Mall, Summer Green Passion: Margarita Fores - Cooking For A Healthy Heart

This is the First time that I was invited for a cooking demo. It was pretty much exciting to know that the speaker was non other than Margarita A. Fores whose expertise and passion is on food, cooking and living healthy.

The workshop starts at 8PM by the master herself. She discuss the basic healthy Italian Food for the participants and of course the key ingredients are the natural organic vegetables and fruits that will help us to explore the healthy eating habit without worrying about your curves and start flaunting those assets of yours.

She started to make basic sauces for the three basic concepts for Pomodor Crudi Marinati or Raw Marinated Organic Tomatoes, Salsa di Pomodoro or Basic Stewes Tomatoes, and the Fungi Trifolati.

Enjoying more the protein than carbohydrates is one of her advised. Choosing a good complex carbohydrates over simple and processed ones. She even promote to eat a lots of greens and ruffage, and to cut the sugar by finding replacement by using brown or mascovado sugar instead of refine sugar. Always think healthy, happy and positive.

And then she make Antipasto Bruschetta with raw marinated tomatoes, Penne Integrale, Pomodoro, Formaggio Bianco Filipino, Crescione whole-wheat Penne, stewed tomatoes with parmasen cheese. Followed by Spaghettini Al 34 or Spaghettini with Smoked Fish and Rucola which I like better than the Penne Integrale Pomodoro, because of its flavorful Spaghetti and the combination of olive oil, chili flakes, pepper, garlic, and basil are great.

She also made Duetto Di Scallopine di Petto di Pollo alla Griglia or the Grilled organic Chicken breast scallopine in two different ways. First, Pomodoro Crudi Marinati, Finael, Black olives, Pernigiano and the second one is the Funghi Trifolati, Pesto Genovese, Basilico.

And of course, eating will not be completed without having desert to end the delightful meal of tasting her food with Rosted Fruits with Ricotta, honey and Brown sugar using pears, red and green apples that i can rate to be a two thumbs up.

The experience of this gastronomic foods with Margarita Fores in her healthy meals was can also be found in her Italian Resto called CIBO.

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