HongKong Choi Food

We attended the Cyberzone Techno Fair and I did have fun watching the participants for the cosplay competition. I was so amaze with their costumes and props. Looks like that they are all prepared for this event. Anyway, I was very much bored in the event when we get there but things changes when i saw this cosplayer people who are very much busy preparing and waiting for the time they will came up on the stage.

After the event, Tita Mitch, Mommy and the rest of the  gang become tired and hungry. Of course, we talk and ask each other "where you guys want to eat?" Almost everybody say, "Kahit saan!" (Anywhere!) So, Tita Mitch of Glamour Moments decided that we go in the restaurant named Hong Kong Choi.

She called the waitress and tell the orders which we don't know what are those are. Finally, the orders are here and set right  in front of us. First they serve us a hot tea which i don't like because its matabang.

Hmmp, I think I like this fried rice with mix of egg, carrots and i don't know the greens on it.

The marmalade chicken and the sweet and sour was very good. Tito Sef almost eat while Tita Mitch enjoy eating the oyster cake. This eating experience is one big hit.

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