Indios Band At The Blogger Fest 2011

Next month is definitely a great month for the latest band in the Metro, they called their selves Indios Band for their launching of their debut single. Victor is on vocals, guitar and keys, Japs on drums and two more members named Franklin on bass and PJ who's also on guitars who did not make it to get at the Thunderbird Resort.

They started around 2008 with four members as a college buddies and this year, they are now ready for their records to be out in the market. Their music genre is pop rock, play happy and solid rock, and alternative rock. Their very first album will release on September of this year and it took seven months to record the album.  The album title and the first single is not revealed because some other details and concepts of the records are not yet finish.

We take the opportunity to meet this band during the music and blog coverage workshops by Azrael Coladilla and Justin and giving the Bloggers ask a set of questions with regards to Indios album. I have here the details of the question and answer of the Bloggers who interviewed the Indios Band that i have been recorded as a part of the mini press conference.

Blogger: What makes you different to the other local bands?
Victor: Local bands? There are lots of indie bands in the Philippines right now though hindi pa kame out. We have a one song from Jam 88.3 and we are different from the type of the type of music we have, we love to play original music.
Blogger: Do you have gigs?
Victor: Yes, we have.
Blogger: In your album, did all songs originally written or you do revival?
Victor: In the record? Its all original, all lyrics, music and design, even the art work are original though we cover songs from other artist we still love to play our original songs.
Blogger: Who write the songs in the album?
Victor: I do. I write all the song except for one song who is written by my brother, PJ, our guitarist. I write eleven song and he write one song.
Blogger: Who is your music influences?
Victor: Bonovox, U2, The Killer, and mostly from European music.

And there's a lot more question from the Bloggers but the time is not enough because they have a special performance for the Blogger Fest.

They perform two good song for the fest and I think this band will go along the way to be known in the local music industry. They have a good forte in their field in singing and choosing songs for the music fanatics here in the Philippines and I hope to see more from them in the future.


  1. yay, Indios!! thanks for the great writeup :)

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  3. Wow another blogger! Anyway, here is a related post about Indios during the Bloggerfest

    Kudos to all bloggers and of course to Indios... hope they gain fame! Proud fan already.

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