Adobo Pasta At Kitch Cafe: Food So Good!

It was not so special day although its not one of ordinary days when we gather once again. It's my first time at Kitch Cafe where I find the place so relaxing, maybe because you can not feel the outside world. You even never know what's going on out the cafe. Their chairs, tables and everything looks so good and very fresh in the eyes, in short, it won't even give any stress.

Get together with old friends sounds good and fun, actually they just wanna consume their gift certificate coming from Kitch Cafe when they invited some blogger to witness the new product they have. And I am not included to those who are lucky to join the event.

Their food taste good, I like the adobo pasta they have and the longganisa with cherry tomatoes. They even serve pastries, pizza and rice meals.

It was a fantastic afternoon outs with my friends and maybe some other time we will able to get back here at Kitch Cafe once again to have another wonderful delighted yummy food trip with the rest of the gang.

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