Bloggers Night At Kenny Rodgers With Their Brand Ambassadors

OMG, Phil Younghusband and his brother James is the new endorser of Kenny Rodgers Chicken. I can't believe that I will be meeting him in personal, Arnie Jet is one of his fans. I think, Phil and James is perfect for the new Hainanese Chicken from Kenny Rodgers. Even the two ladies who happens to be a Kenny's Brand Ambassador are also fit for the said TV commercial. They are all very sports minded person as well as very conscious to their health and body.

Hainanse Chicken as it was quoted is that it was "another way to be deliciously healthy", matches the four ambassador of Kenny Rodgers. Also, there was froyo who is also one thing you can order in their store in much affordable price.

Frozen yougart was been introduce way way back before but it was re-introduce to public after the two stars of Azkal's was agreed to be part of Kenny family.

This Kenny's Bloggers night was totally as full of healthy foods that you can purchase and enjoy its delightfully mouth watering food with a new twist.

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