I Can't Believe It! Hideo Muraoka Adds Me On FB

OMG, I Can't Believe It! Hideo Muraoka Adds Me On FB... lol

It was a great day today, although I don't have much sleep the other night. I even closed to get late at work, almost running just to get on time in the corporate office. When I get to my table and open my computer I used to check mails first before i open my Facebook account. Unfortunately, I don't have a new emails coming from friends or even invitation for an event. So what I did is to look at my Facebook wall, to see some updates from my friends who are online.

Oh, I got messages, notification and friend request at the same time. Lol, its not happened all the time. So, I get to see the my notification first and of course these are coming from people from a blogger group that I have joined. Next is the friend request whom I get shock because I never thought that (I will definitely quote it) "Hideo Muraoka" would ask me to confirm him to be my friend.

Hahaha, At first I thought It's just a fraud or something because I am really not sure if he's the real owner of the said account. Anyway, with my eyes got big and still in horror because its not everyday that a celebrity will invite you to join with their connections is truly so overwhelming.

Of course, what I did, without a doubt is to confirm him. Viola! in an instant, we are now friends... He even message me and I will keep it for my self. (blush, blush)

Maybe I am just lucky today and hoping its not just for today but for tomorrow, in the next day, in the other day and every day!

Thanks Hideo Muraoka for inviting me to be your friend in Facebook and I am so glad and it's my honor to be on your friends list


  1. Wow! that was amazing... you really never know who will follow you and ask you to be their friend. At least its not just a simple friend, it has a name. :)

  2. Wow, his hot! if all guys like him will add me. Well i will confirm them right away. lol your very lucky girl. ;)