Justin Bieber: Live In Manila, The My World Tour

I never been a Bieber fans until one day a friend of mine invited me to go with her in the concert of My World concert tour of Justin Bieber. Of course our tickets is complementary ticket only. Two day before the concert we pick up the bronze ticket to SM Mall of Asia from one of the organizer of Poreotics Show at SM Malls. I thought that this Dancers are really really great because winning in an American dance contest is no joke.

Anyway, they have nothing to do with this article, Justin Bieber as we know hit the Youtube and get the fame from the number of viewers he got around the world, until he was been discovered by Usher. Stardom follows as he hit the music chart from the single "Baby".

During the concert night i was thinking twice if will watch it or not. I was thinking of my son because he really likes and idolize Justin and since i was already there I have to enjoy the night and the concert. My friend and I went to the gate and present the ticket, I have seen a lot of kids who is waiting for him to come up on stage, ages from 3 years old and up. Justin's official DJ was been counting down the minutes from 15 minutes left down to 0 and the fans was all screaming and shouting.

He was so energetic that you will see him in his eyes that he was so glad to be in Philippines. I think he likes to be here and no wonder why his back up singers are Filipinos called Legacy. Even in his back up dancers, there is one who is happen to be a Filipino too.

My favorite part of the concert is was, when he start to slow down and sing acoustics song entitled I'll Be, personally I like the song and he give it life on that night. I observed that even if its not his original song he still gives life on it.

Another thing is that I have seen not only once, twice but many time the way he walks during the concert. It reminds me the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, even some of his moves. It was just like some of the moves of MJ was been imitate by Justin but has a little distinction, maybe to tell people that he still has his own identity to showcase. Also,the pants that he was wearing on the second part of the concert when he came back, the pants with lines on the side seems familiar with me again is look the same of what Michael Jackson was wearing during concert and shows too. I don't know if i was just missing MJ though I know I'm a big fan of MJ or maybe I would say that there is a new generation of Michael Jackson was born, a reincarnation of King of Pop. Hmmp... why not, I mean they seems to have similarity at all.

Over all, the concert was great and I admit that I did enjoy the night and this is the first time that I appreciate him as a singer and to you Justin, I know that you still have a long way to go, just believe in your self and think intelligently in making decisions in your life. Go with the right way, you can have a future and always keep your feet on the ground because I know that you have been a good example not only to my son but to those fans who is believing in you. God Bless You!


  1. I am not a fan of Justin B. either, but my daughter likes his songs.

    Hi! Nice meeting you at the PFW today. Hope you visit me back. Cheers!

  2. Bieber fever for all teens and young at heart... :)

  3. sabi ko na nga ba te eh... super denial ka pa! pak!

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  5. Hi Brenda thanks for bookmarking my blog will give updates about him when I got hot news. :)