Celebrate Philippine Love on Independence Day at Eastwood City

Eastwood City has celebrating the Independence Day through varied activities to fete the Filipino heritage in taking part in well-loved Filipino activities that will make this historic Independence Day even more meaningful.

Filipino Tradition cannot be complete if the love affair with food is forgotten. That's why Chef Rommel Paredes and Chef Ojie Reloj of CCA will share their take on a couple of delicious local dishes in the Independence Day Cooking Demo.

Chef Rommel Paredes show us the easiest way on how to prepared and cooked the Raddish Ensalada and the Kinilaw na Tanige. He give some pointer and tips on how to cook the fish right using vinegar. And ended with a sweet flavorful Majacota which is the combination of Maja mais and Pana-cotta. 

While Chef Ojie Reloj prepared and cooked salad and of course the ever delicious traditional Kare-kare which I love most among the food that we try to taste. The cooking demo is very interesting because the chefs are goping to add a modern twist to their meals. 

After the cooking demo we visit the Eastwood Open Park to rekindle the traditional Filipino romance with the good'ol harana. Philippine Opera Company's Harana serenading the shoppers with folk songs and kundiman, a genre of traditional Filipino love songs. This group of classical singers will surely made one fall in love with the Philippines all over again as their voices fill Eastwood Mall Open Park.

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