IBM Philippines Top Executive Receives CEO EXCEL Award

(L-R):  Kane Choa, Director - IABC Philippines, Ritzi Ronquillo, VP - IABC Philippines, James Velasquez - Country General Manager, IBM Philippines, Elpi Cuna -Chairman, IABC Philippines and Chit Arce, Presdent -IABC Philippines. 
IBM Philippines President and Country General Manager James Velasquez was honored by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines with the coveted Communication Excellence in Organizations (CEO EXCEL) Award during the 2011 CEO EXCEL Awarding Ceremonies held recently at The Atrium, Enderun Colleges, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

James Velasquez’ exceptional use of communication strategies and tools in management and leadership helped achieve business and social goals for IBM in the Philippines.  

IABC Philippines Chairman Elpi O. Cuna said, “Each year since 2005, the circle of communication leaders and exemplars has been growing. They encourage us all to further the use of ethical and competent communication as an inseparable part of business strategy and people management. As the  President and Country General Manager in IBM, James Velasquez has supported our country’s national agenda for good governance and economic growth.”

Last year, Velasquez led IBM’s expansion strategy, opening three news facilities in the UP-Ayala Techno Hub and one in Cebu.  He also ramped up partnerships with the government to work towards a Smarter Philippines while sustaining various corporate citizenship programs ensuring the company gave back to the community.

"Innovation happens at a quicker pace now, people share so much information with each other so easily, and the best way to meet their expectations is through communication and open iteration. That means using pilots, continual adaptation and social media to reach out to employees, consumers and business partners. It’s one thing to tell employees or citizens that a project or a product is good for them. It’s another to spur buy-in and innovation by involving these people in the creative process, acting on their feedback and suggestions and keeping them up to date about the problems and successes the project is having. A good example is when we came together online in a global brainstorming session over 72 hours in what we call a “jam.” I guess we’d call it social media today. It was messy, passionate and contentious. But in the end, IBMers embraced a new set of values – because together we had shaped them," said Velasquez.

The CEO EXCEL is the highest individual award of communication excellence given by IABC Philippines. Awardees are judged against the award criteria and the required content and outline for specific programs that clearly show that they championed excellent communication to achieve business goals and led for good governance and responsible corporate citizenship, inspiring others and serving the greater good.  This year’s results were tabulated and verified by Isla Lipana & Co., a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The CEO EXCEL Awards is the Philippine counterpart of the global EXCEL Award. It recognizes the use of outstanding communication strategy, skills and leadership.

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