It Wouldn't be fair to call Cars 2 To be Mater's Movie

It wouldn't be fair to call "Cars 2" a critical crash and burn. But Pixar films are held to a higher standard, and based on early reviews, this may be the worst reviewed Pixar film yet. 

 "The movie is built to move merchandise." 

 "Takes the bold, arguably generous and ultimately calamitous step of pushing its lovable, goofy second banana to the center of the action." 

"Second banana is of course, Mater". 

"Lightning’s racing exploits are secondary."
- A.O. Scott of The New York Times

"This ['Cars 2'] is Mater's movie. It's a Materthon. I would call it Materific if he didn't leave me longing for 'WALL-E's' robot to crush him into a silent cube." 
- Mary Pols of TIME magazine

"Forced emphasis on misunderstood country bumpkin Mater." 
"never achieves the intended emotional weight — he’s a rube with a heart of gold, a simpleton out of place next to Pixar’s more complex and multilayered heroes."
- Geoff Berkshire of Metromix

There are also plenty of critics who are giving the movie positive marks. 

"Lightning and Mater mix it up with Formula 1 and spies in yet another Pixar winner," 

 "Running at close to the red line from start to finish with nary a pit stop to refuel."
- Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times also had a fine time at the movies. He gives Cars 2 three and a half out of four stars and calls the movie fun. He also praises the amazing visuals and attention to detail and points out that Mater is the true star of Cars 2 but unlike other critics, Ebert doesn't seem to mind it at all.

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