Remembering The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson

It was a week ago after the 10th Philippine Toycon when I get surprise to see the King of Pop on the second day of Toycon, yes it was the King of Pop but of course its just one of his impersonators trying to imitate everything of him. I actually feel sad but then feel happy at the same time to look at him while he was mimicking my one any only idol in dancing and singing.

I feel sad because I remember that we cannot bring back the past, and we cannot show him anymore what we can do for him. However, I feel happy because the good memories of Michael Jackson have been getting alive again through people like him.  
I did not let the day pass without talking to the guy who makes me feel good to remember Michael Jackson again. His name is Dan P. Geromo, a Junior Visualizer in his day job, and a cosplayer and rock star at the same time of It was such a great day to meet this guy. I did not think twice to ask him to take pictures with and talk to him, as if I was talking to the real MJ. Oh my god, I can't believe it! I know MJ is dead, but I know he is still alive in my heart.

Today as Michael Jackson's second year death anniversary, as I recall the day when I heard the news about his passing away, I did again feel sad. I know deep in my heart, there is a little emptiness that I can't explain why I am feeling this way. Indeed I told myself to think those great things he has done in this world. I remember the day when I was a kid when my aunties ask me to dance the song "Beat it" and dance it in front of their friends. I remember the first MJ song that I have memorized, which is "Ben", the first MJ music video that I watch, which is "Triller" and even my favorite songs of him, such as "They don't care about us", "We are the world", "Black and white" and of course "You are not alone".

Michael Jackson is really one of a kind. No one can ever replace him. There is only one Michael Jackson in this world and one King of Pop. That is why there are lots of people in the this world who value him like a real treasure, I have seen this 10 terrific video tributes for the King of Pop in Remembering Michael Jackson in and I do love it . Thanks to the people who still supports and remember Michael as always.

I believe, like other MJ fans out there that he truly inspires millions of people from all walks of life. As it always says, Michael Jackson taught us to believe, to dream and to love... 

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