Shop Online With Multiply E-Commerce

When I herd Multiply it used to remind me of a social networking site where you can buy and sell. All I know with this networking site is just simple and plain as where you can upload your photos and video, share your links and used for blogging something.

Today, this social networking site had been proven that they can do better and can do much more in terms of features on their site.  I heard that they are now bringing out an e-commerce platform since May of 2011. Multiply has emerged to become one of the highest ranking sites in the country. 

They tend to connect also the online shoppers to the wide range of online shops in the Multiply Commerce. They are now positioning to be a vibrant shopping haven with an e-commerce platform. 

This Multiply Commerce offers more than 82,000 shops of Filipino merchants who make the to be the widest online shopping portal and continue to evolve to become a feasible business platform for the aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Sellers can take advantage the Multiply Commerce Program that will help them to push their businesses to go forward because of their easy payment system, which partnered with Banco de Oro virtual Card, BPI, Paypal and Globe GCash to ensure the fast and safer payment method. Sellers can categorize their merchandise instead of using photo album to share their products.  

They also have stock rooms for their products to manage their inventory and to monitor orders and update their listing to track their cash flow.  Another thing is that Multiply Commerce offers a buyer protection program to ensure safe and seamless transactions. 

Lastly, It's now so east to buy different items from a single shop or from many shops because of their purchasing procedure using a shopping cart. For the existing sellers, Multiply Commerce provides step by step instructions on how to migrate from their merchandise from Photo Albums to the new selling platform. 


  1. shopping online really lessen the hassle on consumer, with multiply's secure online shopping you can now shop without worries

  2. True... it's because their first concern is the shoppers security.