Take Another Inspiring And Heartfelt Story In Forever And A Day

Forever and a day is another Star Cinema film which is directed by the box office director non-other than Direct Cathy Garcia Molina. Staring Sam Milby and KC Concepcion in their first ever team-up whom we all know that they been good friends in real life. Also, the first in Philippine movie industry to put together in the movie with the daughters of Superstar (Matet De Leon) and Megastar (KC Concepcion) combined in one movie.

The Story is about the two different people who will take a journey that will teach them to conquer their fears and humility to have courage and to accept things that one cannot take control. Eugene Servero played by Sam Milby was a man who pushes himself to the limits and always up for challenge who lives for himself. Then he meet Raffy Salvador who is played by KC Concepcion, a woman who is more cautious in life that teaches him to embrace and appreciate life, love and all its smallest blessings.

They shoot in the most scenic locales of Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines where the longest zipline in Asia can be found. Sam and KC needs to do to the zipline and whitewater rafting to show how much they will push their self to the limits and to conquer their fears. Of course to trigger their adventurous sides and elicit the strong romantic flavor of both actors.

On the presscon, you will see how much excited the cast was to present their new movie. Direct Cathy together with leading stars are very much happy with the movie and hoping that people will be delighted after seeing it on theaters. They told people to look at the story of the movie because they even adopted the characters in their life that brings them to show up what they have.

All My Life originally from America was revived by Sam Milby and now the theme song of "Forever and a Day". As Star Cinema's 18th anniversary offering, this most-relatable love story, a new Sam and a new KC in another romantic movie masterpiece told by Direct Cathy Garcia Molina that we're sure to give you a best movie should watch which will opens in over 100 theaters in June 15, 2011.

These are the famous lines from the movie...

"It took me a day to fall in love... and it will take me forever to say goodbye."
- Eugene Servero

"Kaya mo ba mahalin ang isang taong alam mong mawawala rin sa'yo?"
- Raffy Salvador

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