Toycon 2011: The First Day

It was a blast! people from all walks of life shares interest as they join the fun to celebrate the 10th Philippine Toycon at the SM Megatrade Hall 1, 2, and 3.

The lines are too long, the people are so excited to get in inside the hall. It was started with ribbon cutting together with the star wars group and some ABS CBN talents.

Cosplayers are well dress with their favorite costumes as they walk around the mall as well as inside the Megatrade. These people are very much dedicated to their doing as they portrait the characters from different cartoons, games and anime.

At the gallery area my ever favorite Superman had a life size figure not only 1 but four of them. The car collection of Marc Razonable was great that my son did enjoy a lot. Also, I was very much delighted when i saw Betty Boop. Wanna buy it but... but... but...  so expensive.


One of the highlights of the event was the group of pretty girls dancing in their french maid costume, The Meidolls Girls headed by Reia. Next is when the Cardio Boys who made the crowd go wild as they dance in their aerobics costumes and had show down with the Cherifer mascot. Hahaha, he dance like a pro because he even back flip and split. Wow!

I was so exhausted because I'm doing a double task for the day. Doh! I did make it, I know! Most people I have seen are really really into collecting stuff of their choice. I can say that I even had fun during the day 1 and one thing is, its all because of my son. He is wearing a Luffy costume and he is so cute.

Toycon 2011 day 2 is next.... and here we come!

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