Toycon 2011: The Second Day

After the first day who is so fun and I did enjoy, the second day was really amazing for you really never know what will happen on the event. The tree halls of Megatrade was jam packed of people from the Cosplay Nation hall, Sponsors section and stage at hall 2 up to the exhibit and Gallery hall. 

And it was started with the panel of discussion about the toys and you can take good care of it aside from how you can customized it.

There will be a lots of guest whom you didn't expect to happened.  It was such a great experience to add in my memoirs archive this spectacular gathering of toy collector, hobbyist, cosplayers and some other people who just drop by just to know what's going on inside the Megatrade Hall.

The second day was full packed of different bands performing at the stage in hall 2 while in the Hall 3 the Cosplay Nation stage, as they making the live filming of the movie was crowded by the cosplayers who participate on the film was like a concert scene and somewhat like a ASAP stage. In the afternoon, another discussion about comic book and comic artist was present.

It makes me so surprise to see the King of Pop was there... OMG, Michael Jacson is in Toycon! whhhattt? and so, there was this one person who impersonate MJ and it makes me really feel happy to see him not just because I will get a chance to take a pictures with him but of course to reminisce the great times of our King of Pop (ohh, I really miss MJ).  And then the day was ended with an exciting raffle on stage with different prizes and gifts coming from the sponsors and a PS3 and Rock Band set on stake as the major prize, WOW.

What so unusual in this event was people come along to witness and participate this one big occasion forgetting bad things in their life and all they know is just that they have to be there to be part of the fun. All in all the event was tremendously great and I would say that its worth to get tired off because the fun itself was  fantastically payed.

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