Toycon 2011 Supports Laru-nungan of ABS CBN

ToyCon 2011 will be supporting the toy drive organized by ABS CBN. Toycon are inviting everyone to come and join at 10th Philippine Toycon 2011. And they are knocking in your heart to bring some educational toys for the support of toy drive abd visit ABS CBN booth to place your donations.

Please be inform that only those toys who are in the list of toys that are preferred and approved by the Department of Education will be accepted. Toys who are promoting violence such as guns and swords are not allowed to donate.

The toy drive is dubbed Larunungan is dubbed by the toy drive from Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive. One of the objectives is to raise awareness of those Universal Kindergarten by raising toys that will be donated to the incoming Kindergarten students this school year. "People are encouraged to donate toys instead of cash since toys play a crucial part in a child's learning process." as Vic Yap of Toycon had said during the 10th Philippine Toycon 2011 Press Conference at the Eurotel Pedro Gil.

Toys are tools for learning. through play, a kindergarten kid can picks up new ideas,exercises his muscles by improving his motor skills, uses his imagination and learns how to cooperate with others.

Toycon 2011 are encouraging kids to donate their old toys that seeks to become a child's first lesson on charity and instill in them the value of generosity. It is also one of their first lessons about materialism.The project targets children to stresses on the value of nurturing young minds to become good and responsible citizens when they grow up.

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