Cosmo TV Interview Of Hideo Muraoka: July Issue Man On Fire

I am so excited about the July issue of Cosmo Magazine Philippines because the July Man On Fire is non-other than HIDEO MURAOKA

Yes, this gorgeous hunk was full of energy with his bubbly personality and his warm smile will captivate your heart as I will give you the full transcribe of the Cosmo TV interview with this boy next door.

Check out the details below:

COSMO: How did you get into modeling?
HIDEO: I was going to the school in MRT and he was keep on looking at me and the guy is following me and he stop me and he gave me his card and say "hi I work for a model agency and you are the kind of people that we are looking for."

COSMO: How do you stay fit?
HIDEO: I go to gym, maybe 3-4 times a week. If I have time I would like to go 5 times a week and then I go train in MMA once a week and capoeira once a week.

COSMO: What is your guilty pleassure?
HIDEO: I eat a lot! I like food everything, I like burger, I like sweets, every kind of junkfood. I did try to eat less but in more healthy but its getting better actually its getting better I'm eating less.

COSMO: What is your fave Filipino Dish?
HIDEO: I like Beef Caldereta there's in brazil like something similar but i try on then that is sweet from Philippines , you know the banana heart? puso ng saging, its so good! I tried that once in the shoot and I love it! its so nice.

COSMO: You traveled a lot for work, but what country in particular would you love to visit?
HIDEO: For I know Asia very well, I've been many place in Asia well but there's a place I wanna go. I love mountains so I wanna go to Nepal maybe this year or maybe next year so wanna go there and go to the Everest. hahahaha!

COSMO: What kind of make-up do you like seeing on a girl?
HIDEO: Ilike light make-up so you can see really the person to know how they are.

COSMO: What kind of clothes do you like seeing on a girl?
HIDEO: I like summer so for me its like my favorite sleeve.  I like comfortable clothing for me is sexy.

COSMO: What is the most important thing people should know about you?
HIDEO: I think I'm a friendly guy, I am really a family guy also I would like, I always look something to do something new. I always try to learn something.

COSMO: Where do you see your self five years from now?
HIDEO: I have no idea, my gosh! I was always think about short future you know, of course it took places for long future and objective easier so I don't like to think so much in the future and trying to do the present. In five years since you ask me, I don't know.. I always like happy.

That was fantastic answers from Hideo Muraoka. If you wanna see the five (5) minutes video interview of him, you can watch it at Cosmo TV and grab a copy of July 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine today! 




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