Get Your Freebies Now!(What's The Freebies) In Multiply

Free Multiply Shirt For You! Yes for you and only you. A simple thank you for supporting Multiply and our sellers over the years.

Here's what you have to do to get the free Multiply Shirt:

1. Shop a minimum of Php 500 worth of items from any Multiply seller.

2. Pay through the new payment facility (look for the "buy now" or "inquire" button).

3. Register here and tell us who and where to ship the shirts to.

And here's the Multiply Shirt that you can choose as your freebie:

It's so much fun to get and recieved a freebies because you feel like you are special. The will not only make you feel special but they will pamper you as they will give you a great deals of everything you want from clothing to accessories, gadgets, etc.

Visit market place tpday and pick your most loved stuff to buy and get the freebiess after purchasing worth of Php 500 only at 


  1. Wow, good thing I still have a Multiply account! Who would have thought that they would have turned this thing into a commercial space! Brilliant!

    Carlos Garchitorena
    Music and gig schedules in Manila and Philippines

  2. You can visit their market place using your Multiply account for you to have a chance to get the free shirt from them. Enjoy shopping!