Oh... So Great Day!

The day is fine and yet it was so fabolous in a sense that I feel very light and my aura was perfectly good in yellow. As I woke up this moring and try to figure out still what will make me so busy today. I was so uncertain that there is something to be happy about today.

When I get to work and had my emsaymada and hot chocolate for brealfast before I get to start working. 

I had a good start working by opening an email and get disappointed when i see it that my entry for Captain America contest was an able to deliver my email message because of the server quota exceeded of sony-mail.

Too bad, I had to send again of my entry knowing that the chances are too small because of this technical problem of AXN Asia. But then, they are very appologetic fo the technical glitch and encouraging us again to send our entries.

At lunch time, My boss told us to ordered meals in the hotel kitchen for the marketing and so we ordered Chicken Saltimboca, an Italian stuffed chicken with ham and vegetables topped with cream sauce and Nilagang Bulalo, a native dishes of beef shank in consumme soup with vegetables served with rice. Then we had Banana and Chocolate Shakes.

Too busy today as I left alone in the office. I need to finish everything today so that I can go home early tomorrow for I had a lot of commitments tomorrow. 

Before the day ends, the surprise that makes my heart trob so fast that I was expecting today that I have vision it early this morning was when I saw the Cosmo TV interview of Hideo. I should transcribe and blog it! And I know... I will!

Photo Courtesy of: thechocolatekiss.com, eurotel-hotel.com, hawaiianatolls.org, cosmo.ph


  1. this made me crave for chocolate shake! :D

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