Save The Earth: Plant A Tree Today!

One of the best thing I wanted to do in life even during my childhood is that to be part and participate to an environmentalist group where you can do your share as a citizen of this planet. I did love nature and everything from it. The experience from my nature tripping together with my friends in college as well as with my Tiatro friends had help me to get closer to the nature and to mother earth. 

I supported most of environmental campaign we have in the country. One of which, if i did not mistaken is the "no to air popular drive". I believe that as a part of this world we should take our steps in able to help our environment by improving our lifestyle so that we could not do any additional harm to our planet.

Planning trees is one thing we can do in able to achieve a much more greener planet and fresh air today. We should do our part to start loving and helping our country in everyday of our life.

Hiking, mountaineering and trekking are the things that I do before but can not do today for I do not have that much time to do it. So, in my own simplieast way, I did join the Big Blue Jungle in Ecopark where I participated in a tree planning.

Plan a tree today and save the world! Make an action now! 

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