Red Hourse Pambansang Musiklaban And The Real Beer Drinker

If you a real beer drinkers, you should know the real taste of the real beer. You know the right temperature, the alcohol contyent and the brewery that made you to have the right choice of beer.

A good beer is like, one that you would be proud of to drink along woth your friends. Aand if you are a real beer drinkers, those mixed drinks did not appeal much to you because  the taste is not perfect for your buds and the alcohol content is eighter too high or too low. 

Many of the real beer drinkers preffered to drink Red House Beer. As it is the currently the no. 1 extra strong beer in the market today. It is launched way back 1982. The consistency and continuesly providing the men of pure strong drinks that has extra kick.

Red Hourse Beer has a distinction, fully flavored and very satisfuing strength of a world class extra beer. It won a Gold Award for Monde Selection Beer Category Winner since 1983.

The Pinoy music Rock scene are drinking Red Horse Beer mostly. Have a body art tatoos and involves in some extreme sports. They are so called ASTIG.

Also, the Red Hourse Pambansang Musiklaban has been proven that it has beer rock the world of Pinoy Music all through out from the very start. On its 13th year and had also launch their first ever live streaming last July 19, 2011 but the streaming is generally not for public and will only be view via invites.

Maki-rakrakan na! Drink Red Hourse Beer today! Rock 'n Roll...

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