Second Half of 2011: Exciting Projects Of Yabang Pinoy!

Yabang Pinoy, since its founding in 2005 has been pioneering the Filipino pride movement. Their projects had steadily inspired Filipinos to believe in being Pinoy and leading the way towards building the nation. In the second half of this year, the movement has prepared activities that will make us all proud.

Yabang Pinoy has already released their fifth issue of MAG YP. It is created and produce by a passionate Filipinos, it tackles the fresh ideas of Filipinos with their lifestyle and packs them into a free downloadble e-magazine and can be download at

They also have the Pinasport Project, it aims to encourage Filipinos to travel and create a venue where Filipinos can share their experiences travelling to different parts of the country. Pinoy advocates can submit their contribution to

Another one is the Wikang May Yabang, it aims to promote the pride of Filipino by educating pinoy's in many languages we used in country.The project wll show how Filipino has different phrases as we have about one hundred different unique languages.

Lastly the Yabang Fest is another project that Filipino Pride, Fashion, Food, Arts, Design and cencert is promoting the Filipino dignity, ingenuity and pride through a showcase of Filipino talents, products and achievements. Yabang Fest will serve as joint cilminating activity of the Yabang Pinoy goes to School and Buwn ng Yabang 2011.

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