URBANEARS: Motivated By Color, Form And Individuality

It was so nice to be invited to such a cool and hip event like Urbanears Bloggers Event for the official product presentation and demo at the Digital Walker Café at Eastwood Mall.

The product is so admirable as it has different colors and design that you can choose from. It helps you soothe your lifestyle, can go along with your moods and that will fit your everyday life. One great thing about joining this event is that, I get a chance to try their product. I got orange Bagis earphones, but I agreed to have exchange it to FPJ for the color white because I don’t the orange one. 

Over the year, the demands of headphones and earphones become huge in term of the product production and shipping for the consumer. Each year more than a billion earphones and headphones are shipped with a number of devices.

These products are almost exclusively of poor quality and very short lived. So Urbanears strive to make such products that will live up to expectations. Earphones and headphones that people actually want and withstand for daily usage.

With a legacy in design and functionality, Urbanears is the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and utilizing a 3.5mm standard socket.  It was launched in December 2009. Urbanears is a global brand that has strong sales worldwide.

Urbanears has been featured in numerous articles in publications such as Vogue (U.S.) and Elle (U.S). Urbanears recently won People’s Choice for this year’s Stora Designpriset in Sweden, and have won design awards such as IFA in Germany, and have created exclusive headphones for Wired Magazine.

The following are the products of Urbanears that you can chooce from;

The Bagis

Featuring earplug construction for direct sound and efficient noise reduction, the Bagis is a compact version of the full Urbanears experience.

The Medis

The Medis is an unprecedented experience in ergonomics and functionality.

The Tanto

The Tanto is constructed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance, and is adorned with a sleek and minimalist look.

The Plattan

The Plattan is designed to be the perfect classic headphone with all the additional features that make it above and beyond what a static headphone would offer.

Plattan Plus

Plattan Plus is a version of the Plattan headphone that features an Apple certified microphone and remote, with the additional functionality of volume control.

Urbanears is not intended for any specific sub culture, age group, sex, religion, race or nationality. Rather, we make headphones for anyone who is inclined to listen to music, no matter what kind.
Urbanears is devoted to headphones. And will continue to be so as long as they are exist. They are hoping to create long-lived designs that can stay around for decades in an endless number of nuances. For ever expanding and improving their product range.


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