Venice Piazza Food Adventure: Let's Cook Out!

It was an amazing experienced to be part of the Food Adventure at the Venice Piazza. This is the first time that I do some serious eating stuff for almost six hours. The restaurants in the Venice Piazza at Mckinley Hill had their prepared signature food for the Media participants to taste as the Food Adventure for Media Night has been started.

During that night, I get a chance to try different food from appetizers up to the extreme food. The Woodworm, frog, and abnoy is no match to me. The frog taste like chicken, the woodworm is very ruberry but juicy inside while the abnoy is just fine.

In addition, to witness from one of the best resto in Venice, the Red Crab Alimango House to see how their finest chef suggested and cooked dish in the  "Paluto" corner for you. 

There I meet Chef Jovan and Chef Jeff, whom is very accomodating and enthusiast to help us with the crabs we had from the upmarket dampa next to the cook out booth. Chef Jeff helped chef Jovan to prepare the ingredients for the dish.  

Chef Jovan start heating the pan and put oil in it, he placed the ginger and then the garlic. While Arianne, Trina, Daomisyel and I are chit chatting at the same time. The suave chef is doing his job to give us a great-tasting food. 

Until finally he finished cooking with his super duper yummy oh so tasty szechuan. And taking pictures that they have to say "sex" to make them smile like no tomorrow. 

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