Finally I Have Completed The Smurf Toys From McDo

Every now and then I was a McDonalds patron. I love the cheese burger meal, the apple pie and of course their signature french fries.One thing I like about their burger i that, it has no after taste which i don't like in the other fast food merchant like them.

Another thing is that, I love their toys which i alway waited for every time there is a new great movie that will be shown in cinema. I collect Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys even before i become a mother. From Snoopy to Hello Kitty and up to the latest toy which is Smurfs that i love most today.

It happens to be just right next when I did completed my Coca Cola Glass and then comes this Smurf toys.

I got first Hefty Weight Lifter from the meal I have during the Red Carpet Premier of The Smurfs in 3D at SM Mall of Asia. Then I said "I have to collect and complete the rest of the Smurf toys" and so I did. It was followed by Dizzy Baker, Clammsy's Magic Wand, Papa's Potion, Smurfettes Hair Care which I had a hard time finding her. Next is Gutsy Dancer, Vanity in Love and lastly is Brainy's Toaster.

I purchase the Happy Meal in different Mc Donalds store because there are times that the store has don't have a complete set of toys because there are some character who is out of stock already. Eventhough, I did colect all of them and Look how cutie they are!