IBM Expands Its Penetration In Western Visayas

IBM announced today that it will support and help transform local business communities in Iloilo City in an IBM Comes To You (ICTY) event, as part of the company’s commitment to help bring smarter business and technology  solutions to local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in key areas outside of Metro Manila. The event featured the IBM Mobile Solutions Kiosk and was held at the Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City.

IBM showcased its end to end solutions (hardware, software and services) that addresses many of the common IT pain points in the one day interactive (ICTY) IT solutions seminar activity as part of the company’s efforts to increase technology adoption in Iloilo. Companies regardless of size can leverage on IBM’s accessible, approachable and affordable solutions to help transform their businesses.

The strategic location of Iloilo City makes it an ideal hub for trade, commerce and industry. Its universities and colleges provide skilled workforce which together with its port facilities, telecommunications infrastructure and utilities have a major impact in attracting businesses and industries focused mainly in banking and finance, retail trading, and business process outsourcing or BPO. The BPO industry has been one of the most active economic sectors as of the current period. The city also draws on the region's extensive range of raw materials and its large consumer market.

“Iloilo is a component city and centre of commerce and trade in the region. It plays a very important role in the emergence of Western Visayas as the country's next BPO destination. The city has huge potential for economic expansion given its strategic location and abundant resources as well as world class infrastructure and support facilities. We recognize the increasing demands and challenges of the city that is why we continue to strengthen our presence here and in the rest of the southern region,” 
- Joy Bellosillo, Geo Leader, IBM Philippines.

IBM’s commitment and focus in the Western Visayas region reaches beyond the business frontiers -- it extends to the community. In 2009, IBM deployed a team of 10 top-performing employees from various parts of the world to Iloilo for the IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program. The volunteers were deployed to Provincial Planning and Development Office of Iloilo; Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILED); John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU); University of the Philippines Visayas : College of Management; Central Philippines University; Iloilo Business Club (IBC); and the University of Iloilo to work on various projects aimed at improving the organization’s marketing and IT procedures, marketing and resource management, as well as enhancing IT skills, amongst others.

IBM is also one of the founding members within ICT councils in the southern regions. In Iloilo, the company regularly partners with associations such as the Iloilo Federation for IT (IFIT), local business chambers, government, and academic institutions to actively promote and harness technology for the region’s business and economic growth.

The company regularly partners with local ICT groups, government, business chambers and academic institutions to actively promote and harness technology for the region’s business and economic growth.

“Businesses based outside capital cities see great value in information technology (IT) as a way to increase competitiveness and as an enabler for smarter planet. It is our strategy to work more closely with our clients outside Metro Manila and to empower them to drive innovation and business efficiencies,” 
 - Joy Bellosillo.

IBM has also built a network of technical resources, distributors and business partners in the region based mostly in Cebu to support the growth and innovation in the Visayas region.

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