It's My Big Day! Celebrate With Me Online...

Yes, it's my Big day! And thank god for giving me another year of challenges in life. Even the rain continues to pour from the sky, and the sun won't give me a little shine, I would say that it was kind one of the extravagant days for me this week. Aside from loads of work and events to attend. I'm still blessed because there are lots of good friends of mine who at the same time remember my birthday.  

12 o'clock in the morning, I was always awake with messages coming from friends who greet me "Happy Birthday!"  Yeah, it's nice but I can't sleep because of those beeps coming from my phone and never stops until 3am which I received a phone call coming from the outside world. Until finally, I get a chance to sleep and in the morning upon waking up, there are 17 messages on my phone, which makes me smile in the early morning. And of course, another phone call coming from my brother, mother and my sweet baby boy just before he gets to school. 

I thought to myself, why should I bother for tomorrow? I have so much love from my family and friends who never stop believing on me, never stop supporting me and never let me down.  Worry is not my game, enjoying life is what I want, and I will do everything to make it happen. 

In the office, work assignments are all set in my table. I should not worry about the dead line I know I can make it, just will do the easiest up to the hard part of my task. The good thing is that "Haponito" will never get to nudge me from his quick and on hurry assignments to add. Perhaps it's his gift for me on my birthday and I really appreciate it.  

My Facebook, Twitter as well as my email was so busy too. Receiving a non-stop message and emails are one of the big things I should pay attention today aside from my phone. Engaged in work, events, and in everything.  Oh, my! Where in this world I can find and buy extra time. I wish it just like a prepaid load of your cell phone whom you can buy a minimum load to make your phone more useful but in reality, there's nothing like that. 

I would say that the saga of my journey has been in middle where I have to spend some quality time to enjoy life and thanks to modern technology for giving us social media and networking sites to spend real time with you. Although I will never get to have a party tonight. I was very much like to give all my friends, family and enemies as well a little time to join me on Facebook, Twitter and E-mails where we can exchange talks and enjoy spending this day as fabulous as me.

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