The Man, The Family And The Friends

It was such a bad news when we heard about what happen to one of our blogger friend father who died in a heart attack. We are all shock to know the things happened. 

Although we don't exactly knew him but his greatness as a soldier to be one of the Philippine Marine who serves the country to fight for the Filipino's to others is enough to know that this man died with a courage and pride to be one of the great Filipino warrior in our time.

During his interment different people from friends, relatives and his fellow marine are all gathered to give their last respect.

The gun salute and the bands from the Philippine Marine Team are all there to give pledge to the man.

I see the pain from deep within from inside from the my friend and from his sister. It looks like, that they are not yet ready to face this new trial and stages in their life. 

I know for sure that you can both make it. Forget yesterday and live for today. You have to be strong because there are reasons why this things happen. Better yet, face tomorrow with good memories in your heart. Remember a friend like me is here... just a ring away!

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