Me And The Kids Of Kariton Klasrum

There was a time that I have no care on everything I have from toys to things for school. I was very fortunate indeed compare to some kids out there who don't even experienced to go to school and have a formal education. I study hard for my Mom to get her happy and be proud of me and of course to achieve my dreams someday.

She told me that do not waste anything that can be useful because there are some kids who don't have a single thing that I have such as paper, pencils, crayons and toys. She told me a story when they went to Cavite and experienced the Kariton Klasrum of Kuya Efren Penaflorida, the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year. I admire his good work in helping poor kids to learn the basics of Education and help them to get a good education in the future. This guy is really great, he is a good inspiration for all of us.  We can be like him by helping other people too.  So far, I don't exactly really know how to help people in my own simple way, but I know one day I will and will definitely go for it.


Mommy told me that these kids are working hard in their kariton klusrum to get a chips that serves their token to get a food. Lucky I am that I don't need to get a chips in exchange to get my meals. Lucky I am because I have a good Mom that gives me everything I wanted and everything I like that makes me feel so happy and contented. 

Today I become more sensitive on wasting things I have, I should be prudent and frugal on things I have. We must learn to love what we have and must share it to others in our own simplest way. Let us help people who are in need and give them a chance to proved their capabilities to make the world change. With them, we can maybe find the future leader of our country that will give us hopes in continuing life with purpose.  Let us help Kuya Efren and his team, and it's starts today!

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