Send Mo Now Na!: The Quick, Easy And Secured Hosting

The Globedez philippines, as they live up to their clients top demands such as artworks, presentations and files, exchanging each day for large files and all has DEADLINES. They have created their new service that Filipinos can all relate to which is called Send Mo Now Na!

Send Mo Now Na is a Taglish phrase of "Send it right now" or in Tagalog "Padala mo ngayon din". It emphasizes the need to send something immediately or as soon as possible. It is used by anyone who has to meet their deadlines.

Send Mo Now Na is a file hosting service that offers the opportunity to store and manage large amount of data quickly, easily and securely. This easy to use, secured data and fast servers make the SendMoNowNa the premium file hosting in the Philippines. It allows users to send their files to the cloud and lets them access it at any time in any place. Files that are too large to send by e-mail can be stored on SendMoNowNa and the links can be sent to those who will download.

Site Features:

Feature                              Premium      Registered          Unregistered
Max upload size               500MB         250MB                250MB

Max storage size              3.5GB          1.5GB                 None

File Management              Yes             Yes                    None

Simultaneous Uploads       5                5                       None

Download Limit                None            5 per hour          5 per hour

Download Wait Time         None           15 sec                15 sec

Inactive File Deletion        Never          30 days              30 days

Site Sponsor Ads              None           Yes                    Yes

Visit the website at for more information.

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