Always Traffic Along With This Big Green School

As always ever, traffic in Metro Manila is not new to us. I don't really get the point of about always traffic in Ortigas Ave. specially when you are going to Greenhills from Robinson Galleria. Gosh, you will get upset for those who owned their cars who keep blocking the way of Ortigas Avenue. You life with traffic around the Metro specially along with this Big Green School.

My perception about this is that, for how many students that De La Salle has is equal to the number of cars who are waiting outside their school. For Christ sake, didn't the school has budget for constructing a bigger parking space for them to accommodate all their students cars inside their school. And why don't they have a bigger space to have them park inside their campus.

I wish they knew how hassle it was to other people who will keep waiting for 20-30 minutes just to pass by in this area. Why they haven't tried to solve this problem. Years and years goes by and for sure they will never give a damn looking at their backs to see that common people are also need to get through the way going to their designated places.

If you are going to San Juan and Manila Area, and you are going to pass by Ortigas Avenue you should bring a lot of patience in this way. Well, at least avoid going to this way in between 12pm - 5pm. You will encounter a massive cars going in and out from De La Salle and will surely make your head really hot and your blood will boils in  anger.

Hey man sitting on the big house... please tell them that they are causing problems or should you please do something about it, commoners are waiting for your answers... Thank you!

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