Astro Vision Bloggers' Blowout

The country's leading Entertainment Lifestyle Store that offers from latest mosic, movies up to gadgets, Astroplus and Astrovision whoput the Filipino entertainment experience at par in the rest of the world. Astro has also allotted an added effort to support Original Pinoy Music by developing its Independent Artist Lineup.

And so, the Bloggers' Blowout has been set to gather in 3 different categories. Music, Movies and Gadgets. Every category has a time slot where blogger's need to be there in their corresponding category that have chosen.

I choose Movies and I was so glad to know the soon to release movies in the DVD, 3D and Blue ray copy. Not only that because prizes, raffles and give aways are all over inside the Astrovision and we are so delighted to have a copy of those DVD, 3D and Blue ray that they have been giving away.

And to know more about the latest in music, videos and gadgets. You can log on to the official facebook of Astroplus at and thanks to for inviting me to be part of this wonderful and successful event.

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  1. Hi. Please include also because we are also the organizer of this event. Thank you! Glad you had fun.