BenMore Scotch Whisky: A Scoutch Wisky Of Rare Distinction

BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky is the latest whisky that you can be found in the market. It was produce and distilled in Scotland, a deluxe Scotch whisky who has its own details. It has been matured in four different types of oak casks to get depth and complexity to match the standards of whisky drinkers.

First, the Sherry casks which creates a richness that you will savor followed by Bourbon casks to givethe liquid just the perfect hint of woodiness then the Charred casks which provide the ideal level of smoothness and lastly the Refill casks which produce BenMore the four casks signature complexity.

Oh, there are actually so many ways to drink the BenMore Scotch Whisky. It has 20 ways on how you could enjoy it. A bottle of BenMore 700ml contains 22 shots that you can enjoy in different depending on your personal preferences and they have just shared us the best five (5) ways to have it and these are follows;

- You can drink it straight up or on the rocks.
- You can drink it with water.
- You can drink it with Iced Tea.
- You can drink it with Tonic/Soda.
- You can drink it with Cola

BenMore Scotch Whisky has giving the harmony between mellow tastes and scotch aroma that includes malt and peat aroma and giving us an even smoother Scotch whisky experience. It can be enjoyed with your friends for whatever the occassions is and unlike most whiskies, BenMore Schotch Whisky is very affordable at SRP of P330 - P385 per 700ml bottle.

This is the first I meet Borgy Manotoc, he is the Philippine Brand Ambassador for BenMore Scotch Whisky and I find him cool because he is so down to earth without thinking that he has belong to the one of influencial family in the Philippines who grew up in a socialite envirnment. But no, he can go along with the Bloggers and keep on smilling and laughing all night.

We have tried all the top five (5) ways on how to enjoy the whisky from the rocks up to mixing it with cola and my choice of having it is with the mix of iced tea. Oh men, its great! In the following morning when I wake up, I can't feel any hangover.

BenMore is made by DIAGEO, a leader in the liquor industry introducing the popular brands such as Johnnie Walker, J&B and Jose Cuervo. It alcohol content is only 40% volume and both bottle and box of BenMore Scotch Whisky are embossed with the iconic stag that symbolizes leadership, superiority and masculinity. It was held at The Wine Museum and sponsored by the Global Noble International Corp.  

Please Drink Responsibly!

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