Converse Chuck Taylor: The Classic With A Modern Twist

A beloved classic will always stay relevant, but with the way the world is moving forward, even classics need a makeover now and again. Converse is definitely not sitting on its laurels as it presents a new look for an old favorite!

Think flight when you lay your eyes on the newest style to come from the creative minds of the Converse shoe laboratory as they are possibly the lightest shoes in the world at 7.2 oz!

Breathable and lightweight, the all new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern features an aero-dynamic look complete with a streamlined all mesh upper, color-coordinated toe caps, two toned outsoles and the undeniable Chuck Taylor detailing that generations spanning more than a hundred years had, and still, love. Clean and crisp, released in vibrant hues of runner yellow, victoria blue, classic green and high risk for the more adventurous, the eye-popping combination of black/purple, charcoal/pink and white/high risk for the fashion rebels, and the classic black/white for the diehard fan all for P 3,150.

There’s more to love as the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern also comes in nylon and suede combination uppers featuring more laidback colorways for the executive who wants to rock their Chucks at the office. Choose from the combination of black/egret, candied ginger/dress blues, dress blues/egret, and dusky olive/egret for P 3,150.

Dress creatively, mix fashion and function and let the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern be the next staple in your wardrobe. Find these and more hip styles only at Converse and don’t forget to look us up on Facebook (Converse Philippines) or visit our website at

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